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Blick auf Hartford, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Connecticut – discover diverse nature

As the third smallest state in the USA, it can happen that Connecticut is overlooked a bit. The small state on the East Coast not only has a wonderful proximity to some of the most impressive cities in the USA, but also knows how to score with a long history, a breathtaking coastline and great nature all by itself. With its size, Connecticut can be compared to Schleswig-Holstein and is therefore just right for one or the other excursion if you are on the east coast anyway. Above all, the historical charm plays a special role during the visit and you can immerse yourself deeply in the history of the USA .

The Constitution State – one of the birthplaces of the USA

The coast of Connecticut was one of the first areas where European settlers settled after their journey across the ocean. The fertile land with its immense fishing grounds, the lakes and rivers, all this reminded many of the colonists of their homeland. Especially the fact that all seasons can be experienced here in full intensity makes Connecticut so interesting for many travelers. In winter, the area turns into a wonderful snowy landscape, in autumn dense brown forests beckon, and in summer it is mainly the coasts and beaches that attract the attention of visitors.

As part of the so-called New England, you share a culture with the other states on the East Coast and have a long and historical heritage that can be seen and felt on every corner of the state. In addition, there is an excellent cuisine, which is particularly characterized by hearty dishes and, of course, a comprehensive selection of fish and seafood. Along the coast, an excursion will allow you to discover both fine dining restaurants and small bites in the fishing villages, where you can enjoy the local cuisine and perhaps enjoy the freshest fish ever. Immediately afterwards, the many hiking and cycling trails beckon as a destination for an excursion and, above all, for discovering the state a little more.

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Between coast and backcountry – discover the diverse nature of Connecticut

Harkness Memorial State Park
Harkness Memorial State Park, Image: Susan Marrah Photography / shutterstock

It is quite understandable that the coast is the focus of most holidaymakers. Here you will find not only natural bays, beaches and impressive cliffs, but also the many small villages, some of which can look back on centuries of history. Along the hiking trails you can take the stiff breeze with you and warm up in an inn. But it’s also worth taking a look at the Connecticut hinterland. Where the forests merge into the hills, you can discover historic country houses or climb hiking trails that show more of this colorful state.

The Farmington River Trail and the Farmington River itself are among the must-see destinations when visiting the state. Along the river, the hiking trails lead through forests, through old tobacco fields, past swamps and an untouched landscape that has hardly changed since the arrival of settlers from Europe. Along historic places and some impressive old mansions, you eventually end up in Cove Island Park. This natural testimony is the centerpiece of Connecticut’s parks and forests and is the best place for a picnic or a twisted excursion in nature.

Historical sites to see in a variety of places

The state’s history can be touched and breathed in Connecticut, and there are a variety of places to see. At the top of the list is Yale University. The university’s campus is known around the world, and visitors can work their way through museums or take a guided tour past the old buildings and be told about the history of the state and the history of one of the world’s most venerable universities. The sightseeing itself is already worth the visit to the campus.

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If you want to learn a little more about the time of the first settlers, you should visit the Mystic Seaport Museum. It is a mixture of performance and open-air museum and was built in the style of a historic harbour. Here you can learn more about how people from Europe came to the USA, how the ships worked back then and how trade was built up in these first years of the young nation. All this is accompanied by actors who offer a small performance.

Finally, you should also visit the capital of the state, Hartford. In addition to the old State House, there is also the Mark Twain House, where the famous author spent many years of his life. Hartford also has an interesting nightlife and many restaurants where you can not only try the aforementioned New England cuisine, but also taste one of the many excellent wines from the state. So this is the place for you if you are looking for a little relaxation in Connecticut after a long exploration.