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Unterwegs mit dem Wohnmobil, Bild: Andrey Armyagov / shutterstock

With the motorhome on a long tour: eight tips for your first road trip

Are you planning a nice holiday with a motorhome? Have you already bought or rented a motorhome, planned your route, filled your fresh water tank and loaded your car? Especially when you are planning your first road trip, there are a few things to consider. What should you do to ensure that your first camper trip does not turn into a disappointment and brings many positive experiences. In our article, we give you eight motorhome tips for beginners on their first road trip.

Plan your route correctly

Especially if you are planning your first trip with the motorhome, it is important to understand that it cannot go as planned. Don’t travel alone, remember that you will regularly take turns with another driver during the journey. It is also best not to plan too long daily stages and avoid night driving.

Think in advance about the suitable campsites and emptying of the holding tanks in case you drive with a toilet in the motorhome. Yes, all the details are important. In addition, not all campsites are equally equipped: some only offer sanitary facilities, while others are close to shops, pharmacies, hotels and restaurants. There are even campsites that are not far from concert halls and casinos. You may want to go to a casino during your trip instead of Slot Games virtually? When choosing a campsite, individual ideas and needs play a major role. It is also best to book campsites in advance.

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An all-round check is always worthwhile

Check your motorhome before your trip: the most important things are the tyres and air pressure, the condition of the on-board battery, the water tank and the level of the gas bottles. Is the power cable disconnected and are all storage compartment flaps closed?

Drive right

Proper driving is not only safe, but also saves fuel costs. The longer you drive in a high gear, the lower the fuel consumption of your motorhome. Ride uphill and downhill like this so that you can get the most out of the momentum. And drive as evenly as possible. In addition, don’t forget that all passengers in the motorhome must always wear a seatbelt. This even applies to children and dogs. It is forbidden to lie down in the camper bed during the journey.

Pack everything correctly

Motorhome rolls, so everything has to be well stowed in the motorhome. Buy different storage systems so that they don’t fall off the shelves while driving. Objects that can fly around while driving, not only distract the driver, but also become really dangerous. Load your vehicle in this way so as not to interfere with the centre of gravity of the motorhome. Light objects are allowed in the top of the cabinets and heavy objects should ideally be at the bottom near the axle.

Never blindly trust navigation systems

This mistake is often made by camping beginners. Of course, you should use electronic navigation systems when planning your route, but it is worth always having an “analogue” simple map at hand. They should be able to follow a route parallel to the navigation system on a map and, ideally, have a certain idea of a route before the trip.

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Don’t get unsociable at the campsites

Utensils Camping
When camping, you need important utensils, Image: Iam_Anupong / shutterstock

Especially those who already have experience with motorhome travel know it: you can often make nice acquaintances and meet new interesting people at campsites and pitches. Especially if you don’t think about wild camping (besides, it is generally forbidden in Germany except for one night) and want to stop at campsites, it is an important tip. Perhaps you will meet like-minded people at the campsite with whom you will take your second camper trip.

If possible, switch to the low season

If it’s not so principled for you, a road trip in the off-season can usually be pretty cheap. In addition, the campsites are not fully booked in the low season.

Observe traffic regulations and regulations of the country

This point is especially important if you are planning your trip outside of Germany. Regardless of your destination, however, your driver’s license must be valid and valid in the country where you are traveling. Find out in advance and check whether your motorhome with the certain total weight corresponds to your driver’s license.

And what else do you absolutely have to have for the trip besides a driver’s license? An inspiration! If you enjoy your road trip and are ready to experience foreign countries and cultures or places in Germany anew, your first camper trip should be beautiful and unforgettable.