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Sonnenuntergang auf dem Meadow Lake am Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois, Bild: Mark Baldwin / shutterstock

Illinois – The prairie state with the metropolis of Chicago

The land of Lincoln, that’s what Illinois calls itself on its license plates. In fact, the state in the Midwest of the USA has a lot of history to offer. But beyond that, Illinois is extremely versatile and offers plenty of room for travel experiences.

Illinois – American microcosm

Illinois, Chicago
View of Chicago, Image: marchello74 / shutterstock

The metropolis of Chicago with its sprawling conurbation, sandy beaches on Lake Michigan, dense forests and extensive grain fields: Illinois unites so many different faces within its borders that the state is often referred to as a kind of miniature of the entire country. This also applies to the diverse population, which ensures cultural diversity. Illinois is home to a variety of musical genres as well as its own culinary specialties. These include, for example, variations of dishes brought by immigrants such as Chicago-style pizza. The region’s past as the end point of cattle transports from the west of the country also includes a preference for strong meat dishes and a distinctive barbecue culture.

Cosmopolitan city Chicago

A visit to Chicago, the home of the skyscraper, is of course a must on any tour of Illinois. The impressive skyline around the Willis Tower, once the tallest building in the world, can be explored from the Magnificent Mile. This is the name given to the section of Michigan Avenue where restaurants, fine shops and some of the city’s tallest buildings are concentrated. Just a few blocks away is the historic Navy Pier, a popular hangout with an amusement park, beer garden, and great views of the city and Lake Michigan. Also worth a visit in the “Windy City” are Lincoln Park, which is often compared to New York’s Central Park, and the Museum Campus, located on the shores of the lake, where there are several museums that are well worth seeing. In the surrounding area of the metropolis, it is worth taking a detour to Elgin with its pretty townscape, rich cultural programme and nature reserves in the city area.

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Off the beaten track

For most visitors, their stay in Illinois begins and ends in Chicago, but this means that they miss out on an interesting region of the USA and the chance for many small discoveries. These include, for example, Illinois’ capital Springfield, where you can see Abraham Lincoln’s former home, his grave and a museum dedicated to him, as well as the State Capitol. In the far south of the state lies the Shawnee National Forest, an extensive nature reserve, the highlight of which is the impressive rock formations of the Garden of the Gods.

In western Illinois, the legendary Mississippi River forms the border with the neighboring state of Iowa. This area is home to a number of reservoirs and state parks that are popular destinations for hiking, biking or picnicking. A special feature are the Cahokia Mounds opposite St. Louis. There are a total of almost 70 earth pyramids here, which were built by hand hundreds of years ago by the inhabitants of the city that existed here at that time. Once the largest pre-Columbian city outside of Mexico, the site is now preserved as a World Heritage Site.

Discover Illinois on your own

Illinois, Springfield, Lincoln Statue
The Lincoln Statue in Springfield, Image: Brian S / shutterstock

O’Hare Airport (https://www.airport-ohare.com/) is one of the largest and busiest airports in the entire country in Illinois. Thanks to its central location, the state is easily accessible from all directions. Here, where the famous Route 66 begins, the car still plays the main role in getting around; Illinois can be easily accessed via interstate highways.

If you want to experience nature and history and get to know small-town America , it is best to orient yourself to the south and west of Illinois. In the northeast, the vibrant metropolis of Chicago attracts visitors with an almost endless range of culture and entertainment. Illinois has a continental climate with distinct seasons. Because of the influence of the Great Lakes, there is often more precipitation in the north than in the rest of the state. Especially during the peak season in spring, tornadoes can occur anywhere in Illinois, but in general you can expect a normal, temperate climate here.

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Facts about Illinois

Where is Illinois?

Illinois is a state of the United States and is located in the Midwest.

What is the population of Illinois?

In 2018, the state of Illinois had approximately 12.75 million inhabitants.

What is the capital of Illinois called?

The capital of Illinois is Springfield.

Which is the largest city in Illinois?

Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois.