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Bild: Andreas Dumke

The island of Usedom – ten days and everyone is different!

Ten days on Usedom

Today we present you with a ready-made, practical scenario of a 10-day stay on the German-Polish island of Usedom.

It is one of those unique places that do not let boredom arise – water sports enthusiasts and fans of good cuisine as well as those seeking peace and quiet are regular guests in this region. Take a look and pack your bags!

  1. so a beach!

The longest and widest beach in Poland begins in Świnoujście on the island of Usedom, which merges into the equally beautiful beach in the Imperial Baths. It is the first and obligatory place on our holiday list. Fine golden sand, a gentle descent into the water and into the Baltic Sea, which surprises with exceptionally high water temperature in the high season, are undoubted advantages of this place. It is a dream beach that is sometimes called the “Mallorca of the North” for good reason.

Whether you are travelling as a couple, with friends or with the whole family, the main goal of your trip is to stay by the sea with all its charms – sunbathing, bathing in the sea waves and snapshots of magical sunsets. It is worthwhile to make friends with the Usedom beach on the first afternoon, then you will want to spend every other one here – at the Mühlenbake, on the piers of the imperial baths, the breakwaters or sipping drinks in atmospheric beach bars.

  1. Water fun

We recommend that you also spend day two on the water that surrounds the island of Usedom – from the north the Baltic Sea and from the south the Szczecin Lagoon. This location guarantees amazingly good conditions for all water sports at any level of progress: at Usedom beach you can practice both the first basic maneuvers with the kite and impressive tricks on the kiteboard!

Windsurfing and kitesurfing schools, sailing instructors and motorboat enthusiasts – including lovers of the infamous
jet skis
– have numerous spots here. You can also try your hand at more leisurely disciplines, such as skimboarding, canoeing , which is well developed in terms of infrastructure, or canoeing, which requires much more patience. Fishing at the border of fresh and salt waters 🙂

Kitesurfing Usedom
Image: Robert Ignacluk

  1. Ghosts of the Past

Another day on the island is a great time to learn more about its history and culture. The location at river mouths, the presence of a port and piers, as well as the border character and the historical turbulence associated with it, had a great influence on the current appearance of this place. Take a walk and see the variety of urban buildings on both sides of the border – for example, the mighty lighthouse in Świnoujście or the impressive Salome dream theatre in Heringsdorf!

The unique location of the island was also used for military purposes for many years – in Świnoujście alone you will find numerous defensive structures! 3 out of 4 forts you visit on the fortress route have been preserved to this day. A visit to Fort Gerhard guarantees a hard beating by a Prussian corporal. Under the thick defensive walls of Castel Sant’Angelo is currently hidden… a cozy café! During your visit to Peenemünde, you can once again get to the bottom of the history of work on V-1 rockets.

  1. With two wheels

So you’ve already got to know the region? Then we set off on our bikes! There are several rentals in the island towns. So if you don’t want to bring your own bikes, you can get them on site. The infrastructure for cyclists is very well developed here – you don’t have to worry about paths, racks, parking spaces or service points.

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Bicycle in USedom
Image: Krzysztof Sokalski

Depending on how great your strength and ambitions are, you can choose from over a dozen cycle routes and crisscross the island of Usedom. The routes take you through wild fields and meadows, enchanting towns by lakes or picturesque green parks. It is worth taking a trip on the Feininger Cycle Route to find the places from his paintings. You can be sure that your smartphone will get a new wallpaper after such a bike ride!

  1. How are the neighbors?

Halfway through your holiday on the Baltic Sea, you can also take a spontaneous trip abroad. There are plenty of directions and transport options! You can cross the German-Polish border in any way you like – on foot, by bike, by car or by train.

If you are not afraid of a trip on the open sea , we also recommend a short trip to Sweden or Denmark. Ferries to Ystad and
depart daily and our northern neighbours have a lot to offer!
has an interesting cuisine and picturesque architecture, Denmark , on the other hand, allows you to get infected with the hygge philosophy and visit amazing amusement parks with the huge Legoland at the top!

  1. Through the stomach to the sea

The real treasure of the island of Usedom is its gastronomic offer. In cities and on beaches you will find many restaurants serving dishes of European cuisine. We especially recommend that you try the delicacies of the Baltic Sea cuisine . You’re probably familiar with the flounder or cod flavour from small fish fryers – so try adding a unique sandwich of fatty herring, onions and tartar sauce to the maritime menu.

The local people attach great importance to the quality of local products. New craft initiatives are regularly emerging – local breweries have been reactivated and more and more small businesses are receiving certificates of tradition and local origin of their products – there are already regional honey varieties, cured meats and even… Gingerbread!

  1. At a gallop or trot

The seventh day on the island is worth spending with beautiful and calm animals. The inhabitants of the region run several stud farms as well as horse breeds , thus taking advantage of the good natural conditions of this island country. If you only announce yourself in advance, they will be happy to teach you how to ride in the saddle and the rules of cooperation with horses. Some horse lovers also offer accommodation and for those who wish, there is even the possibility to help on the farm!

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In the studs you will find both cute ponies and adult riding horses, so all family members can spend their time as they please. You can take a leisurely walk on the lunge line or take a horseback walk through the forest or on the seashore . Such an excursion usually ends with an evening campfire and long hours full of stories in the glow of flames. Believe me – you will remember this day for a long time!

  1. Spa – regeneration and wellness

Since riding uses practically all muscle groups, you shouldn’t be surprised if you want to relax a little the next morning. It is worth reserving this day to explore the island’s spa offer – the title Imperial Baths does not come out of nowhere. Bansin, Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf have been perfecting their offerings for over 100 years – from spring water and relaxing massages to modern methods such as cryotherapy or light therapy. Świnoujście also offers an extensive range of activities.

The most modern part of the spa is made up of separate SPA zones and wellness facilities, including the hotel’s own. Here you will find hundreds of wellness offers. You can also take advantage of unusual treatments and rituals. All seaside resorts have qualified staff of massage therapists, physiotherapists and even specialists in the field of acupressure or aromatherapy. It’s the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and gain immunity.

Health resort Usedom
Image: Henry Böhm
  1. Meeting with Mother Nature

The unique area of the island of Usedom has always been a habitat for many plant and animal species, which the inhabitants took special care of. Therefore, it is not difficult to encounter wild boars, deer or beavers on the island. While walking in the city park, you can be sure to spot a deer or a fox. The white-tailed eagle is, of course, an inseparable symbol of these beautiful areas. With a little attention, it’s not hard to see how majestically it hovers above our heads.

Beautiful beech forests, old, monumental oaks, the fern blossom nature reserve – for the protection of the royal fern – are only a small part of the unique nature of the island of Usedom.

If you maintain the due respect for Mother Nature, you can feel that this place will surprise you with its richness and diversity.

  1. A day to rest and sum up the impressions

The last day of your stay in the border area is at your disposal. Before you start packing your things and planning your way home, you can make a small summary of the entire trip and return to the place that fascinated you the most. Today, a farewell visit to the beach should not be missed – enjoy the view and remember it until your next visit.

We cordially invite you to the island of Usedom . Here, in addition to the widest beach and the exceptionally warm Baltic Sea, a whole island of possibilities opens up!

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