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Der berühmte Nissi Beach auf Zypern, Bild: Fluieras Ana-Cristina / shutterstock

Cyprus – a diverse holiday paradise to fall in love with

Famous islands such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Sardinia, Sicily, Rhodes and Crete are at the top of the list of favourites of Mediterranean destinations for holidaymakers every year. Despite its growing popularity, Cyprus , as the third largest island in the Mediterranean, often remains independent and far underestimated as a holiday hotspot. Because what many friends of the south simply don’t know: The island is now more than just an insider tip among insiders. It offers a dreamlike Caribbean flair, countless mythical sites, adventurous hiking routes and a gigantic natural backdrop. In addition, there is plenty of sunshine almost all year round. Thus, even in winter, Cyprus becomes a pleasant holiday destination for those who like to explore the world and are not just looking for a chilled beach holiday.

The Divided Island

The Great Inn in Nicosia, Image: yakinii / shutterstock

A holiday in Cyprus is worthwhile simply because the island is de facto culturally and historically divided. This makes it a very special holiday destination from the outset. The southern part is called the Republic of Cyprus and belongs to Greece and thus also to the EU. The north is Turkish territory. Cyprus has always been under the influence of Greece and the Middle East due to its location and history. Geographically, the island already belongs to Asia. It is located in the south of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Due to the varied range of cultural-historical sights, culinary delicacies and scenic attractions, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable, exciting and varied stay.

Pure holiday feeling

If you decide to travel to Cyprus, you can expect an extraordinary break between palm trees and medieval sites, between paradisiacal sandy beaches and remote mountain villages, between pompous castle ruins and dreamy bays. Cyprus offers a wide range of everything a holiday heart desires. The idyllic Mediterranean island is not flooded by mass tourism and there is still plenty to discover. An adventurer’s dream.

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Cyprus offers beautiful mosques and churches, as well as some magnificent ancient monasteries and fascinating excavation sites from Roman and Byzantine times. History lovers will get their money’s worth here. The well-known extensive Tróodos Mountains full of pines, cypresses and cedars as well as inviting small villages inspire active mountaineers and hikers. Cyprus is also blessed with a number of beaches where water rats can try their hand at action-packed sports and sun worshippers can unwind. Huge nature reserves take the breath away from all hikers, attractive harbour towns invite you to stroll and cute mountain villages enchant young and old alike.

Things to know for a trip to Cyprus

Agia Napa, Cyprus
Agia Napa, Image: Yulia Avanessova / shutterstock

A flight from Germany to Cyprus takes approximately between three and four hours. Because Cyprus is part of the EU, visitors and tourists only need an identity card. For a highly recommended detour to the Turkish region of the island, however, a passport should be ready. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, where the border between north and south runs. Holidaymakers have the unique opportunity to get to know two different worlds in the historic city. Turkish bazaars in the northern part and Greek sites in the southern part, this peculiarity can only be found in Cyprus. The transition from south to north is now possible without any problems.

The highest mountain in Cyprus is Mount Olympos. Mountaineers can climb a good 2000 meters and are rewarded with a magnificent island panorama. The national languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. But English is also widely accepted and in many places spoken by the residents themselves. This is left over from earlier times when Cyprus was still a British colony. The same applies to the traffic regulations. Because if you want to explore the island by rental car, you should definitely pay attention to left-hand traffic.

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The best of the most beautiful highlights

The port city of Limassol is definitely worth seeing. Cozy cafés invite you to linger here. Museums and relics from the Middle Ages await those interested in history. The city of Paphos is a World Heritage Site and is a must-have for visitors. Royal tombs, Roman mosaics and ruins as well as medieval castles inspire curious tourists. Real centrepieces for nature fans are the Archaeological Park and the huge Paphos Forest with fig trees and extensive hiking trails.

Cyprus also lives from Greek mythology. It is considered the island where Aphrodite, the legendary goddess of love, is said to have had her birth. At today’s Aphrodite Rock, holidaymakers can follow in their footsteps. In Polis, the baths of the goddess of love can be admired. In addition, the bath of Adonis, the god of beauty, near Paphos offers a spectacular backdrop of waterfalls and dense vegetation. The stories of the Greek gods live on in Cyprus.

What makes Cyprus so special

Cyprus is always worth a visit. Picturesque bays with limestone cliffs, fairytale sandy beaches, mystical cultural sites and a breathtaking island flair beckon. Compared to other destinations, the island is also quite affordable. The weather is ideal for a fairytale holiday all year round. However, the spring months are particularly recommended, because with more than eight hours of sunshine, holiday dreams come true.

If you feel like exploring the island, book a rental car and find tranquil towns and fascinating natural spectacles. Popular destinations for tourists are the cities of Paphos, Limassol and Lanarca. They offer extravagant bars, picture-perfect promenades, mysterious caves and iconic monuments from ancient times. The most worthwhile trip to Cyprus is because of its stunning rich landscape. The sight of peach trees, fig trees and dense fir trees takes every visitor’s breath away and remains forever unforgettable