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Wunderschöne Bucht in der Sporaden-Insel Skopelos, Bild: Ivan Botha / shutterstock

The Sporades island of Skopelos

The Greek Sporades, with the multitude of associated islands, has become a real insider tip among holidaymakers in the country on the Mediterranean. Many of the islands in the region are still hardly developed for tourism compared to Crete or Mykonos and offer a relaxing and adventurous holiday in the sight of largely untouched nature. All the advantages of a holiday in Greece – beautiful beaches, great weather, impressive historical sights and warm people – combine with an almost unchanged insight into the world of Greece proper. This is especially true for the island of Skopelos.

Barely touched island in the northern Sporades

The island gained a certain notoriety through the film “Mamma Mia“, which was filmed here in the mid-2000s and already gave a brief hint of what can be discovered on the island. Many people have fallen in love with the small narrow towns and the beautiful nature of the island, which is just 96 square kilometers in size and yet is one of the most beautiful islands Greece has to offer.

Even on the first visit to the island, the white facades in the capital of the same name are striking, as they are also known from other Greek islands such as Mykonos or Santorini. They can also be found here in the classic Greek style and ensure that the city can be seen from afar from the boat. This is also the common way to come to visit the island. The main town of the island is also the center for visitors and tourists. Here you will find most of the few hotels on the island and especially the area around the harbor attracts with shops and restaurants. Most visitors are drawn to the old town, where some testimonies of the island’s long history can still be found.

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What should you see while visiting Skopelos?

Panormos Beach on Skopelos
Panormos beach on Skopelos, Image: leoks / shutterstock

On the island, nature mixes with the original buildings in a wondrous way and at every corner you can feel how long the history of the island goes back. One of the most beautiful places is Alonnisos. The small coastal town not only attracts with its authentic cuisine in the tavernas, but also has some of the historic buildings in the middle of the city center, where they merge directly into the new buildings with the white facades. From the main town you can be in the village within an hour, which makes it a perfect destination.

The real sights of the island, however, are of course found in nature. Unlike many other popular places in Greece, Skopelos has hardly changed over time. The few hotels, holiday homes and tourist facilities on the island have been built mainly in the main town. The actual nature of the island is therefore almost untouched and offers a great insight into the original wilderness of the region and the unique flora and fauna that can only be found on the Mediterranean islands of Greece and Turkey .

Especially in the heart of the island you can find some of the most beautiful forests that can be found on the Greek islands. It is not uncommon for guided tours to set off from the main towns into the untouched nature and show visitors how people once lived here on the island and what special features nature still has to offer on the island. This often includes a visit to Agios Ioannis sto Kastri. The church, which is particularly famous from the aforementioned film, was built on a rock right on the coast and offers an excellent motif for photos and memories of visiting the island.

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View of Panagitsa Tou Pirgou Church
View of the church Panagitsa Tou Pirgou , Image: Tomasz Czajkowski / shutterstock

The real highlight of the island, however, are of course the many beaches. After a long walk across the island, the Mediterranean temperatures simply invite you to lie down on the beach, watch the waves play and cool off in the Mediterranean. There are a variety of beaches around the island, with Agios Ioannis Beach and Hovolo Beach definitely being among the best tips. Here, the ambience of the island almost seems a bit Caribbean and there are the best conditions for one or the other swimming and diving lesson on the island.

Enjoy the simple life on the island of Skopelos

Of course, Greece is more than white beaches and unspoiled landscapes, more than beautiful cities and great weather. It is mainly the people, the culture and the food that make many people decide to go on holiday in Greece. This culture can also be found in the various places on the island. Local festivals give you an insight into the life of the people on the island and especially the taverns are well filled in the evening. It is not uncommon to meet the locals here, who enjoy good and fresh fish or seasonal salads in the evening. In any case, you should take the time to explore the island from this side as well. Leaving the hotel and stopping off at one of the quaint tavernas in the evening is a good way to see a little more of the island.