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Mit dem E-Bike die schönsten Radstrecken Deutschlands entdecken, Bild: Andrey_Popov / shutterstock

Beautiful cycling routes for a summer holiday in Germany

Summer is coming. Due to the increased prices and the uncertain location, many people want to spend their holidays in the area. Whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day bike tour, there is something for everyone. In Germany, there are many beautiful cycle paths with different requirements. Both for classic two-wheeler enthusiasts and for e-bikes, which are rapidly increasing in popularity. The most beautiful cycling routes in Germany are presented below.

A cycle path for beginners

The Weser Cycle Path leads from northern Hesse through the Weser Uplands to the North Sea. The river landscape is varied and is surrounded by historic cities such as Bremen, Höxter, Hameln and Cuxhaven as well as castles and palaces. The many small towns and the picturesque nature invite you to linger. The route is relatively flat and very well developed, so that families and older people should not have any problems. The cycle path is around 520 kilometres long.

Nature in the midst of industrial culture

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path is about 240 kilometres long and leads cyclists along the Ruhr from Winterberg in the Sauerland to Duisburg, where the Ruhr flows into the Rhine. In the Sauerland, it goes through medieval old towns and past green meadows to Fröndenberg. In the further course you can see big cities such as Dortmund, Bochum and Essen, whereby the Ruhr is very green and quiet. The contrast between the quiet river landscape and the vibrant cities with the remains of past mining times is what makes the cycle path so charming.

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The longest bike course in Germany

The Rhine Cycle Path has a total length of 1,230 kilometres, most of which is on German territory. From Andermatt in the Swiss Alps it goes up and down until the Rhine reaches Lake Constance . This part is therefore more suitable for athletes who are looking for a certain challenge. In Germany, the Rhine runs through forest landscapes and through cities such as Koblenz, Cologne and Düsseldorf. At Emmerich am Rhein, the Rhine Cycle Route crosses the border into the Netherlands and ends at the mouth in Rotterdam.

A trip through East Germany

The Elbe Cycle Path is a total of 1,260 kilometres long. It leads a few kilometers through the Czech Republic before the Elbe crosses the German border. This cycle path leads through beautiful cities such as Dresden, Magdeburg, Wittenberg, Hamburg and finally to Cuxhaven. The tour is beginner-friendly because the cycle path is completely asphalted and has very few inclines. On the way there are many beautiful cities, cultural highlights and lots of nature.

The beginning of a tour of Europe

Budapest in Hungary
A beautiful view of Budapest, Image: ZGPhotography / shutterstock

The Danube Cycle Path is considered the longest cycle route in Europe. It begins at the source of the Danube in Donaueschingen and finally leads through Romania to the Black Sea. In Germany, its length is around 600 kilometres and it leads through the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb to Bavaria and then on through the Bavarian Forest. It then continues via Vienna and Budapest, through Croatia and Serbia to Romania. The entire route covers 2,850 kilometers and is only something for real athletes, because not all paths are paved towards the end.

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A holiday on the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route is much more suitable for beginners and amateur athletes. It runs over a length of 1,100 kilometres from Usedom to Flensburg. On the way there are many cliffs and small coastal villages. The beaches invite you to relax. Cities like Stralsund and Lübeck are worth seeing and offer a lot of culture. A stage across the island of Rügen is recommended, because the island with the chalk cliffs and the beautiful piers offers special highlights.

A small challenge

If you like it a little more sporty, you are in good hands on the Lake Constance-Königssee Cycle Path. The cycle route has a total length of 440 kilometres and leads right through the Alps. From Lindau on Lake Constance, the cycle path goes through the Allgäu. On the way, many mountain lakes and castles await. At the end you reach Berchtesgaden and finally Schönau am Königssee. Special highlights of the cycle route are the Ettal Monastery and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. The route leads over many hills and is therefore more suitable for advanced riders or e-bikes.

Surrounded by vineyards and castles

The Moselle Cycle Path begins in the Vosges, where the Moselle originates. It flows through the Saarland and flows into the Rhine after about 310 kilometres in Koblenz. The path through the valley of the Moselle has many curves and leads past medieval castles and vineyards, through cities such as Trier and Saarbrücken. It invites you to take a leisurely bike ride, because there are many places to stop along the way