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Limone Sul Garda am Gardasee in der Lombardei, Bild: xbrchx / shutterstock

Lombardy – The center of northern Italy

Lombardy in the north of Italy is not only the economic engine of the country, but probably also the part of Italy that is associated with the longest and most intense history. Once upon a time, the region consisted of various city-states and duchies that have fought for their place in history. Today, along with Rome, it is one of the cultural centers of the country. From the world of fashion to the financial and banking metropolises to the most popular tourist destinations, Lombardy is home to many important places in the country and make a holiday diverse.

Lombardy – Italy’s center at the top of the north

Milan, Cathedral
The Cathedral of Milan, Image: Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock

While there is no question that Rome is of paramount importance to Italy, Lombardy has fought its way right behind it over the past 50 years. It is not quite as popular and well-known among tourists as Tuscany and perhaps not quite as notorious as Naples, but it is of utmost importance for the Italian economy. Many cities, many sights, an excellent infrastructure and a unique culture are attracting more and more tourists to Lombardy. And this even outside the metropolis of Milan, which is without question not only the capital of Lombardy, but also the place with the most sights.

But if you dare to take a look out of Milan , you will also understand why it was once so difficult to unite Italy under one flag. Here you will find the most diverse former city-states such as Mantua or Brescia, which had their own territories and duchies. Today, the region has grown together, offering tourists the opportunity to see a wide variety of special and historical sites with just one visit to Lombardy. In addition to Milan, places like Bergamo, Como or Mantua would also be worth a visit. Como in particular is a special attraction with its culture and status as a place for the rich and famous.

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Nature, land and life of Lombardy

Varenna, Lombardy
Varenna at Lake Comer, Image: Valentina Photo / shutterstock

Typical of Lombardy is the strong contrast between beautiful valleys and the mountain ranges in the north. The Alps can still be found in their foothills and offer one or two interesting ski resorts, which are very popular with Italians, especially in winter. Apart from that, Lombardy is very hilly and just the right place for hikes or extensive bike tours through the small and large villages that can be found everywhere. Although there are no real beaches here, there are a variety of famous bathing lakes, such as Lake Garda, Lake Lugano and Lake Como. All of them are particularly well-known areas for tourists and offer an excellent infrastructure for a wide variety of requirements.

Lombardy is the place to be in Italy if you want to have a mix of relaxation and activity. In addition to the lakes mentioned and the major cities, there are various luxury hotels and spas in a wide variety of locations in the region. Due to the diverse culture and the very different parts of Lombardy, it is excellent to explore by car. This freedom should be used to look at the many beauties of nature, but also the small and large cities, which were fought over for many centuries and offer probably the greatest density of historical development next to Rome.

The main attractions in Lombardy

Brescia, Lombardy
Brescia, Image: saiko3p / shutterstock

Apart from the lakes, there is a lot to discover in Lombardy. The focus for most holidaymakers is of course on Milan. With its impressive cathedral, the many museums, the historic buildings or the opera house of La Scala, these are just a few places that you should have seen in the city. Of course, the fashion districts and the many shopping streets are also ideal for a long walk, where you are sure to find one or the other souvenir for the trip.

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Not only Milan is worth mentioning. Brescia also has a rightful place among the sights. Here you will find, for example, the monastery of San Salvatore and a collection of paintings that has even made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Pavia, the city of a hundred spires, you will find the palace of the Visconti, who have long ruled over the region. Places such as Mantua or the small town of Monza with its impressive circuit complete the holiday. So there is more than enough to discover and you should make a precise plan of what things you want to see before you start your trip.

Culture and culinary delights in Lombardy

Lombardy is famous for its comparatively hearty cuisine. Egg soup and the Schnitzel Milano are just some of the specialties that you should actually find in every well-stocked restaurant here. The famous Milanese cold cuts – the salami is particularly noteworthy here – is a nice souvenir for friends and relatives at home. Or if you want to take a little of the holiday home with you. Finally, it is above all the museums and the historical sights that make the holiday a great memory. There is hardly any other place in Italy where the density of culture is so high. You just need enough time to have really seen every place.