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Traumhafte Küsten und kristallklares Wasser - Die Liparischen Inseln, Bild: Spiaggia Acquacalda / shutterstock

The most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian Islands

Black sand, turquoise blue sea and volcanic landscapes

The Aeolian Islands, also known as the Aeolian Islands, are located between 30 kilometers and 80 kilometers north of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea and are a group of islands consisting of a total of seven islands. They are spread over an area of over 115 square kilometers and have almost 14,000 inhabitants. Since the islands are of volcanic origin and the landscape is therefore particularly impressive, they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Here, holidaymakers will find impressive volcanic landscapes as well as beautiful beaches with black sand and crystal clear waters.


A particularly beautiful beach on Lipari is the “white beach” called “Spiaggia Acquacalda” in the very north of the island. The beach is extremely spacious, so that every bather has his peace and quiet while sunbathing and swimming. The water is clear, which provides ideal conditions for snorkeling, and suddenly becomes deep after just a few steps into it. The beach offers a unique view of the islands of Salina, Panarea and Stromboli.

The “Spiaggia Valle Muria” in the northwest of the island is also a popular beach section. The pebble beach is rather narrow, but has its own charm. The black sand is particularly fascinating for holidaymakers and there are also some caves to discover here. Since there are no shaded sunbathing areas, you can rent umbrellas (and deck chairs). There is also plenty of cool drinks on this beach. The curious can try snorkeling and see the extraordinary marine flora and fauna up close.

Another beach is the “Spiaggia di Canneto” near the town of the same name. It is framed by a bay and thus offers an impressive panorama. The beach is extremely clean, the water crystal clear and always well attended. The beach has bars and clubs, so that the physical well-being is sufficiently taken care of.

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Perciato Arch Salina
The Perciato Arch in front of Salina, Image: Marco Crupi / shutterstock

On the way to the north-western municipality of La Malfa on the island of Salina, from where you can reach a beautiful beach, a special natural phenomenon awaits holidaymakers: the “Perciato Arch” is the landmark of the island. This arch made of volcanic rock is a popular photo motif at sunsets. Not far from this attraction is the beach “Spiaggia di Pollara”. The path to the beach is lined with gorse, ferns and cacti, and a staircase of 170 steps leads down to a small cove known for its picturesque boathouses. Although you won’t find enough sand here, Pollara beach is a magnet for tourists, as the 1994 film “The Postman” was filmed here.

In the north of the island you come to the most beautiful beach in Salina. Here you will find the bay “Spiaggia dello Scario”, which offers a unique view of the open sea. Here, too, holidaymakers can rent umbrellas and comfortable mattresses (due to the hard pebble beach), sip a cool drink at the bar and take in the view. Due to the clear water, there is the possibility of snorkeling.

Alicudi and Filicudi

Beaches Filicudi, Aeolian Islands
Filicudi, Image: EugeniaSt / shutterstock

The two westernmost islands of the archipelago are Alicudi and Filicudi. The islands have many small stretches of beach that are full of surprises: picturesque bays, hidden caves and rugged coasts can be found here.

The beach “Spiaggia Bazzina” in the northeast of Alicudi is ideal for snorkeling and diving. Here you can observe moray eels, octopuses, lobsters and groupers, among others. The bay promises a great view of Filicudi and offers crystal clear waters. The beach directly at the harbour is also well visited in summer.
The most beautiful beach on the neighboring island of Filicudi is the beach of “Le Punte” at the foot of Capo Graziano. The fantastically situated beach is a true bathing and diving paradise. Framed in a landscape of volcanic rock lies the lonely bay, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the port city of Filicudo Porto . The sea shimmers in the most beautiful shades of blue, the beach is covered with large, round pebbles made of lava and numerous boats are anchored here.

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The entire island of Vulcano, which is the southernmost, is surrounded by crystal clear waters, providing the best conditions for snorkeling and diving. Fumarole Beach is particularly popular due to the underwater springs that wonderfully warm the sea at this point. Here, swimming becomes a unique experience and you also have a magnificent view of the wide, blue sea. The beach is most used by families with children, as it is very extensive and offers numerous services. The two beaches to the south, “Spiaggia Punta dell’Asino” and “Spiaggia del Gelso”, are also popular, as the contrast between black beach and blue water is simply incredibly fascinating.


View of Stromboli, Image: luigi nifosi / shutterstock

The island of Stromboli is located the northeasternmost of them all, with numerous beaches on its north and east coasts. The gently sloping sandy beach “Forgia Vecchia” is worth seeing: black sand and pebbles, green trees and the deep blue water – you feel like you’re in paradise. The beach “Scari” is also popular: In the northern part there are boats, while the southern half is reserved for bathers. The sea is ideal for snorkeling and diving. Not far away is the beach “Ficogrande”. It is very clean, has bars, restaurants and a beach volleyball court and offers a great view of the tower-like, small cliff island of Strombolicchio.


The smallest of the Aeolian Islands is Panarea. It has a few beaches, but most of them can only be reached by boat. The two bays “Cala Junco”, which looks like an amphitheatre, and “Cala degli Zimmari” can be reached from the mainland and are very popular with tourists. The latter is also known as the “red beach” due to its soil color.