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Luftbild des historischen Stadtzentrums von Verona, Bild: Aliaksandr Antanovich / shutterstock

Verona – Pure romance in the city of Romeo and Juliet

Verona, the pretty city not far from Lake Garda, offers countless possibilities for a wonderful holiday. All you need is cultural interest, a penchant for romance and sunscreen.

In the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet

In what is probably the most famous love drama in the world, Shakespeare tells the story of Romeo and Juliet’s unhappy love. Whether this story is made up or contains a little truth is not really known. But there were the hostile families of the two lovers. Reason enough, then, for lovers from all over the world to visit the places from the drama.

So, pack the sunscreen , and off we go to Piazza delle Erbe. From this square, a narrow passage leads to Via Cappello 23. Here is Juliet’s house with the famous balcony. Even the passage is worth seeing, as it is littered with messages of love and hearts.

In the courtyard in front of the house there is a statue of Juliet and there is also a Romeo and Juliet shop. Not far away, in Via delle Arche Scaligere 2, is Romeo’s house.

Place another flower on Juliet’s grave in the Abbey of San Francesco al Corso and hang a love lock on the lattice of the Fountain of Love in the Vicolo San Marco, then their love will be infinite.

Verona and the Opera

Every summer, countless people are drawn to Verona because world-famous operas are performed here. Not just any place, but in the ancient amphitheater, the Arena of Verona. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 1913 the opera Aida was first performed here.

The arena offers space for 22,000 spectators. In addition to operas, pop concerts are also held. So equip yourself with sunscreen and enjoy the wonderful musical performances in the open air.

In the footsteps of Roman antiquity and the Middle Ages

The best place to start is at Piazza Bar. This is the heart of Verona, this is where the Arena is located and in the most interesting district of the city you will find various historic buildings. A well-known and popular square is Piazza delle Erbe with its historic facades from different centuries. Here you can admire, for example, Palazzo Maffei and the Torre del Gardello clock tower. You can also visit the basilica, the cathedral and the many other pretty churches. You will encounter countless other historic buildings on your walk.

Relax in the countryside

Scaligero Castle, Verona
Scaligero Castle in Verona, Image: Sergey Dzyuba

After discovering Verona’s many sights, you may just want to unwind. Verona offers a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy nature. Visit one of the city’s many parks, of which the garden of Palazzo Giardino Giusti is probably one of the most beautiful. One zoological park is Natura Viva Park. Very close to the city, the waterfall park Parco delle Cascate awaits your visit. Here you can stay all day and stroll along the many paths as well as visit the waterfalls and caves.

A walk along the Adige River is also really magical. Just keep changing sides on one of the many bridges, of which the Ponte Scaligero is the most worth seeing. Stroll along the river in the evenings and experience a beautiful sunset.

Shopping in Verona

Between Piazza Bra and Piazza dell Erbe is Via Mazzini. It is not particularly long, but it is the main shopping street in Verona. Noble boutiques alternate with modern specialist shops and small cafés. Of course, you will also find countless shopping opportunities in the other streets and alleys of the old town. There are also various markets spread across the city. A special one takes place every day in Piazza delle Erbe. It is colourful and lively and you can definitely make a bargain or two.


Verona, the city of lovers and romantics, has so much more to offer and can tell from a very long history. Let yourself be captivated by this magical city.