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Die Maskarenen, Bild: Peter Hermes Furian / shutterstock

The islands of the Mascarene Islands

When you talk about the Mascarene Islands, most people probably don’t immediately know what to do with this group of islands. Two of the three islands in particular have now become the most popular holiday destinations in the entire world. The Mascarene Islands include the French overseas department of La Reunion, the island of Mauritius and the island of Rodrigues, which also belongs to Mauritius. While La Reunion has become one of the destinations of longing, especially for cruise guests, it is the beautiful beaches of the three islands that now attract around 1.5 million visitors to the island every year. But it’s not just the beaches that you should have seen on a trip to the Mascarene Islands.

The three islands of the Mascarene Islands – what is there to see?

Even though geographically all three islands belong to the same group, they are not only culturally but also politically very different from each other. For example, there is La Reunion, where you have a bit of the feeling of experiencing France in the Indian Ocean. Of course, this is due to the fact that the island actually belongs to France, so it is even part of the EU and you can pay here with the euro in a relaxed manner. The island itself offers a wide range of natural spectacles and varied landscapes in a comparatively small area, a very well-developed infrastructure for visitors and is of course a popular stop when traveling by cruise ship in this region.

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In the island state of Mauritius , things are a little more hectic, but also more diversified. With Port Louis , the island has a real big city that not only welcomes guests from cruise ships, but is usually also the starting point for your own trip. The colonial and eventful history of the island can still be seen everywhere today and very different worlds have developed for holidaymakers. While some appreciate the luxury and the many relaxation hotels with unique beaches, others use Mauritius for a holiday in nature, hikes in the natural and authentic core of the island and enjoy the diversity of nature that can be admired here.

The island of Rodrigues is the smallest of the islands and, compared to the two sister islands, has so far hardly been developed for tourism. Although the number of hotels has steadily increased in recent years, the island with its 40,000 inhabitants is still an insider tip at best. Here everything is a bit reminiscent of the Caribbean, jungles and untouched beaches are the rule and not the rarity and one orients oneself a little more towards the African instead of the Indian origin, which can also be noticed in the cuisine and culture of the island.

La Réunion – a piece of France in the Indian Ocean

Reunion Beach
Reunion is simply paradise, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

La Reunion is mainly shaped by the volcanic eruptions of history and the fact that the island has been spared European development for a long time. The city may have adapted to tourism, especially in the coastal towns, and there are now many hotels, but the core of the island is still hardly developed. Hikers in particular get their money’s worth here, the island is quite easy to explore by bike and you can almost always find a deserted beach for a little relaxation in the evening. The road of 420 curves, whale watching at Cap Jaune or a tour through a fairytale forest – all this is possible on the small island and all this should be experienced during a visit.

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Mauritius – the new paradise for tourists from all over the world

Mauritius from above
An impressive view: Mauritius from above, Image: Myroslava Bozhko / shutterstock

For a long time, most people knew Mauritius at most for the most famous and expensive stamp in the world. In the meantime, however, the island is very popular with European and American holidaymakers, which is not least due to the mixture of impressive nature and a good infrastructure. A visit to Port Louis alone is actually worth a visit to the island. Here you can see the traces of the island’s long colonial period, countless testimonies can be found in the historic city center and the whole city exudes its own flair. Here you will also find by far the best restaurants on the island, which of course have also adapted to the tastes of Western visitors.

The Black River Gorges National Park with its green waters, elevations and the island’s most famous mountain, Le Borne Brabant, in the background, is exemplary for the diverse nature on the island. There are countless nature parks and almost untouched areas for visitors to explore. Often there are offers for tours with locals, who also make sure that the tourists do not become too much of a burden for the island and its beautiful nature.

Rodrigues – unknown island and small treasure

Saint François Beach, Rodrigues
Saint François Beach on Rodrigues, Image: arlequin / shutterstock

You usually don’t get lost in Rodrigues just like that and the only about 1,000 beds on the island testify to the fact that tourists are still a rarity here. If you dare to go on this adventure anyway, you will find many lagoons and beaches, jungles and mountains on the island. It is definitely worthwhile to travel here with a specialized agency, because the infrastructure is only gradually being expanded, but there is simply so much to discover on the island.