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Bild: Kite_rin / shutterstock

The 5 most beautiful places to visit in Menorca

Mallorca’s sister island has a lot to offer. Below you will find our list of the most beautiful sights of Menorca.

Menorca’s capital Mahón

Menorca, Mahón / Maó
Mahón / Maó, Image: Karol Kozlowski / shutterstock

You don’t have to look far for sightseeing spots on the Spanish island of Menorca . The capital Mahón in the east, also known as Maó, has a rich history and many attractions to offer.

If you arrive in the city by sea, you will pass through the second largest natural harbour in the world. Over a length of almost six kilometers, ships have been sheltered from the weather and attackers for several hundred years.

Another landmark is the church of Santa Maria in the middle of the city. Here is a famous organ by the Swiss Johann Kyburz from the early 19th century. Historical paintings and archaeological finds can be admired in the Museo de Menorca. This is located in the more than 500-year-old monastery of Sant Francesc – in the immediate vicinity of the old town with its winding alleys.

Historical excavation sites

Archaeological excavations can be discovered not only in the museum, but also scattered throughout the island. Among the sites, the Talayotic settlement of Torre d’en Galmés – one of the largest in the Balearic Islands – and the Talati de Dalt are particularly well known. The latter is located a few kilometers from Mahón and is considered to be extremely well preserved. It is said to have been built as early as 400 to 200 BC. Here you can still admire the huge stones, whose arrangement is reminiscent of the British Stonehenge .

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Idyllic old town alleys in Ciutadella

Ciutadella de Menorca
Ciutadella de Menorca, Image: tuulijumala / shutterstock

Ciutadella, located in the west of the island, was the capital of Menorca until the 18th century. Here, the Plaça des Born square and the town hall there form the centre of everyday life. A white obelisk in the middle of it is intended to commemorate a raid in the 16th century. The square is surrounded by noble palaces, fortresses and many small alleys where you can find bars, restaurants and boutiques.

An extraordinary building in the Gothic style is the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Menorca. An interesting fact is that it was built from the minaret of the main mosque at the time. This can still be seen today in the tower chapel or the bell tower.
Other sights in Ciutadella are the Bishop’s Palace, as well as the monastery church Església des Socors, which is considered the most beautiful Renaissance church on the island.
Relaxation can be found in the quiet courtyard of the Augustinian monastery in the south of the old town.

The sacred mountain of Monte Toro

Monte Toro
Monte Toro, Image: gNesher / shutterstock

For all those who want to do sports during their holiday, an ascent of Monte Toro is a good idea. With its 357 meters, it is also suitable for the less fit and rewards hikers on their way with impressive viewpoints. In good weather, the neighboring island of Mallorca can be seen. It is faster to reach the summit by car. Once at the top, visitors can expect a statue of Christ from 1949, as well as a pilgrimage church and a monastery from the Middle Ages.

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Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana
Cala Galdana, Image: Pawel Kazmierczak / shutterstock

If you want to relax from the many cultural impressions of Menorca, you will find the right opportunity to do so in the bay of Cala Galdana on the south coast of the island. Surrounded by protective coastal rocks, an approximately 500-metre-long, golden-yellow sandy beach awaits visitors. The clear, turquoise waters are great for snorkeling or relaxing in one of the sun loungers available for rent. The seven-kilometre-long Barranc d’Algendar gorge also ends at the shell-shaped beach. Over the years, an impressive variety of plants and animals has developed here.