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Kroatien bietet traumhafte Plätze zum Schnorcheln, Bild: Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock

Wreck diving in Croatia: discovering the deepest secrets of the Adriatic

During a sailing holiday, snorkelling is probably the most obvious activity. Luckily, there are fantastic places where you can stay in the crystal clear, turquoise Croatian sea and have a fantastic snorkeling experience.

A popular destination for yacht enthusiasts, Croatia boasts a magnificent coastline and deep nautical heritage. The country has a variety of fascinating shipwrecks that can be explored directly from the surface or dived with advanced snorkeling techniques. Croatia also hides wonderful villas on the coast, which are surrounded by
and which are perfect for a luxurious holiday between the sails.

Where to find the best wrecks in Croatia?

In the waters of Croatia’s Mediterranean Sea lie numerous shallow wrecks that offer a captivating insight into different periods of history. From ancient Roman wrecks that survived over 2000 years to ships that sank during World War II, each wreck has been well preserved.

As you explore Croatia’s coastal waters, you’ll come across some of the most incredible snorkeling spots, where these shipwrecks have been transformed into fascinating underwater museums.

Wreck diving in Istria

Apart from the
modern villas in Croatia
, i.e. on the Adriatic coast, Istria has a lot to offer even below sea level. The underwater world of Istria is home to rich wildlife that thrives around the colorful reefs. Wrecks of sunken ships lie dormant in this beautiful world.

Istria is the Croatian region with the highest number of wrecks. This is largely due to the large number of ships that were sunk by mines during World War I and World War II. Some of these wrecks have a very dramatic history, such as the
Baron Gautsch
, who had civilians on board when she hit a mine, or the hospital ship Tübingen, which was attacked even though international law prohibited it.

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Getting to know wrecks also gives you insight into certain parts of history that are less well known. While diving, you can also admire a wonderful variety of fish, as the wrecks in Croatia act as artificial reefs and are therefore home to animals such as echinoderms, crabs, lobsters and even large fish such as tuna.