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Chen Rio Beach in Mexiko, Bild: lunamarina / shutterstock

Top destinations in Mexico

Mexico, the southern neighbor of the USA, is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world in terms of population. Geographically, it belongs to North America. Mexico is about 10 – 12 hours away from Germany by plane.

Some basic data about the country

Most of Mexico’s residents speak Spanish. In addition, dozens of native languages are spoken. English is not understood or spoken everywhere. Because the country is very mountainous, there are large differences in the local climate. In addition to desert climates, especially in the north, there are large regions with alpine, subtropical and tropical climates. The UV radiation is very intense and the climate is generally warm and sunny. Travellers should therefore take appropriate precautions. The area of today’s Mexico was already inhabited in prehistoric times. The most famous peoples who lived there before the arrival of the Spaniards were the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans and Aztecs. Due to its long history, Mexico is rich in historical buildings and sights.

The most beautiful vacation spots in Mexico

One thing should be clear to every visitor to Mexico: with such a wide variety of landscapes and cultures, it is impossible to see everything. Tourists are forced to make a choice.

The Yucatan Peninsula

Sian Ka'an, Yucatan
The Sian Ka’an Laguna in Yucatan, Image: Gimas / shutterstock

The peninsula in southeastern Mexico is at the top of the scale of popularity. There are several reasons for this. The city of Cancun has an important international airport, which is also served by flights from Germany . Yucatan is characterized by its tropical climate and beautiful landscapes. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The region is nicknamed the Riviera Maya for a reason. Not far from the beach, lush tropical jungle is waiting to be explored. In the beautiful city of Merida, guests feel transported back to the Spanish colonial era. If you don’t just want to lie on the beach or swim, you can explore numerous Mayan ruins in the jungle. Yucatan has the great advantage that many sights are concentrated in a relatively small area. A variety of activities are possible, from beach vacations to diving and surfing on some of the best beaches in the world to adventurous expeditions to long-abandoned Mayan cities that make you feel a bit like Indiana Jones.

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Playa del Carmen

The place is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Playa del Carmen is located about halfway between Cancun and Tulum. Playa, as the city is called by its approximately 250,000 inhabitants, is particularly popular with German holidaymakers because it can be easily reached by bus via Cancun International Airport. In contrast to other seaside resorts, Playa del Carmen has retained much of its original flair. The beautiful beach, for example, is not lined with huge hotel towers. The place is ideal for travelers who are planning a pure beach vacation and just want to swim and relax. Since Playa del Carmen is a large city, there are also good shopping facilities and many restaurants with Mexican and international cuisine. Most of the bathers in Playa del Carmen are Europeans. Americans prefer Cancun.


Tulum, Mexico
Fantastic beach in Tulum, Image: andrmoel / shutterstock

Tulum is another well-known beach resort on the southern part of the Riviera Maya. The place is characterized by a lot of sunshine, tropical temperatures. The landscape is as beautiful as a photo in a travel brochure. The sea is azure, the sand is white, and the coast is lined with dark green palm trees. Very close to the modern city of Tulum are the ruins of the Mayan city of the same name, a visit to which is an essential part of a stay. Inland, cenotes (caves with fresh water) are waiting to be explored. If the sea water is too warm for you, you can refresh yourself in the clear and cool fresh water. Dives are also offered under guidance. Not far from Tulum is the Sian Kaan National Park, where you can watch coatis, iguanas, turtles and dolphins.


Cozumel in the Caribbean
The Mexican island of Cozumel, Image: lunamarina / shutterstock

If you want to experience a real Caribbean feeling, you should book a stay on the island of Cozumel . It is the easternmost point of Mexico and is one of the dream destinations in the world. The main town, San Miguel de Cozumel, is full of lively life and offers plenty of culture. However, most of the island is hardly populated. There, visitors can relax in untouched nature. The east coast in particular is almost unpopulated. Not only bathers, but also divers and snorkelers feel like they’re in paradise on Cozumel . The coral reefs off the coast are considered by connoisseurs to be among the best diving areas in the world.

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The Pacific Coast

This region of Mexico is characterized by its tropical climate. It stretches over several of the 31 Mexican states and is also called the Mexican Riviera. Many of the beaches have strong surf, which makes them very popular with surfers. The weather will be mostly sunny. There are no hurricanes like in the Caribbean. The most famous is probably the seaside resort of Acapulco . Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico, is located inland. The region is known for its many historical sights and good cuisine. From this region come such typical Mexican cultural assets as tequila and mariachi music.

Central Mexico

Mexico, El Ángel de la Independencia
The El Ángel de la Independencia in Mexico City, Image: Vincent St. Thomas / shutterstock

In the center of the region is Mexico City, the capital and largest city of the country as well as the main international airport. Mexico City has a lot to offer in terms of culture. For tourists, the world-famous ruined city of Teotihuacan with its mighty pyramids should be of particular interest. The cities of Puebla and Veracruz with their colonial architecture are also worth seeing. Central Mexico is a highland characterized by vast plains and mighty volcanoes. Mexico City, for example, is more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

Baja California

The elongated narrow peninsula is located in western Mexico and stretches over a distance of more than 1,200 km from the far north in Tijuana, the border city to the USA, to San José del Cabo at the southern tip. Baja California is characterized by a desert climate. The region has retained much of its originality and, with a few exceptions (including Los Cabos in the south), is hardly touched by mass tourism. The beaches are mostly lonely. Every year from December to April, you can watch the impressive natural spectacle of the whale migration there.

If visitors follow a few simple rules of conduct, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing vacation in Mexico. The hotel staff will be happy to advise and give useful tips.