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Die blaue Lagune im Nationalpark Akamas, Bild: Marcin Krzyzak / shutterstock

The most beautiful sights in Cyprus

Located in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus has long been delighting sun-hungry holidaymakers with its beautiful beaches. But Cyprus has much more to offer than just sun and sea, because the island, which was already settled in the Early Stone Age, is rich in all kinds of really great sights.

Island capital Nicosia – two countries united in one city

The Great Inn in Nicosia, Image: yakinii / shutterstock

Nicosia, with its approximately 300,000 inhabitants , is centrally located in the middle of the island of Cyprus. First mentioned in 700 BC, the capital of the republic is a place steeped in history. A visit to the Cyprus Museum is an absolute must, because there is probably no more entertaining place to experience the exciting history. When strolling through the atmospheric old town, there are also all kinds of things to discover, whether historic buildings, traditional craft workshops or rustic restaurants with typical local delicacies. Well fortified with culinary delights, it is also worthwhile to pass the inner-city border crossing Ledrastraße into the Turkish part of Nicosia.

Paphos Archaeological Park – an impressive journey through time

Castle of Paphos, Cyprus
Castle of Paphos, Image: Lemonakis Antonis / shutterstock

On the southwest coast of Cyprus, a visit to the Paphos Archaeological Park is not to be missed. Excavations show the millennia-old buildings of the ancient city of Pafos, some of which are amazingly well preserved. A visit to the legendary Paphos Castle, an impressive castle complex from the Middle Ages, in the harbour is not to be missed. The entire historical site – with its wonderful mosaics in the remains of the villas from the Roman era, the ancient Odeon or the famous royal tombs – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is simply inspiring.

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Blue Lagoon – in Aphrodite’s footsteps

An absolute must-see is the Akamas National Park in the west of Cyprus. Especially the Blue Lagoon, where Adonis and the goddess of love Aphrodite are said to have met, is breathtaking. The crystal clear waters in all their dazzling shades of blue make this cove a truly magical place. A sip from the nearby spring is said to bring instant happiness in love, so it has been said for generations. The Blue Lagoon can be reached on foot from Polis in about 1.5 hours on quite challenging, but nevertheless beautiful paths. If you like to be faster, you can also conquer the route in a rental quad or take a boat to the Blue Lagoon by sea on one of the numerous boats.

Cape Greco – a lot of beauty in the east

At the easternmost point of Cyprus is Cape Greco, a national park with an incredible variety of animals and plants. Rough cliffs made of limestone give the picturesque landscape a very special atmosphere and a magnificent view of the open sea. You can really take a stroll in the well-maintained network of paths between the gnarled Calabrian pines and the Phoenician juniper up to the table mountain Gkreko. A gem worth seeing is the white chapel Agioi Anarbyroi, which, by the way, is ideal as a motif for perfect holiday photos. From the chapel it is only a few steps down to the next highlight, the dreamlike sea grotto. If you want to dive deeper, you should definitely take a closer look at the fascinating Sea Caves, caves that the crystal clear sea has created in the cliffs over centuries, during a small dive.

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Karpas Peninsula – wild romance in the midst of pure nature

Karpas, Cyprus
Fantastic beach on the Karpas peninsula, Image: sadullahkisi / shutterstock

The Karpas peninsula, which is located in the north of Cyprus, has fantastic beaches, all kinds of romantic spots and a lot of untouched nature in store for its visitors. Golden Sands is probably one of the most beautiful beaches Cyprus has to offer. In the middle of high dunes, the view of the turquoise blue shimmering sea on this sandy beach makes every moment perfect. The clear water is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, but divers also get their money’s worth. With a little luck, you can even watch the wild water turtles native to Karpas at their leisurely pace. Fans of historic Cyprus should also treat themselves to a visit to Kantara Castle, built by the Byzantines in 965, which offers a truly gigantic view at an altitude of more than 500 meters.

Omodos – the vineyard idyll for all the senses

In the north of Cyprus, nestled in the rolling hills of the Troodos Mountains, lies the Omodos region. With graceful modesty, the imposing monastery church of Timiou Stavrou looks down on the village square of the quaint village of Omodos, which has its origins in the Byzantine Empire . No less old is the passion of the people of this original region; viticulture. Countless vineyards can still be found in the area around Omodus. In the small wineries, the grapes are traditionally processed and developed into delicious grape juices. Proud winegrowers are only too happy to present this art to visitors and invite them to taste their specialties.