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Der Hintetruxer Gletscher, Bild: Nadezda Murmakova / shutterstock

Tux – Experience the Zillertal

Tux is located in the beautiful Austrian Zillertal and is a year-round destination. Not only in winter can you watch ski and snowboard lovers make the slopes unsafe, but also in summer, spring and autumn, the small community is very trendy as a hiking and trekking destination. The colourful forests are particularly beautiful in autumn, stretching up to the mountain slopes. In spring, the fruit trees and meadows bloom here and shortly before winter you can watch the cattle drive of the large herds of cows. You can always find new activities to experience around Tux and in the Zillertal . The hotels are also very high-quality and mostly modernly equipped.

Winter holidays in Tux

The Hintertux Glacier is not only a popular ski area in summer. It is so high that you can ski here all year round. Whether you want to take a break in summer or hit the slopes in winter – the cable car goes up into the endless expanses of the snow centre all year round. The ski area includes the Tuxer Ferner and the nearby Riepenkees. This belongs to the Hintertux Valley, which is a side valley of the Zillertal. Austria is known for its numerous ski resorts. But year-round skiing pleasure is only available at the top of glaciers, as there is usually no more snow in the valley as early as May. Tux is the only ski area that can be used all year round, along with Zermatt, Solda am Ortler, Mallnitz-Flattach and Saas Fee. That’s why many people practice their favourite sport here in summer and pursue their hobby.

Summer holidays in Tux

Hiking in Tux
Tux invites you to hike with its beautiful landscape, Image: Martin Erdniss / shutterstock

If you spend your summer holiday in the Tux Valley, you can experience a lot, because skiing is only done high up in the mountains. In the valleys it is nice and warm and sunny and the snow thaws completely in summer. On the other hand, the numerous cycling and hiking trails that can be used here are shown. The Tuxtal is more of an insider tip – many holidaymakers like to spend the most beautiful time of the year in the more famous Zillertal. In the summer months, however, it is not only the hikes that are the focus of holidaymakers, many families with children also get lost here, rent one of the numerous holiday apartments and enjoy the hearty food and culinary delights of the region. Tyrol is not only known for its delicious ham, but also for dishes such as Zillertaler Ofenleber, Wiener Schnitzel or Tiroler Gröstl. The famous liver dumpling soup as an appetizer also often ends up in the terines before the guests.

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Attractions around Tux

If you want to get to know the history of Tux and the surrounding area, you should take a trip to the Mehlerhaus , which can also be combined with a hike. A small museum has been set up here with several small exhibitions. The house is already almost 300 years old.

But other excursion destinations are also very worth seeing, such as the Tuxer Mühle in Juns, which dates back to 1839. Barley was grown, despite the altitude. In addition to baking bread, the flour could also be used for other pastries. The hiking trip to this mill should be made on a Monday, then the small museum is open. If that’s not history enough for you, you should go underground, namely into the Spannagel Cave. This is located directly under the Tux Glacier and you dive into the middle of an adventure. There is even a marble train to discover in the largest natural cave in the Central Alps.

If you want to experience nature, you can go to the Tux Waterfalls, which fall below the glacier. Beautiful and unique crystals come to light. This is an adventure, which is why they were placed under nature conservation as early as 1964 and are still a popular destination for holidaymakers in the area today.

Family holiday with children

Tux Valley
View of the Tux Valley, Image: 80-20 / shutterstock

If you go to Tux as a small family, you can of course experience a lot. How about an adventure in the Ice Palace, which is located at an altitude of 3,200 meters, directly on the Hintertux Glacier. It was built without human accessories and, in addition to the entrance hall, has a firn cone gallery with a crystal chamber, as well as a blue chamber with an ice chapel. Of course, you should book one of the guided tours. Young and old alike will be thrilled there. But that’s not all for the cosy family holiday. The Gemais farm settlement should also be visited, because there are listed farms here, but also animals that are kept for the children in the petting zoo. On the panoramic terrace of the summit you can really see a lot of the Alps. The most spectacular cable car goes right up here, namely a so-called glacier bus, which is also a highlight for smaller and older children. Once at the top, you can watch the spectacle of the Alps from the Zugspitze to the Dolomites and the Großglockner. That’s how wide the view is in clear weather.

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Arrival in Tux

You can arrive via the airport in Innsbruck, which is quite close, but also directly by train. Innsbruck is also a very good transport hub here. From here, you can either continue with a rental car, so that you can explore the area flexibly, or by bus, which takes you to the small villages and up to the ski resorts. Of course, you can also travel directly by car, in which case you should either cross the Fernsee or Achensee Pass and take the entrance to the Zillertal.