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Polignano a Mare in Apulien, Bild: Stefano_Valeri / shutterstock

Polignano a Mare – Puglia at its best

Directly on the Adriatic coast of Puglia in Italy lies the municipality of Polignano a Mare. Due to its location by the sea, it is a beautiful location to enjoy the Italian sun by the sea to the fullest. But this place, which is not yet overcrowded with tourists, is also particularly suitable as a starting point for beautiful day trips.

Polignano A Mare, old town
The old town of Polignano a Mare with great restaurants, Image: Tupungato / shutterstock

One thing in advance: If you are longing for two weeks of pure beach holidays and relaxing hours on the sandy beach, you will find what you are looking for in this area of Italy , but there are certainly more suitable places for this. We visited a total of four beaches during our one-week stay at the beginning of September.

Beaches near Polignano a Mare:


We spent a beautiful day on the private sandy beach Lido San Francesco alla Rena. Two loungers including parasols were available for 15 euros, which is relatively cheap compared to other private beaches. Because the beach is not heaped up, the children were able to collect shells all day long. There is a wide range of changing rooms as well as a large beach bar with reasonable prices. Nearby there is a parking lot at the Bari Creattiva – Fiera Nazionale delle arti creative manuali exhibition center, which can be used for three euros / day (32 Via Giuseppe Verdi).

Polignano a Mare – Lama Monachile

Polignano a Mare, Lama Monachile
The Lama Monachile, Image: Michal Chmurski / shutterstock

When you search for Polignano a Mare on the Internet, the first thing that catches your eye is the motif of this beach. Between the rocks of the city lies this stone beach with crystal clear water. Photos and selfies are taken here until late into the night in front of this impressive panorama. Both down by the sea and up on the viewing platforms there is a lot of hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, the popularity of this location is also reflected in the bottles and broken glass lying around. Thus, from my point of view, this stand is more suitable for entertaining lingering than for a disused bathing day

Polignano a Mare – Cala Fetente

If you like it a little quieter, you will get your money’s worth on this small sandy beach. Most of the beach is equipped with sunbeds and parasols – and therefore subject to a fee. However, there are free lounging zones to the left and right of it where you can make yourself comfortable. At the cozy little beach bar you are served by young people, who – so it seems – are also responsible for the management of the beach. The only point of criticism: After a few days in Italy, you get used to the delicious and cheap cappuccino – unfortunately it is a little small at this beach bar.

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Monopoli – Lido Cala Paradiso

A beautiful private beach surrounded by rocks in Monopoli, the neighboring municipality of Polignano a Mare. We paid a total of 20 euros for two sunbeds and parasol. However, the actual price on the sign was 25 euros. However, this does not seem to be taken so seriously. The beach is divided into several sunbathing areas. There are also loungers on a rocky plateau above the sandy beach. The water here is particularly suitable for small children, as you can still stand very far in the water. The offer is rounded off with a nice little bar, which also offers hot food and a foosball table for the little visitors. Parking spaces are sufficient and free of charge in front of the entrance.

How to get to Puglia:

It is generally possible to travel to Puglia by car. However, due to the long journey, a flight to Bari or Brindisi is recommended. If you are staying in Polignano a Mare, however, Bari Airport is a good choice due to its proximity (30 KM). Lufthansa offers direct flights from Frankfurt from 149 euros.

Hired car:

All major providers are represented at the airport in Bari. Among others, Sixt, Avis, Europcar and Hertz.

Shopping in Polignano a Mare:

With the supermarkets, you quickly realize that the region is not yet particularly developed for tourism. Two larger supermarkets are available for self-catering. However, these are only accessible by car if you stay in one of the hotels and holiday accommodations on the beaches just outside the city.

Lidl in Mola di Bari (travel time approx. 12-15 minutes), Viale Unità D’Italia, 7, 70042 Mola di Bari BA
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Sundays 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Supermercati Csette+7 , CSETTE+7 Supermercati, Viale Unità d’Italia, 70044 Polignano a Mare BA, Italy
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Sundays 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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The situation is different with the smaller shops in the city centre. Here you can easily find smaller gifts for those at home and fine Italian specialties to take the holiday home with you.

Restaurants & Bars

During an evening walk in search of a suitable restaurant, you will notice that the food on offer of the restaurants is almost always similar.

  • A large selection of pizza is on the menu at almost every locality. In addition, there is usually a selection of two to three edible fish and grilled squid.
  • Side dishes (salad, grilled vegetables, fried potatoes) cost almost everywhere 4 euros / side dish.
  • In addition, there is the usual table fee in Italy, which is between 2 and 3 euros in Polignano a Mare.

Restaurant tip in Polignano a Mare:

Il Grottino – Via Roma, 57, 70044 Polignano A Mare
In this casual, cozy restaurant we went out to eat twice: The reason: You just feel welcome. The waiting time is shortened with bread, nibbles and small snacks. And even with small children you get the feeling of being a welcome guest. However, you should not go too late: From about 8.30 p.m. the outdoor seats are occupied.

Attractions Puglia / Polignano a Mare:


Alberobello – The Trulli Capital, Image: thegrimfandango / shutterstock

If you are traveling in the province of Bari, you should definitely visit the trulli village of Alberobello . If you don’t have a navigation device in your rental car, the signs on the SS16 expressway will guide you to the Unesco World Heritage Site.

The city center of Alberobello consists entirely of the small houses with the “pointed hats”. It’s just fun to stroll through the streets for two hours and see enthusiastic children whistling happily on the flutes, which can be purchased everywhere (for less than three euros).


Eight kilometres from the Adriatic coast, Ostuni presents itself to its visitors all in white. Even from afar, the city on a hill catches the eye, whose old town is very picturesque due to the exclusively whitewashed houses.

Ostuni promises a relaxing holiday, because the dreamlike small town in the Apulia region is a real gem. The unique old town represents the magical originality of Italy, which is worth enjoying.

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte, Image: canadastock / shutterstock

Visible from afar, like the crown of a wall, Castel del Monte rests on a hill. In the immense plain of Puglia, the castle declares itself to be a dominant landmark. The people call it the “Belvedere” or the “Balcony of Puglia”. The name “Stone Crown of Puglia” is more appropriate. The Hohenstaufen Castle was built in 1240 under Frederick II as a hunting lodge. The floor plan of the castle is octagonal, and it also has octagonal towers. On the upper floor were the imperial apartments.