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Montepulciano im Herzen der Toskana, Bild: l i g h t p o e t / shutterstock

Tuscany – The dream of the Germans

It’s no secret that Italy has a variety of interesting regions to offer, all of which have their own charm. The region around Naples stands for the typical Itaien, for Mediterranean flair and a long history. The north is best known for its many great cities and the fast pace of life around Milan and Venice. However, the region of the heart of many Germans lies in the center of the boot: Tuscany. With its capital Florence , the area is not only the artistic and cultural center of Italy outside of Rome, but especially known for its wonderful natural treasures.

All roads lead to Rome – and through Tuscany

Ponte Vecchio Florence, Tuscany
The famous and oldest bridge in Florence: Ponte Vecchio, Image: muratart / shutterstock

On a trip to Tuscany, the visitor not only has the opportunity to discover many interesting cities and places with an important history. The journey leads through one of the most important regions of Italy. Rich in mineral resources and blessed with a wonderful Mediterranean climate, here you will find the production areas of a wide variety of wines, the characteristic hills, many small villages where time has not yet gnawed away and, last but not least, the production sites of many iconic Italian products.

Tuscany is home to many natural parks. Here you can still experience the Italy of the 1960s, which led millions of Germans to the south and thus for the first time into the magic of a freely accessible Europe. Since then, the region has not changed much. There are still many museums, small towns, villages, fortresses, natural spectacles and beaches in the region. This makes Tuscany not only an interesting place to travel with the family, but also a highlight for individual travelers who do not want to commit to a specific destination in wonderful Italy.

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What are the sights in Tuscany?

If you want to know which areas of Tuscany you should visit, you have to distinguish between nature and cities. Above all, Florence is of course definitely worth a visit. The city not only has a long history and was the Mecca for artists and art lovers in Europe for many centuries, but has also retained the charm of a world-class city that is not as big as it always seems in the stories. The city’s countless museums house artifacts from a long history and the many architectural monuments still tell why Florence was once a separate empire within the not yet connected Italy.

It is often forgotten at first glance that Tuscany consists of more than just Florence. Pisa also has a long history and not least the impressive leaning tower. In Sienna there are many traces of the ancient culture of the Italians. The medieval town of San Gimignano is a unique sight and may not be found anywhere else in the world. So there is no shortage of famous places and monuments to visit. This includes the seaside resorts of northern Tuscany, which are perfect for a day at the beach and the necessary relaxation after all those trips through the sights.

What to do in Tuscany?

Apart from the many museums and cities, Tuscany with its variety of landscapes also has something to offer for holidaymakers who prefer not to expose themselves to the heated rush of a city. Above all, the beaches are still real insider tips. Very few people combine a visit to Tuscany with a visit to the beach, but the wonderful sandy beaches on the west coast of Italy are real treasures. In summer they are full, but there are still small and secluded bays where you can just enjoy nature and ignore the other people.

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The many mountains, small paths, villages and remote areas also invite you to either get in the car and explore Tuscany on your own or do something for your fitness. Cycling is particularly popular here. You don’t cover the longest distances because there is so much to see, but you discover the surroundings in an even more intense way. The expansion of the corresponding routes has been pushed forward in recent years and so Tuscany has developed into an insider tip for all those who are planning a holiday by bike.

Specialties and culinary delights in Tuscany

When you think of traditional Italian cuisine, you tend to think of the cuisine of Tuscany. In this stretch of land, the many specialties that can be found in restaurants come together. The use of fresh tomatoes and other vegetables, fish from the coast and, of course, the special olive oil of the region are dominant on the menu. Of course, the homemade pasta can also be found. However, Tuscany is particularly known for its fish and grilled meat. In Tuscany, products from its own region are still used. And the fact that the people here are considered particularly healthy and happy is not least due to the wonderful cuisine of Tuscany.