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Die griechische Insel Naxos bietet traumhafte Orte und malerische Strände, Bild: Alessandro Carnevale / shutterstock

Holidays in Greece – a few tips for tourists

Because of the warm climate, beautiful beaches and history, tourists are very happy to choose cheap flights to Greece. Because this is precisely the place that is the cradle of our civilization. Wonderful architecture from which people drew in the following epochs, the birth of philosophy, the beginning of the Olympic Games or the emergence of the foundations of science are just some of the achievements that we owe to the ancient Greeks. If we also mention the wonderful natural conditions, we get a ready-made reason to book cheap flights to Greece as soon as possible and plan our vacation there.

Why are flights to Greece so popular?

If you are planning a trip to Greece, you should determine the character of your stay in advance. It is good to decide whether you want to focus on the history of the country during the trip or on carefree recreation under sea waves. It is recommended that travelers visit the capital at the beginning. For lovers of the Mediterranean climate, a trip to a Greek island, such as Crete, Zakynthos or Samos , is suggested.

We start to visit Greece – the most important sights in Athens

The bay of Balos on Crete, Image: leoks / shutterstock

The history of the city of Athens dates back about 7000 years. The most important attraction and at the same time a must-see point of any travel program is the Acropolis – the hill that spreads over the city. In the beginning, the Acropolis was supposed to serve a protective function, but over time it became the cultural center of antiquity. This is one of the best preserved temple complexes. The most important temple on the hill is the Parthenon. Symmetrical shape and wonderful architectural decorations created by Phidias give the building lightness and harmony. The Acropolis is also home to the Theatre of Dionysus, the Temple of Nike and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus – a Greek theatre made of stone, kept in good condition. You can also visit the temple of Hephaestus, a rebuilt classical stoa and a park.

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Athens is not just the Acropolis. The second place that is most visited by travelers is the Agora. In the past, this was a gathering place – an equivalent of today’s market. Everyday life, popular assemblies and trade took place here. The square has become famous because of Plato’s dialogues, which made the Agora the place where Socrates asked his philosophical questions.

Before you come to Greece, you should also consider other sights in your travel program. These can be, for example, Hadrian’s Library, Hadrian’s Arch, Olympieion or the oldest district Plaka with its classic buildings and numerous restaurants. Good to know is that admission to the museums in Athens is free on some days. You should keep this in mind when booking cheap flights to Greece .

Greek beaches and other tourist attractions

Athens Parthenon
The Parthenon Temple, Image: anyaivanova / shutterstock

The Greek islands are magical. Zakynthos is considered the most beautiful island. It is part of the Ionian Islands. It is known for azure waters, golden sand, grottos and rampant flora. This is a good direction for water sports enthusiasts and street festival lovers. Great attention should be paid to the island of Samos . It is located in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most beautiful islands in this district. Paradise bays, cliffs and blue sea give the island an immanent magic. In addition, the meadows here bloom with orchids in spring, which gives it a magical character. If the goal of the trip to the Balkans is nature, one should visit one of the islands mentioned above.

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The best time for cheap flights to Greece

The Mediterranean climate is significantly warmer than the climate in the majority of European countries. The best time to travel to Greece is early spring, i.e. between April and June, or autumn, between September and October. Then the weather is usually warm and it does not rain, which is of great importance for the visit. In addition, the plane tickets are cheaper because fewer tourists plan their vacation during this period. Flight tickets to Greece are considerably higher in the summer, when many people choose the Greek islands for the unforgettable and relaxing vacation.

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