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Wunderschöne Strände gibt es auch in Deutschland. Hier in Binz auf der Insel Rügen, Bild: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

The most beautiful German islands

In the north of Germany, the two seas North Sea and Baltic Sea stretch, which have some beautiful islands to offer. But also in the south of the country there are two inconspicuous but beautiful islands in two mountain lakes.

The only offshore island in Germany – Heligoland

If you want to experience something very special, you can take a speedboat for more than 3 hours to the island of Heligoland. It is idyllically located in the middle of the rough North Sea, far away from the protective coast of Germany. The Lange Anna is probably the most famous rock on the island and is located on the cliffs. Anyone who enters the harbour will see numerous colourful fishermen’s houses, which are called lobster stalls. This is the only place on the island of Heligoland. It also has no airport, but can only be reached by speedboat from Hamburg or Büsum . Heligoland Fortress used to be an important military base. Today you can visit them and take a tour of the underground bunkers. A little further north is the funnel of the detonation of a 5000 kg bomb.

Sunny island number 1 Fehmarn

View of Fehmarn
View of Fehmarn, Image: Daniel-Froehlich / shutterstock

Fehmarn is the only Baltic Sea island located in Schleswig-Holstein. The Flügge lighthouse and the coat hanger, the bridge that separates Fehmarn from the German mainland, are the two main sights, but there is much more to discover here. Unique sandy beaches and beautiful campsites are located around the island. The capital is Burg auf Fehmarn with its cobblestone streets, small boutiques and beautiful houses. From Puttgarden the ferry goes over to the Danish Lolland. The journey time is only 1 hour. In summer, Fehmarn is the number 1 sunny island in Germany, because then you can soak up more sun here than anywhere else and the temperatures, as well as the sea, are pleasantly warm.

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Rügen in its own splendour

Outstanding and a treasure of the Baltic Sea is the island of Rügen, which is large and can also boast countless sights. Probably the most famous chalk cliffs in Germany are those on Rügen, which are located near Cape Arkona and can be reached by boat or on foot via a hiking trail. Two beautiful lighthouses also adorn Cape Arkona high up in the north of the island of Rügen. It is worth a visit not only for families with children, but also for hiking enthusiasts. In the interior of the island runs the Raging Roland, a nostalgic train similar to the Molly on the mainland. Beautiful sandy beaches, unique seaside resorts, such as Binz and Sellin, but also green forests and untouched nature characterize the image of Rügen. The island is connected to the mainland via Stralsund by a bridge.

Sylt – Island of the rich and beautiful

Lighthouse Sylt, Schleswig Holstein
Sunrise on Sylt, Image: Jenny Sturm / shutterstock

The party is definitely going on on Sylt. There are numerous clubs in Westerland, but also in the Sansibar on the beach of Rantum the bear taps. The bar is world-famous, as is Gosch, the fish shop that has settled on the island and offers the tastiest fish in the entire North Sea. To the south is Hörnum with its beautiful lighthouse, which resembles the lighthouse in Westerheversand. At the harbour you can peel delicious North Sea crabs and let the fresh wind blow around your nose. Sailors and surfers have their territory here.

The East Frisian Islands

Norderney, Lower Saxony
The North Sea island of Norderney, Image: WalterWeiss / shutterstock

The East Frisian islands have different faces. Norderney, the island that can be reached by ferry from Nordstrand and is located in the Wadden Sea, is a party island. Especially in summer, there is a lot going on here. The numerous sandy beaches are then occupied and the beach chairs are fully booked. There are also sleeping beach chairs for a night on the lively island. There are more than 26 kilometres of cycle paths here, but the island is also characterised by a cinema with cuddly red plush seats and a children’s play park.

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Juist , on the other hand, is very quiet and car-free. Here, however, you can also do your laps with the bike. There is a historic white beach hotel and carriages that take visitors across the 17-kilometer island. The smallest East Frisian island, on the other hand, is Baltrum and nowhere could it be more idyllic than here. Dunes as far as the eye can see and every Wednesday a beach singing. On Langeoog there are 20-metre-high and untouched dunes and 14 kilometres of sandy beach. Spiekeroog , on the other hand, is more of a place to switch off. There are hiking and cycling trails and horse-drawn carriages take guests to the cottages and accommodations.

Lindau on Lake Constance

Lindau, Lake Constance
The harbour of Lindau, Image: Sergey Dzyuba / shutterstock

The island of Lindau is not located by the sea, but in the south of Germany, in Lake Constance and is one of the most beautiful cities that exist here in the region. It has a lighthouse in the middle of the harbor. The white tower, also the southernmost lighthouse in Germany, is the city’s landmark and has risen into the sky here since the 19th century. In the center there are numerous ice cream parlors, beautiful small shops and restaurants. Shortly before the bridge to the mainland, you can rent pedal boats and go out onto Lake Constance. You can linger in the villa streets and walk through numerous green parks – Lindau is versatile and steeped in history.

The Rose Island in Lake Starnberg

Another island in a mountain lake is the Rose Island in Lake Starnberg, which attracts many thousands of visitors every year. It is a popular destination for Munich residents, who take the S-Bahn out to the lake and enjoy the landscape. Munich is a lively city, and the lake in the south of the Munich region is just the right place to switch off. The island is 2.6 hectares in size and is located only 170 meters from the west shore. A small ferry crosses several times a day