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Kopenhagen in Dänemark, Bild: Frank Fischbach / shutterstock

Denmark – a small maritime kingdom and its most beautiful destinations

No place in Denmark is more than 50 kilometres from the coast. The sea is everywhere.
Swimming in the Baltic Sea today, in the North Sea tomorrow? No problem. The dunes, the rugged west and mild east coasts, forests and rivers, but also the historic villages and the magnificent capital Copenhagen with its futuristic architecture – Denmark is an experience at any time of the year.

The island kingdom forms the bridge to northern Scandinavia. Thanks to its numerous offshore islands, it was able to control the sea and trade routes of the Baltic Sea for centuries. In places, there is an amphibious landscape in which water, land and sky merge into each other. Endlessly long cycle paths lay like a spider’s web over Denmark. The kingdom is perfect for extensive tours by bike or in hiking boots.
It’s time to discover the land between the seas!

A delight: the view of Denmark’s most beautiful destinations

Magical Jutland

Jutland, Image: Jiri Vatka / shutterstock

The peninsula is the largest part of Denmark north of Flensburg and adjoins the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Surrounded by the North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat, Jutland stretches northwards to the headland of Grenen near Skagen.

The west coast is shaped by wind and waves and lined with seemingly endless beaches. In the east, long fjords and wide bays characterize the landscape. Anyone who loves the sea and its proximity will be charmed by this landscape.

Skagen is the “North Cape” of Central Europe. Early risers are rewarded: As early as six o’clock in the morning, the harbour with the red model kit houses and the colourful pennants of the more than 400 fishing boats offers the spectacle of the fish auction, where the catches of the night are auctioned. One of the most beautiful travel experiences is a walk to Skagens Horn, the northernmost headland of Central Europe, where the rivers of the Skagerrak and Kattegat crash against each other. The impressions are fascinating – surf and sky, permeated and outshone by the reflection of light.

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Funen and the varied island world between Jutland and Zealand

This friendly island, surrounded by 98 small islands, is geographically located in the middle of Denmark. The Little Belt separates the island of Funen from the mainland. An “ideal” world full of amiable idyll is offered. The second largest island in the kingdom is often called the “Garden of Denmark”. A landscape that only opens up to those who dedicate some time to it. To those who travel in haste, little of the island’s beauty is revealed. Actually, you should spend a whole holiday on Funen – go exploring by car, bike and on foot. Especially the southern part of Funen, which is connected to the islands of Ærø, Tåsinge and Langeland by bridges and ferries, attracts with mysterious manor houses and fairytale castles. Also recommended is a visit to the city of Odense with the birthplace of the fairy tale writer Hans-Christian Andersen.

Cultural island Seeland

Nyborg, Image: Sergey Vovk / Shutterstock

If you stay in Nyborg, Funen’s bridgehead, you are heading for Denmark’s largest and most populous island, Zealand. Here, Roskilde Cathedral is the most impressive church building in Denmark. Since 1353, almost all Danish kings and queens have been buried in its interior. To the north, Frederiksborg beckons, the grandest Danish royal castle and the country’s most beautiful Renaissance building.

Kronborg Castle in Helsingør is no less inspiring. Shakespeare once chose it as the setting for his famous Hamlet drama. Today, the performers still “haunt” the castle and take the visitors with them. Meanwhile, the capital of the country spreads good vibes all year round. With its generously equipped city layout and its mixture of cosmopolitan flair, liberal and informal lifestyle and tranquil bourgeoisie, Copenhagen is one of the most endearing cities on the continent. In addition, South Zealand tempts with a detour to the castle-like estate of Bregentved, while on the island of Møn the church architecture of the Middle Ages impresses.

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Bornholm – sunny island for connoisseurs

Bornholm, Image: Milosz Maslanka / shutterstock

It is the island at the easternmost point of Denmark and has always been considered a small world of its own. Climatically, it acts as a sunny island in the Baltic Sea. With 588 square kilometers, it is Denmark’s fifth largest island. More diverse than any other Danish region, Bornholm offers magnificent rocky coasts, dunes, skerries, sandy beaches as well as heaths and forests. Svaneke is a particularly pretty place with a picturesque townscape and a small fishing port. A stop at the brewery “Svaneke Bryghus” is a great experience.

Top destinations at a glance


  • North Cape – Skagen
  • The cliffs of Møns Kilt – they rise up to 120 metres in height.
  • The coastal strips Rømo in the west and Dueodde in the east (island of Bornholm).
  • Fanø – beautiful wide sandy beaches and green meadows with grazing horses.
  • Henne Strand, Blåvand, Vejers Strand – the endless sky of the north arches above everything – nothing but dunes, sand, wind and sea.


  • Rosenborg and royal expanses.
  • Early school in Lindholm Høje.
  • Feudal splendor of Voergård and Egeskov.
  • Roskilde and the Viking heritage
  • Hamershus Castle Ruins
  • Frederiksborg Slot
  • Helsingør Castle


  • Nyborg is an old town with cozy alleys that is well worth seeing.
  • Ribe and Æreskøbing – the old town of Ribe attracts visitors with over 100 charming houses that are under monument protection. There is also a night watchman.
  • Tropical life in Randers: How about a safari in the rainforest?
  • Trapholt – Scandinavian clarity and austerity prevail here. The museum in Kolding looks like a modern monastery.
  • Nordsøen Oceanarium: a magnificent adventure for the eyes and ears – the underwater world of the North Sea at a glance.
  • Tivoli – Copenhagen’s amusement park is as popular as ever.
  • Viking Ship Museum Roskilde – absolutely worth seeing!
  • Jutland = Legoland