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Typisch Panarea: Ruhe und Entspannung pur, Bild: Piccio / shutterstock

Panarea – The smallest of the Aeolian Islands

The island region around Sicily has been able to make a name for itself in recent years, especially through the volcanic activity of the islands. Stromboli is certainly a special example – in recent years, the volcano has been active several times, but has also attracted interest to the many beautiful islands that await holidaymakers near Sicily. Of course, we are talking about the Aeolian Islands – sometimes called the Aeolian Islands – all of which have their own unique charm. Especially the smallest and oldest island, Panarea, has earned a reputation as an excellent holiday destination in recent years.

The most beautiful of the Aeolian Islands?

Capo Milazzese, Panarea
Capo Milazzese, Image: Emilio messina / shutterstock

It is certainly a matter of taste which of the Aeolian Islands would win the award as the best representative. Above all, however, it is also a question of what you actually want to do. The islands are known among holidaymakers in Italy, especially among hikers. It is quite easy to get from Sicily to the different ports and has small islands available here, which are ideal for a day trip including a hike in the mixture of volcanic rock and virtually untouched nature. In Panarea, there is also the charm of the small villages, which has caused a small image change on the island in recent years.

Even the journey to the island is a small highlight. Usually you start the tour from Lipari and leave the beautiful natural harbour here to arrive in Panarea in the shortest possible time. The small village of San Pietro is home to the island’s harbour and quickly gives a first glimpse of what to expect when visiting. The beautiful sea is of course only one of many reasons – after all, you have it everywhere on the Italian south coast. Above all, it is the impressive cliffs and the flora and fauna that have made the island such a popular destination for hikers and excursion guests in the region in recent years. But what quickly catches the eye are the bright facades and the luxurious-looking houses, which you wouldn’t expect on a small island with just 300 permanent residents.

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The island of Italy’s rich and beautiful

Especially in summer, Italian high society is drawn to the island. From influential Italian families to pop stars from the USA , many have a booking for a holiday home or even their own home here. Especially the youth of these families like to use the seclusion for one or the other party, because paparazzi don’t just come here like that, of course. For the simple holidaymaker, this means above all that a good infrastructure is available. There are no classic hotels, but especially out of season you have the opportunity for beautiful holiday homes, which usually offer a unique view of the sea.

Since life on the island has actually been completely converted to tourism, there are no classic sights outside the villages. The church of the Assunta is an example of things to see on the island. If you decide to go on a day trip, you usually do so either for a hike through the untouched parts of the island or for a long party night, which is also possible here without any problems. The small bars and restaurants in particular cater to holidaymakers who want to turn night into day and therefore not only offer the right refreshments, but usually also a good selection of bars.

The most beautiful hiking routes in Panarea

Many of the hiking trails have been expanded in recent years and offer different levels of difficulty for visitors. However, there are also some little-known paths on the island that nature has already reclaimed, which are correspondingly overgrown but offer a special experience. The two most important paths lead either to the highest point of the island and are of course associated with a corresponding level of difficulty on the ascent – here you should already be an experienced hiker. As a rule, there are corresponding tours that also offer accompaniment in a larger group. The other path leads once around the island to one of the most beautiful beaches, where you can even find a small bar to reward yourself after the activity.

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A visit to Panarea, especially as a day trip, is always a good way to discover the islands with all their beauty. If you can afford it, you should also consider an overnight stay – especially in summer, the nightlife on the island is impressively exciting.