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Auch im Winter ist Schweden eine Reise wert, Bild: wildlife_nordic / shutterstock

The most beautiful destinations in Sweden

When the sun sends its rays through the foliage of the trees, even the last forest spirits take flight. It is a landscape enchanted by elves and guarded by trolls. We are talking about Sweden and thus about the Scandinavian country that preserves its traditions and where Nordic mythology with its mythical creatures has a firm place in people’s consciousness. Wondrous stories were born in Sweden . That of Nils Holgersson and his “wonderful journey with the wild geese”. Or that of the children from Bullerbü or that of the Pipi Longstocking. Anyone who embarks on a journey through Sweden can look forward to a modern land of fairy tales.

Fulfilled longings for silence

Summer inspires people’s feelings in Sweden, and is preserved in the dark days of winter. In this country, the longings of holidaymakers for silence, security and all facets of uncontaminated nature are fulfilled. In Sweden, the “Sie” in the salutation is reserved for the regents alone. Anyone who spends the most beautiful days of their year here should know that the people there are content with the “Du” and thus bridge all class differences. Off the more than 11,500-kilometer-long coast of Sweden, there are so many islands and islets that no one has bothered to count them.

Sunbathing on the archipelago

Stockholm, Evert Dove Statue
The Evert Dove statue in Stockholm, Image: Popova Valeriya / shutterstock

The water is the invigorating and all-transcending element of this beautiful country. It manifests itself in the form of rushing rivers, romantic streams, tranquil lakes and the cool waters of the Baltic Sea. Wind and waves have polished the rocks and created the archipelago for centuries. On them you can enjoy sunbathing and watching the eternal struggle of the sea with the land. Anglers will find their Eldorado there – even at the gates of the capital Stockholm. Pike, cod and zander are at home in the depths of the ocean – and many of them end up in the evening on the tables of those holidaymakers who have secured a summer house in the countryside or on a deserted island for their stay in Sweden.

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The red birches in the Rapadalen Valley

Sarek National Park
Sarek National Park, Image: Jens Ottoson / shutterstock

Connoisseurs of Sweden’s sights find it difficult to rank these highlights. Because all this is a true paradise on earth. And in all seasons. On Midsummer’s Eve, when the sun never says goodbye, or in winter, when snow can be relied on in the traditional ski resorts of Tärnaby-Hemavan or Sälen, even after climate change. When the flames blaze in the chimneys and more than three hundred lifts are in operation on the slopes of the fell. The north of Sweden is wild with its Sarek National Park, where the Rapaätno River makes its way untamed for 45 kilometres. This region exerts a special fascination in the weeks of autumn, when the birch trees in the Rapadalen Valley blush.

A stroll through Gamla Stan

View of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, Image: S-F / shutterstock

Sweden has an infinite number of faces, but it is not only the cornucopia of nature that inspires visitors to this country. Some also take a liking to the beautiful and old cities. A stroll through the cobblestoned secluded alleys of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town peninsula, is not only an experience because of the restaurants and shops. At Albert & Jacks, a café in the neighbourhood of the posh district of Ostermalm, you should try the cinnamon rolls and watch the changing of the guard in front of the defiant royal castle with its 605 rooms. This is the original cell of Stockholm with Storkyrkan Cathedral, where Crown Princess Victoria married her prince. From the bell tower of the Tyska Kyrkan, the “German Church”, the chorales “Lobet den Herren” and “Nun danket alle Gott” will be heard four times a day.

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Gothenburg – A boulevard and an amusement park

View of the historic center of Gothenburg, Image: Leonid Andronov / shutterstock

For many holidaymakers, Gothenburg is something like the entrance portal to Sweden. The maritime present has shaped this lively city. It prides itself on its traditional cosmopolitanism, with a large harbour and the many canals that wind through Gothenburg, somewhat reminiscent of Amsterdam’s canals. Kungsportsavenyn is the name of the magnificent boulevard, which is exactly 840 meters long in the center and lined with numerous bars and boutiques. The Liseberg amusement park has earned a reputation as a tourist attraction decades ago. It is surrounded by well-kept gardens and delights young and old with carousels that remind us of distant times with their historic outfit. In Gothenburg, we also recommend a visit to the art museum on Götaplatsen, where the legacies of numerous Scandinavian painters such as Edvard Munch are exhibited.

Jönköping – The home of matches

The oldest city in Sweden is located on the southern shore of Lake Vättern. From Jönköping, the sulphur woods began their triumphal march around the world. In 1850, a certain Johan Edvard Lunström invented the matches that founded the prosperity of the city. If you want to learn more about it, you should go to the Match Museum. Not far from Jönköping is the small town of Gränna, where the candy canes, popular with children, were invented. Karlsborg is located on the busy Göta Canal with its fortress that dominates the cityscape. A defensive structure that is one of the largest structures on the continent. In the event of war, the crown jewels were to be stored here. Only in the hours of Midsummer’s Eve does the province of Dalarna lose its otherwise proverbial calm. Mora is one of the charming places on Lake Siljan. There is a large Viking burial ground and a huge outdoor enclosure where bears live with wolves and lynxes in natural conditions.