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Sumpf im Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Bild: Joanne Dale / shutterstock

Georgia – Traditions and Natural Wonders

Actually, Georgia is the classic example of a southern state of the USA. Here, traditions are just as important as the many wonders of nature that the south has to offer. Between Barbecue and the city of Atlanta, the sights of American nature and the sights of the history of that country are concentrated. Georgia is not only the land of hurricanes, but with access to the sea and diverse nature, it offers just the right place for adventure and for a deeper insight into the peculiarities that the south brings with it.

The Land of State Parks and Wildlife Refuges

Telfair Museum, Savannah
The Telfair Museum in Savannah Image: Fotoluminate LLC / shutterstock

Georgia was one of the first states in which settlers settled on the new continent. The pleasant climate in summer and the proximity to the sea have always been important for the people here. But even the first settlers noticed that they had found a country with a very wild nature. Rivers break through the country as well as canyons and swamps. By the way, especially in the warmer seasons you should avoid the latter – the mosquitoes are a plague and were already a plague for the first natives who settled on this land before the Europeans came.

Georgia is associated with a lot of the historical history of the USA . They played a major role in the country’s civil wars, and even during slavery, Georgia was always a link between the North and the South. Similar to Louisiana, for example, many of the cultures of the Native Americans but also of the slaves and the white Europeans met here and resulted in a melting pot that can be experienced in its current form especially in Savannah and Atlanta . Because with all the nature, the state also has one of the most remarkable cities in the USA, which was not allowed to host the Olympics for nothing.

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The changeable and sometimes adventurous nature of Georgia

If you are not in the big American cities, you will mainly look for a little balance in the colorful nature that many of the American southern states have to offer. Between canyons and other steppes, Georgia hides one or the other nature reserve, which has been restricted to car traffic and where nature can develop completely freely. Here it is mainly the tourists and visitors who have a good time on the hiking and cycling trails. A good example of these areas is the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. Its panorama alone is one of the most popular postcard motifs and in its foothills there are not only many hiking trails but above all small lakes, which are especially known for their trout.

How important it is for the state to give nature enough leeway and to protect the animals and plants here can also be seen in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. The area, which is mainly crisscrossed by many small rivers and swamps, is a nature reserve and can only be entered under certain conditions. Here you can discover some of the rutting areas of rare bird species. Other animals have also retreated to this reserve and live here without human interference. In guided tours through the swamp, many an animal can be discovered in its natural habitat.

Whether past the remains of the Indian settlers on the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail or on a long hike through F. D. Roosevelt State Park – Georgia certainly has no shortage of places to break away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and admire the often-sung Georgia landscape. You should take advantage of these offers – but it must be noted that the distances are of course enormous here as well. Although you can’t move freely by car in all state parks, you should have your own vehicle at least for the distance between the different sights. Public transport, as in many parts of the USA, is simply not well developed enough.

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Notable metropolises and historic cities

Atlanta, Georgia
The skyline of Atlanta, Image: f11photo / shutterstock

If you travel to Georgia, you will not be able to avoid a visit to Atlanta. After all, this is one of the most important airports in the USA and for a trip through the States you will inevitably make a stopover here at some point. You should take advantage of this opportunity, because Atlanta is versatile and diverse and offers many great opportunities for excursions. The city’s zoo and aquarium are known throughout the country and are the perfect place for excursions with children. In addition, Atlanta is worthwhile above all because of the culture. Restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines are just as normal as a very active nightlife with theaters and stages where you can immerse yourself in real life in the USA.

If you like it a little less hectic, but with a historical undertone, you should visit Savannah. The city lives mainly from the many historical testimonies and has a huge district with buildings from the Wilhelminian period. Here you can see how people once lived and the city’s museums tell the story of the settlers, the Indians but also the slaves who once ensured the prosperity in these houses before they were freed.