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Punta Cana, eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele der Influencer, Bild: AeroPictures / shutterstock

These are the influencers’ favorite destinations

With the summer holidays just around the corner and temperatures rising across the country, many of us are planning our holidays in full swing. But where should the journey go? Here we can all be inspired by our favorite influencers, who seem to discover the world permanently. Today we make it our business to bring you closer to a few of the influencer hotspots. With a bit of luck, you can also meet one or the other influencer on your trip or maybe even boost your own Instagram account with interesting stories and pictures.


The capital of Hungary is not only impressive for its famous thermal baths, some of which were built as early as the 16th century. The Jewish quarter, the Buda Castle and the breathtaking parliament building rightly attract numerous tourists every year. Especially when the sun sets in Budapest’s west, everyone gets their money’s worth in the metropolis. Budapest boasts excellent restaurants, bars and a huge party scene. And all this at a low price! So it’s no wonder that the venerable city captivates many tourists and influencers, especially in summer.


Temple of Hercules, Amman
The Temple of Hercules in Amman, Image: Maurizio De Mattei / shutterstock

Known as one of the most liberal and western cities in the Orient, Amman is still more of an insider tip, but very popular among connoisseurs and influencers. With temperatures averaging 30 degrees in the summer months, Amman is the perfect destination. In addition to an urban mixture of Arab and Western culture, the city has a lot to offer with the citadel, the Roman theater and numerous museums. The metropolis has wonderfully managed to combine Arab-Islamic culture with the modern age. That’s why Amman is one of the best insider tips in our opinion.

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Punta Cana

The Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, the blue sea. These words describe Punta Cana for what it is, a paradise! But what exactly does Punta Cana offer influencers and mere mortals besides the blue waters? This, of course, goes hand in hand with the white sandy beaches and palm trees. Who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins in the “Dolphin Island Park”, or of course visit one of the local attractions? Whether as a single, as a couple or with friends, Punta Cana is a paradise destination for every vacationer. Everyone gets their money’s worth here. What attracts so many influencers to Punta Cana is also the uncomplicated entry with direct flights from Germany, the visa not required, as well as the communication with the locals, as almost everyone here speaks English.


As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Marrakech is a must-see for culture-loving travelers. Enclosed by mighty city walls, you will find a large number of city gardens, street markets and of course the old ruins of the El-Badi Palace in the royal city in addition to the protected old town. After a day full of cultural impressions, there is no way around a round of poker at the breathtaking Casino de Marrakech. In the casino, built in 1952, the evening can end with cold drinks and, with a bit of luck, a win at the blackjack table. If you’ve been bitten by casino fever after your stay, you can check out the latest games online at Platinplay Casino , no matter where you are in the world!


Mykonos Port, Cyclades
A view of the port of Mykonos, Image: Pawel Kazmierczak / shutterstock

It is no coincidence that there are many influencers on Mykonos. As early as the 60s, the island attracted many prominent guests. But Mykonos doesn’t just impress with its famous parties and various shopping opportunities: beautiful architecture and breathtaking landscapes round off the perfect experience. Since the island is more known as a destination for higher earners, there is a relatively high chance that you will run into one of your favorite influencers.

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As you can see, there are also some great destinations that may not be too well known yet. Of course, there are countless other destinations that influencers bring us closer to on social media channels. Have we already been able to awaken the spirit of discovery in you?