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Fluß am Königsweg in Schweden, Bild: Viktorishy / shutterstock

Sweden, the Nordic beauty – alluring and endearing

Paradisiacal beaches, magnificent courtyards, rocks, bays and wondrous gardens paired with the famous Astrid Lindgren charm: Sweden offers fantastic views. Cosy wooden houses with their fresh colours set cheerful accents in a largely lonely landscape. Natural spectacle or opera, museum or dreamy hinterland, lively city life or soothing time-out – there is something for everyone in the land of the Northern Lights and the midnight sun.

Between the urban south and the rugged north, Sweden leaves nothing to be desired. The country is a paradise for cyclists, anglers and hikers. Water sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed any more than snowboarders or friends of exciting dog sledding. No wonder that most Swedish vacationers plunge into outdoor activities. The most popular time to travel is in the summer months between June and September and between January and March. While nature lovers enjoy the breathtaking landscape, culture-hungry people conquer the country’s charming cities and linger in shabby cafés. In the warm season, holidaymakers are mainly in the south of the country. The Skane region with the popular holiday resorts of Lund, Ystad and Falsterbo offers great holiday fun. Idyllic lakeside towns, colourful boat harbours and inviting beach cafés create a holiday atmosphere. Meanwhile, Härjedalen’s endless forests or the landscape jewel of Dalarna invite you to take a relaxing break. Anyone who travels to Sweden will soon be roaming in the wonderful rhythm of peace and serenity.

View of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, Image: S-F / shutterstock

Between skerries, coasts and Sweden’s countless lakes, a beach holiday becomes an experience. Southern Sweden in particular attracts with great sandy beaches and fantastically beautiful parkside facilities. The region is undoubtedly the ideal terrain for carefree summer holidays with children. Along the coasts, with the constant change of farmland, sea beach and coastal towns, the whole abundance of this rich region unfolds. In addition, the country’s homely holiday accommodations offer themselves in a wonderful location, individually and with playful details. Towards the north it gets rougher. The almost deserted area of northern Sweden is ideal for all activities in the great outdoors. The experienced vacationer in Sweden has long since discovered his favorite corners.

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In the Swedish heartland you will encounter many witnesses of the past as well as amazingly lively and modern cities. Castle ruins, monasteries, castles, rune stones, pile dwellings and burial grounds – countless highlights reveal themselves in the graceful landscape. Windmills in Öland, archipelago idyll on the Swedish east coast, typical heath landscape of the west coast and last but not least the royal residences. Anyone who travels to Sweden appreciates the Baltic Sea island of Gotland with its charming holiday resorts in the pretty fishing villages. Meanwhile, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö surprise with countless sights. The sightseeing boats in the port of Gothenburg invite you to an eventful tour. Natural spectacle: the sunset at Lake Orsa.

Sweden is also worth a trip in winter, Image: wildlife_nordic / shutterstock

Sweden fulfils a wide variety of holiday wishes with all its facets. If you leave the idylls of the northern Mälar landscape behind, you will head straight for Sweden’s capital – a fascinating city that immediately inspires every visitor. In culinary terms, the motto is: “A crab, a schnapps, a song.” Fresh fish and meat from game are among the typical dishes of Sweden. Soon the path leads through Sweden’s fell region up to the Samis. Whether hikers or water sports enthusiasts, everyone will find their Eldorado here. You can’t get any further north: the rugged north of Sweden is the home of the Sami and reindeer and convinces with an extraordinary charm. Mediterranean light and cheerful, soon Nordic austere and cool – everywhere the visitor is overwhelmed by overwhelming impressions with sometimes fantastic light and colour effects.

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No matter where you look – Sweden is a feel-good country in a fairytale-like world.

Travel information Sweden

Capital Stockholm
Form of government Parliamentary Hereditary Monarchy
Parliamentary democracy
Currency Swedish krona (SEK)
Area 447,435 km²
Population approx. 10,120,242 (2017 est.)
Languages Swedish
Electricity grid 230 volts, 50 Hz
Area code +46
Time zone UTC+1 CET
UTC+2 CEST (March to October)