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Portland Head Light, Bild: Sean Pavone /is shutterstock

Maine: an exciting American destination with a variety of sights

If you dream of a vacation in the United States, you will inevitably stumble across Maine during your research. After all, this state not only brings a real nutritional value for every vacationer due to its varied landscape; even apart from flora and fauna, Maine can offer various cultural enrichments.

Location and landscape

Maine Map
Graphic: Karin Kantso / shutterstock

The state of Maine is the easternmost state of the so-called Continental States and is located on the Atlantic Ocean. While the landscape around the coast of the sea is lined with rocky cliffs and beaches, there is a large forest area inland; the largest in the USA. This vast forest cover, which consists mostly of pine trees, gives the state its domestic nickname: “Pine Tree State” (to German: pine state). Climatically, Maine is rather temperate due to its proximity to the coast, but can also serve with warmer summers.

The fact that the landscape is so heavily forested plays into the hands of holidaymakers who want to explore the state either on foot or by bike. There are various designated hiking trails, of course there are also several trails apart from them.

If you like it a little quieter and more secluded, you will feel at home in the “Acadia National Park“, the state’s national park. The park is located on the coast and has a unique rocky landscape. In addition, guided tours take place within the area, giving visitors the opportunity to get to know both the landscape and the history of the park better.

If you love the water more than the forest, you are not wrong in Maine. Although the Atlantic does not always offer bathing-friendly temperatures, the countless lakes can offer unlimited substitutes. If you don’t want to swim, but want to fish, you can look forward to appropriate shops in and around each lake. However, the regional differences in fishing regulations, similar to those in Germany, must be taken into account.

Culture and leisure

Anyone who thinks that there is no other cultural pleasure in this natural paradise will be surprised. Maine has always been an inspiration for various painters and writers. Along with this, there are several smaller and larger galleries throughout the state that are always worth a visit. If you have the time or take it and drive through the smaller villages and towns, you should take a short break and stop at one of the farmers’ markets. In addition to culinary delights, there are various crafts to marvel at. It is not for nothing that “Made in Maine” is a supra-regional quality mark.

Portland, USA
Portland in the evenings, Image: TayHamPhotography / shutterstock

But Maine can also score culturally away from galleries and farmers’ markets. Many museums and exhibitions are spread over the entire area. In addition to the “typical” museums, there are also exotic ones such as “The Cole Land Transportation Museum“. In this museum, the hearts of lovers will beat faster. From old vintage cars, locomotives to army vehicles, all conceivable means of transport are represented.

However, lovers of fiction will not miss out either. In Bangor, a city in the state, stands Stephen King’s house. It is an imposing building from the 19th century, which of course cannot be visited, but could be worth a photo for fans of the writer.

If you want to see these beautiful Victorian-style buildings not only from the outside, but also from the inside, you are in good hands in “Old Port”, the capital of Portland . The historic quarter contains well-preserved and elaborately restored buildings from the Victorian era, some of which have been converted into museums and are therefore accessible. In many other buildings, however, you are also welcome as a customer, after all, countless bars, restaurants and boutiques are lined up in the brick buildings.

At the latest when you are already in “Old Port”, you should not miss the opportunity to visit a port in Maine. The idyllic harbours are reminiscent of a bygone era and invite you to take long walks. Boat tours are also offered.


After all the either sporting or spiritual activities, you can get a certain feeling of hunger. What luck that this is another specialty of the state. In addition to its pioneering position in “craft beer” production, the locals have also discovered “craft spirits” for themselves. In addition to alcoholic beverages with rather unusual ingredients, a vodka made from regional potatoes, for example, is one of the top spirits of its guild. If you want to see this spectacle for yourself or take part in an in-house tasting, you will find what you are looking for in the “Allagash Brewery“.

In addition to alcoholic delights, Maine can of course come up with its famous “Sea-Foods”. Due to the many local fishermen, you can be sure of the freshness of the catch. Whether lobster, “lobster rolls” or regional fish specialties, Maine is all about the inhabitants of the Atlantic. Various bars, dinners and restaurants near the respective coast invite you to sit and eat.


If you are looking for a varied holiday in nature and don’t want to miss out on culture, the state of Maine is the right choice. Whether it’s a museum visit or a mountain bike tour, Maine offers a variety of possibilities.