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Das Casino de Venezia ist das älteste Casino der Welt, Bild: SEBASTIAN NARITA / shutterstock

A journey through Europe’s gambling capitals

It is not for nothing that there are numerous songs and films dedicated to gambling in the city of Las Vegas. Elvis Presley with the world-famous song “Viva Las Vegas” is immediately thought of when talking about gambling cities. Although the entire activity is shifting more and more to the Internet, where online casinos offer free spins and the providers are thus more popular, it can still be worthwhile to visit a stationary offer.

Because there are also gambling cities in Europe that are actually worth a visit. These are presented in more detail below, so that the next trip can be booked directly.

1. Italy – Venice / Campione

What many people don’t know: The oldest casino in the world is not located in Las Vegas. It has been in Venice since 1638. As one of the largest casinos in Europe, the “Casino di Venezia” is equipped with around 600 slot machines and also offers many classic tables where luck can be challenged in roulette, blackjack or Punkto Banco, among other things. Because of the wide range of games, events and tournaments as well as the excellent restaurants, the casino is still a tourist magnet today.

If you want to see the largest casino in Europe, visit the “Casino Campione d ́Italia”, which opened its doors in 1917, but had to close two years later and has been reopened since 1933. The monument with nine floors and precious gold stone is located in northwestern Italy, near the border with Switzerland in the Aosta Valley. On the first and second floors, over 500 slot machines are available in the imposing building, which provide plenty of entertainment with video slots, multigame, electronic roulette, video poker and numerous jackpots. For table players, roulettes, poker, blackjack, point banco and many other types of games are available in different variants.

In addition to the magnificent buildings, there are also smaller casinos in Italy, which can be visited at will. After all, those who want to challenge luck in the country will find numerous opportunities.

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2. Slovenia – Nova Gorica / Portoroz

The “Casino Perla” with its over 970 slot machines and around 90 tables is ideal for guests who are looking for a varied game of chance. Maximum comfort is provided by the 4-star hotel with numerous rooms. Concerts, cabarets and other shows are held at regular intervals, making game evenings a unique experience.

An older casino is the “Casino Portoroz”, which stands out with its long tradition. The building was erected more than a hundred years ago and is considered a small jewel in the city. In addition to classic table games, electronic roulette is also offered. The newer generation, on the other hand, awaits a variety of modern slot machines in a cozy atmosphere.

3. Austria – Vienna / Innsbruck

View of Vienna
View of Vienna, Image: Era77 / shutterstock

All casinos in Austria are worth a visit. Whether modern flair or nostalgic atmosphere is important, every guest will find suitable gambling offers in the country. In Vienna, for example, there is a casino with around 200 slot machines, different roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Sic Bo games. Although the casino does not stand out with its size, it can stand out for its beauty. As one of the oldest buildings on the well-known Kärntner Straße, the casino is located in the middle of Vienna and offers upscale gambling.

The venue in Innsbruck is somewhat more modern. It was opened in December 1992 and is still known today for its imposing architecture and great range of games.

4. Czech Republic – Borders with Germany and Austria

For many years, the Admiral Casino Group has been an integral part of the border region between Germany and Austria. Casual gaming and entertaining hours are the advantages of the casinos in the regions. With over 4,000 slot machines and over 120 tables, Casino Admiral is considered the largest gambling company in the Czech Republic.

The casinos near the border with Germany are equipped with different themes and architectures. If you want to try your luck in a luxurious setting, visit the Casino Royal. The Casino of Ra, on the other hand, has an ancient Egyptian look, while the Casino Eldorado has an atmosphere like in the Old West.

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In Rozvadov there is another great casino. The Kings Resort is known for its many poker tournaments. The casino is equipped with over 200 poker tables, which also offers over 300 slot machines on its area of around 6,000 square meters. There are also numerous roulette and other table games. Another special feature is that only two craps tables are made available in Europe and one of them is located in the Kings Resort.

5. Germany – Dortmund / Baden-Baden / Bad Kötzting

Players don’t have to travel far into the distance to feel the glamour of the gambling venues. There are numerous casinos in Germany that are worth seeing. Dortmund is home to the largest casino in Germany with an area of over 8,000 square meters. On three floors, the urge to play can be given free rein. Among the games on offer are numerous tables and machines.

If, on the other hand, you appreciate cosiness, you will find it in Bad Kötzting. There is the smallest casino in Germany, which, like the city itself, presents itself on its 3,000 square meters young, innovative and fresh. Directly in the play area is the restaurant with its culinary delights.

The Casino Baden-Baden is more magnificent, because the historic vault creates an atmosphere like in Las Vegas. Founded by a clever entrepreneur from France , immortalized by a Russian prince of poets and loved by Marlene Dietrich. This is how the casino in Baden-Baden describes itself, which is one of the most famous and traditional casinos in Europe.

6. Online Game World

Although a visit to a magnificent building is always an experience, luck can also be put to the test from home or on the road. In online casinos, far more slots are made available compared to brick-and-mortar businesses. In addition to classic slot games in the familiar structure with popular symbols, there are many new releases to discover.

Depending on your taste, an online casino can be visited in a glamorous or trendy look. This saves travel costs as well as admission. In addition, many reputable online gambling establishments offer bonus offers for players, which means that even visitors with a small budget can feel the great entertainment value and thrill of gambling.