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Bogliasco in Genua / Ligurien, Bild: Oleg Voronische / shutterstock

Liguria – Italy’s beautiful crescent in the north

Compared to many other areas of Italy, Liguria should only mean something to those who actually call themselves connoisseurs of the country. It has neither the fame of Tuscany, nor the economic importance of Lombardy , nor does it have any major cities such as Rome or Naples. Nevertheless, Liguria is probably one of the most beautiful corners of the entire country.

Up there, far to the north and directly south of Piedmont, there is a part of Italy that was completely independent for a long period of history and once even a separate empire of the Mediterranean. With its center in Genoa, it is not only picturesque beaches, but impressive variety in nature that attracts more and more tourists to the region.

The well-known but little-known landscapes of Liguria

It’s not even that many people don’t know what to find in Liguria. On the contrary, some of the most famous photo landscapes can be found here. For example, there is the Portofino peninsula with its colorful villages, of which everyone has probably seen a picture somewhere. The name Cinque Terre is also probably known to many. Here, too, it is above all the colorful facades and the incredibly blue sea that have already inspired many vacationers and those who have seen it in film and television. In general, Liguria is not for nothing the land of explorers and adventurers within Italy. It attracts with rugged landscapes, with mountains and hills, with rich valleys and, of course, with a beautiful coastline and the picturesque beaches that Italy takes for granted.

The fact that Liguria has such a variety to offer is due to the many natural parks that have been created here over time. Through a unique combination of flora and fauna and a great deal of effort in the protection of native nature, Liguria offers hikers, excursionists, cyclists and simply interested tourists the right opportunity for balance. Just a moment ago in the vibrant city of Genoa, you can be in the dense forests around the city in just a few hours. Or you can take the opportunity to go out on the Mediterranean Sea by boat and explore this sea with all its treasures, which is so important for Europe.

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Liguria – between nature, relaxation and beach holidays

Genoa, Liguria
The Piazza de Ferrari in Genoa, Image: Garsya / shutterstock

Genoa is one of the most beautiful destinations, especially in summer, even for the Italians themselves. The climate here is quite bearable and the beaches stretch over the entire stretch of coast. On the other hand, various villages have retained their traditional charm. Recently, the expansion of the strongholds for tourists was also stopped. Too much of the region’s natural treasures had already been stolen. Today, attempts are being made to reconcile tourism, which is an enormous economic factor for the region, with the desire to preserve as much of Liguria as possible.

Nevertheless, there is a great variety of activities for tourists. Of course, there are countless sights. From Genoa, which itself has a very long history and can boast incredible buildings, to the small fishing villages that may only have one or two restaurants for tourists, but have been able to preserve the unique charm of the region. From water sports to extreme sports in the mountains to relaxing tours for hikers and cyclists, everything can be found here. Due to the fast connection to Piedmont , a holiday with your own car can also be extended to another great part of Italy.

The main attractions of Liguria

One of the most important sights of Liguria is, of course, Genoa. With its impressive harbour and old town with so much history to tell, holidaymakers can easily keep busy for a few days. It is also home to some of the most interesting museums in the region. Many tours through the region and to the sea also start from Genoa – so for sufficient excursions, the appropriate time should be planned during a holiday in Liguria. In addition, the surroundings of Genoa are beautiful and it is worth driving along the coast and stopping in one of the small villages to enjoy the local cuisine.

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Portofino, Image: Anton_Ivanov / shutterstock

In addition to visits to such well-known places as Portofino or Cinque Terre, it is above all the natural treasures of Liguria that you should have seen once in a lifetime. These include, for example, the valleys of Le Valli dell’Olivo. This is where a large part of the famous olive oil from Italy comes from. The Hanbury Gardens in Hanbury are another tip. It is one of the largest gardens in Italy and offers an impressive variety of plants and shrubs. If you are in good shape, you should also have taken a bike ride on the Pista Ciclabile. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful routes in Europe.

People and cuisine in Liguria

Last but not least, of course, the cuisine is not to be sneezed at. Fresh seafood is a matter of course for the inhabitants of Liguria and they are only too happy to share with the tourists. Otherwise, they have adapted well to tourism here. There is an excellent infrastructure, many opportunities for activities and a great hospitality for visitors from all over the world. A great place for a trip in Italy.