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Radurlaub mit der gesamten Familie, Bild: Monkey Business Images / shutterstock

Planning your cycling holiday – how to make your adventure a success

Cycling holidays have gained significantly in popularity in recent years. More and more people have acquired a taste for cycling around the holiday region and getting a more intense experience. What sounds like a dream in theory, however, has some pitfalls in practice. Planning in particular plays a greater role on a cycling holiday due to the higher logistical requirements. This article explains how the project can nevertheless succeed smoothly and what measures make sense to achieve it.

Enough space is the trump card

If you want to go on holiday with your car, you are already faced with a space problem. Especially when you want to travel with your family , every centimetre of space counts. Since there are also several bicycles to transport on a cycling holiday, the desperation is quickly complete. So where to put all the suitcases, bags and other items?

The solution for this is not inside the car, but on the roof. By making effective use of the entire surface of the car, there is enough space for people, bikes and luggage. Roof boxes for the car are quickly installed and provide more flexibility in just a few simple steps without having to make compromises. All you have to do is make sure that the permissible total weight is observed. Fully packed, nothing is missing and the focus can be on a relaxing holiday.

Observe regulations in the holiday country

In terms of regulations, each country has its own rules and laws. Since according to the old principle, ignorance does not protect against punishment, it is important to familiarize oneself with the respective circumstances in advance. Some countries, for example, stipulate that the bike must be equipped with reflectors and lights at all times of the day. In contrast, other states are much more liberal and do not set up binding rules. As a cycling holidaymaker, you can save a lot of nerves if there is clarity about the applicable laws.

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The right clothing

Cycling holidays in the Alps
Cycling in the Alps, Image: Yevhenii Chulovskyi / shutterstock

Which clothing is the right one for a cycling holiday depends on the approach. A sporty cycling holiday, for example, has different requirements than occasional rides on an e-bike. But no matter what you choose in the end, it’s worth being prepared for different weather conditions and temperatures.

Especially in mountainous regions, there can be rapid changes in the weather with rapid drops in temperature . Even if the weather is sunny at the beginning of the tour, the weather forecast should be followed closely. This allows the equipment to be adapted accordingly, which significantly reduces the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Planning is important – the experience is more important

After all the pleas for conscientious planning, it still remains to be said that it is such a thing with the right planning. On the one hand, it is the basis for the success of the holiday. On the other hand, the appeal of a cycling holiday also lies in the uncertainty and adventure. It is therefore helpful not to plan every little detail completely. Often, it is enough to establish the rough data of a tour to find an appropriate challenge. Whether you take a different turn during the tour and explore other paths is usually not so decisive.