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Saint François Beach auf Rodrigues, Bild: arlequin / shutterstock

Rodrigues: An island paradise in the Indian Ocean

Fantastic beaches, breathtaking nature and coral reefs: If you are planning a very special holiday away from the crowds of tourists, the island of Rodrigues is the right place for you. The small island in the Indian Ocean, which belongs to the Mascarene Islands, belongs to Mauritius and is one of the absolute insider tips in the Indian Ocean. More and more tourists from all over the world are discovering the advantages of the island for themselves. Even though more and more hotels and holiday resorts have been built on Rodrigues in recent years, you can still spend your holidays here largely undisturbed. Especially for nature lovers, adventurers and those seeking relaxation, the small island, which is located about 580 kilometers from Mauritius , is a perfect holiday destination for an unforgettable holiday. Many tourists also combine a visit to the islands of Rodrigues and Mauritius into a joint holiday. The entire coast is characterized by numerous sheltered bays, which makes the island a real dream destination, especially for young people and couples, but also for celebrities from all over the world. English and French are mainly spoken on the island.

Trou d’Argent: Paradise for beach vacationers and water sports enthusiasts

Trou d'Argent, Rodrigues
Trou d’Argent, Image: arlequin / shutterstock

Those seeking relaxation and beach vacationers are in the right place on the island of Rodrigues at the Trou d’Argent. This is considered the most popular beach on the island. The white sandy beach is idyllically located between two steep cliffs. The island is completely surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. If you want more than just lying in the sun and jumping into the azure blue water, you can also use the time to climb into the rocks, among other things. In addition, the coral reefs are ideal for an extensive snorkeling or diving trip.

There are also numerous offers for water sports enthusiasts on the beach. In the vicinity of the beach, some hotels and holiday homes have been built in recent years. Thanks to its sheltered location, the beach is also a popular spot for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Another extremely popular destination for Rodrigues vacationers is the offshore island of Ile aux Cocos. This is a fascinating nature reserve with a long sandy beach and countless coconut palms. The exciting boat trip to Ile aux Cocos alone is a real adventure. Through the clear water you have a beautiful view of the species-rich underwater world.

Port Mathurin: Market flair and sights

Market in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues
Market in Port Mathurin, Image: Christophe Cappelli / shutterstock

The island’s capital Port Mathurin on the north coast is also always worth a visit. On the beautiful market square of the city of 6,000 inhabitants, you can enjoy typical African flair. You are sure to find one or two souvenirs of an unforgettable holiday. From the viewpoint on Mount Fanal you also have a great overview of the entire island. Also worth seeing is the small mosque in the city as well as the large statue of the Virgin Mary. Port Mathurin is also one of the few entrances for shipping through the large coral reef that surrounds the island.

Flora and fauna: turtles, reed warblers and rare plants

The flora and fauna of Rodrigues Island is also extremely impressive. The hilly island is home to many rare plants and animals that are very rare in the world – including the Rodrigues Reed Warbler and the Rodrigues Flying Fox. Nature lovers should definitely pay a visit to the Francois Leguat Tortoise Parc in the southwest of the island. In the protected reserve, about 1,200 turtles can be experienced in their natural habitat. There are also more than 40 different tree species here. The botanical garden “Jardin des Cinq Sens” is also always worth a visit thanks to its countless rare plants. Many tour operators also offer guided tours through the fascinating nature of Rodrigues. The volcanic origin of the island also becomes clear again and again. From the highest peak of the island, the 395-meter-high Mont Limon, you can overlook the entire island.

Best time to visit Rodrigues Island: Surfers in autumn, hikers in summer

The weather on the island of Rodrigues is characterized by a subtropical climate with warm temperatures, plenty of sun and little rainfall. The optimal time for a trip to Rodrigues depends primarily on the destination of the trip. Those who want to surf off the coast of the island will find perfect conditions here, especially between September and December – as well as beach vacationers. During this time, the temperatures here are constantly hot at around 30 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, if you prefer to hike on Rodrigues, you should visit the island between May and September. Then the temperatures will be an extremely pleasant 25 degrees Celsius.