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Great Basin Nationalpark, Bild: Kris Wiktor / shutterstock

Nevada – Canyons & Las Vegas

Nevada is the land of canyons and the American gambling and entertainment industry, that much is certain. If you venture into this American state, you should bring a good dose of adventurousness, because from the adventurous northwest of the state to the desert metropolis of Las Vegas, there is an almost endless number of experiences to discover, explore and conquer in Nevada. Whether you prefer to roam the vast expanses of nature or participate in the cultural life of the insanely diverse state, such as music and art festivals, Nevada’s culture and landscapes are perfect for cowboys, visionaries, dreamers, and those who want to become one. If you want to leave everyday life behind, Nevada is the right place for you.

Nevada Road Trips

Lake Lahontan, Nevada
Lake Lahontan, Image: Dominic Gentilcore PhD / shutterstock

If you want to explore Nevada, the best way to do it is in the form of a road trip. Known as the loneliest road in the country, drive through breathtaking mountain ranges on U.S. Highway 50 and enjoy spectacular views, such as Great Basin National Park. Don’t forget to stop at historic mining towns and the ruins of Fort Churchill. Discover the unique vibes of Lake Lahontan, Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake. On the way to Las Vegas, take U.S. Highway 95 South and spend the night in Tonopah, which is known for having the darkest night sky (and therefore the most starry sky) in the country, because there is hardly any light pollution here. For classic roadside photo opportunities, head to the International Car Forest in Goldfield and Rhyolite, just outside Beatty. If you’re looking for an adventure from another planet, take a detour to State Route 375 and visit the Little A’Le’Inn, where all interstellar and extrastellar creatures are welcome…

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Nevada, cowboy culture and pioneer adventure

Old Western hospitality has become second nature to the residents of Elko, home of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the J.M. Capriola Co. Visit the California Trail California Trail Interpretive Center and learn about the hardships of the pioneers. Take a free guided tour of a gold mine in the area or a drive to Lamoille Canyon where you can fish, climb, and mountain bike. If that’s not enough for you and you’re looking for the ultimate thrill, there’s the option of booking a heli-skiing tour in the Ruby Mountains. But for this you have to be very good on skis. For more nostalgic Old West experiences, don’t forget to visit Virginia City, known as the home of the Comstock Lode and one of the largest mining camps west of Denver.

Breathtaking natural beauty in Nevada

Nevada is the most mountainous state in the United States. So, before you indulge in the flashing and glittering lights of Las Vegas and immerse yourself in the nightlife, you should first explore the attractions in nature. Visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for hiking, biking, and mountaineering (and then enjoy some much-needed treatment at one of Las Vegas’ fabulous spas). There are incredible sandstone formations in Valley of Fire State Park, ziplines in Boulder City, and year-round golf courses in this part of Nevada. Head to Laughlin in the Colorado River Valley and discover a variety of outdoor activities from there, including rafting and horseback riding.

Spectacular Cities in Nevada

Las Vegas, The Strip
THE STRIP at night, Image: Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB / shutterstock

After a visit to Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in the country, head to Carson City, a border town on the edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Wilderness lovers and mountain bikers can take on the challenge of the Flume Trails, which date back to the 1850s. Nearby, you can visit the Stewart Indian School to learn more about Native Americans and their traditions. Next, head to Reno, known as the “largest small town in the world,” for daytime rafting on the Truckee River. Discover the culinary delights that Midtown has to offer, then head downtown for exciting nightlife. Last but not least, stop in Las Vegas and book yourself into one of the famous casino hotels. Take a stroll along the fabulous Strip, with its historic casinos, sprawling hotels, glittering billboards, and dancing fountains, to get a taste of the stunning city of Las Vegas before boarding your flight home.