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Blick auf das Meer in der erstaunlichen bunten Stadt Rogoznica, Bild: xbrchx / shutterstock

The best tips for a sailing holiday in Croatia

With a stunning coastline, crystal clear waters and over a thousand
islands, a sailing holiday in Croatia is a dream. A sailing tour in Croatia is perfect, to explore the beauty of the country from the sea, with the feeling of French Riviera half a century ago. Even in high season, when Since the weather conditions are idyllic, you can still find quiet anchorages on a sailing holiday in Croatia.

To make travel planning easier, we have put together a short guide to sailing holidays in Croatia and the best insider tips in Croatia.

Sailing holidays in Croatia: the most beautiful and popular places

Croatia has over 1,000 islands and an impressive coastal landscape. It’s no wonder that every year more and more visitors choose to travel to Croatia, charter a yacht and enjoy a sailing experience, but with so many options, where to go?

The second largest city in the country, Split, is an ideal starting point for a yacht tour. Some of the most popular and well-known islands, Hvar, Brac and Korcula, are just a short day trip away. These are just a few of the countless places for a sailing holiday in Croatia:

Šešula Bay

Šešula Bay in Solta is known for its picturesque atmosphere and is an ideal place to
to stay in a quiet environment during your sailing holiday in Croatia and to explore Croatia
to explore.

From here you can take a walk to the nearby historic town of Maslinica
or you can simply relax on board overlooking the tranquil bay and
you might swim in the calm, turquoise water.


Vis in Croatia
Picturesque island of Vis by the water, Image: mislaw / shutterstock

Vis was closed to the public as a military base for 40 years, which meant that the island is sparsely built up and there is a lot of untouched nature. A day sailing and arriving in Vis in the late afternoon is a fantastic way to explore Croatia. There is spectacular nature and an interesting history here.

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Stari Grad

The picturesque Stari Grad is Hvar’s oldest settlement. The city is full of historical
shops, shops and museums, while shopping, cycling and excursions to the
UNESCO-listed fields are very close by. Many who travel by boat
just buy a bottle of wine at a small wine shop to explore the surrounding area.
before eating at one of the many excellent restaurants. The city quay
is the second largest in Croatia and there are also some piers for buoys here.

Korčula Town

Korcula town and marina with sailboats, Image: Dreamer4787 / shutterstock

A stunning stop on your sailing charter is Korcula. This is a beautiful little island with forests, sandy beaches, olive groves and vineyards.
The walled town of Korcula looks like it came straight out of a storybook, complete with gates, towers, and fortress walls. It is often referred to as
Mini-Dubrovnik” and is considered the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo.

More tips for the perfect sailing trip in Croatia

Most travelers already have an idea of what type of boat they are looking for (size, cabins, equipment). Think about what your crew’s needs are, how many bathrooms you want the boat to have, what type of mainsail you prefer, and whether you’ll need air conditioning or a generator if you plan to avoid harbors and be anchored most of the time. It is also very important to make a plan of what you want to take with you for your sailing holiday.

The cost of a yacht charter in Croatia depends on various factors.

Motorboats are usually more expensive than sailboats or catamarans. The larger a sailing yacht is and the more crew it has, the more expensive it becomes. Newer yachts are also more expensive than older or classic yachts. Our older, classic boats are serviced and fully inspected every year and they belong to the Economy Line, which is a great choice for a lower budget. Catamarans are also quite an expensive charter option due to their comfort.

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The 3 best insider tips for a sailing holiday in Croatia

St. Clement

The island of St. Clement, also known as Veli Otok (Big Island), is the largest of the famous Pakleni archipelago located off the coast of Hvar . The quiet Paklenis are
known for its stunning beaches and peaceful surroundings. In St. Clement
you’ll find a wonderful little harbor with waterfront restaurants and a marina, as well as a famous 15th century chapel. While in St.
Clement has no berths, you will find in the beautifully secluded bays of the
Pakleni Islands.


The island of Lavsa is an uninhabited island and certainly one of Croatia’s hidden gems in the Kornati National Park, known as the “crown of Croatian islands”. You’ll need a ticket (it’s best to buy a day or more in advance, online or through travel agencies) to enter and enjoy the protected park and its marine life.


The small resort of Rogoznica is another Croatia insider tip. It is located in a deep, sheltered bay and has a long history as a fishing village. Rogoznica is located on a
Connected to the mainland by a bridge, the small island has a waterfront promenade lined with restaurants, bars and shops, especially at sunset.
offer a picturesque view of the bay.

Whether you prefer a vacation in Croatia or it is worth sailing in Germany ,
you will learn in the article.

Frequently asked questions about sailing in Croatia: tips & tricks

How do I choose the boat?

To choose the right boat for a sailing holiday in Croatia, you need to consider several important things. First and foremost is the type of boat. As for the type of boat
When it comes to sailing, you can choose between sailboats and motorboats, and there are some significant differences between them. Seaworthiness, speed, fuel consumption and charter price are the most important factors.

When choosing a boat, don’t forget about the principles of sustainable travel.

How much do the berths and buoys cost?

A typical Croatian port offers moorings, water and electricity for €4 per metre
Boat length. The most popular places e.g. Hvar Town, Milna on Brac demand more. Buoys
usually cost half or two-thirds of that amount, depending on the location and popularity.

How long does it take to sail from Split to Dubrovnik?

A one-way sailing trip from Split to Dubrovnik usually takes 7 days with many
Stops on the beautiful islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korčula and Mljet.