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Der Big Ben, Bild: S.Borisov / shutterstock

London – multicultural cosmopolitan city with unique charm

As the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, London is one of the most popular destinations for tourists around the world. The populous city convinces with its eventful history with its versatility and the special contrast between antiquity and modernity. Numerous sights and the English lifestyle make a city trip through London a special experience for young and old all year round.

London – A city with history

Tower of London
The Tower of London, Image: Alexander Chaikin / shutterstock

London is a culturally rich city whose history began around 2000 years ago with the Romans. “Londinium” was the former name given to it by the Romans around 43 AD. This date is also generally considered to be the founding year of today’s London. The people had to accept the loss of the city and so a series of ups and downs gradually began. After the reoccupation of the Anglo-Saxons, London was hit particularly hard by the plague that raged around 1665. The great fire around 1666, called “The Great Fire”, which completely destroyed more than two-thirds of the city, is also one of the historically significant events.

London’s population density grew so rapidly from the 18th century onwards that it was the largest city in the world by 1925. From the Middle Ages onwards, London developed into one of the most important trading centres in Europe . To this day, the capital of the kingdom is one of the world’s cities alongside New York, Dubai and Hong Kong due to its position in politics, industry and technology.

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Architecture and transport network

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In addition to railways, the London Underground, which opened in 1863, is not only a practical means of transport, but also one of the popular sights. The London Underground is the oldest in the world and also has the third longest track network in the world. Transport in one of London’s well-known red double-decker buses also remains eventful. Nowadays equipped with modern equipment, the simple journey remains as exciting as a real sightseeing tour.

The Georgian architectural style, which is particularly widespread in the north and west, is one of a variety of different architectural styles in London. There are elements of the Baroque, Victorian and modern architecture, such as “The Shard”. In any case, the numerous brick and stucco buildings provide the typical English flair and the special ambience of the city.

Attractions and tourism

The many remarkable sights and attractions of the city form the basis for tourism. In addition to numerous museums such as the Science Museum or Wax Museum, magnificent sacred buildings and squares such as Trafalgar Square, London also convinces with its great potential in terms of theatre and musicals.

England, Thames London
View of London and the Thames, Image: Angel Ching/shutterstock

Many stars are on stage in London. The royal parks and beautiful green spaces of the city are a popular place to escape the stress of everyday life and gather new strength. The famous city also offers its guests a lot of shopping opportunities for every budget with its over 30,000 shops. Whether it’s designer shops, bookstores, department stores or the many charming flea and food markets, there’s something for everyone in London. Sports and educational institutions are also an important part of the capital of the United Kingdom. The top metropolis stands for modernity, culture, versatility and that certain something!

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Climatic conditions and popular travel times

England has a temperate maritime climate. With an average temperature of around 15°C to 20°C in the country, the best time to visit London is during the summer months, when temperatures can reach 30°C and there is a chance of sunny weather. London is happy to live up to its nickname, the “City of Rain”, in German “City of Rain”. Many rainy days predominate in the city, but it remains an attractive destination all year round. In winter, for example, the city enchants with many lights, figure skating attractions, festivals and its many cozy pubs and restaurants that invite you to linger and enjoy for a long time.

Culinary delights in London

The multicultural city with over 14 million inhabitants offers extensive places to stop for food and drink. In London, everyone will find what their heart desires. During a visit, however, the English specialties are also a must. The classic fish and chips, a fish fried in beer batter with wide fries, has always delighted young and old. The apple crumble, a pastry made of apples and crumb dough, is also one of England’s true delicacies. Haggis and Cornish pasty are also subject to British cuisine. In the metropolis, the meal in the rural pub and the nostalgic bar is just as attractive an experience as at the fast food stand at the market, or the haute-cuisine restaurant in the noble district.