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Im Sommer genießen auch viele Hunde die frische Abkühlung eines Seebadegangs., Bild: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / shutterstock

Holiday home holidays with your dog on Lake Constance

Holidays are the most beautiful and relaxing times of the year. But unfortunately, they require a lot of planning in advance. Especially if the beloved four-legged friend is to travel with you, holiday planning can be particularly complicated. Holiday homes where you are allowed to bring your dog are not so easy to find. And it is not always easy to see through the legal provisions.

Here are a few tips on how to turn a holiday on Lake Constance with your dog into a dream holiday. Of course, most of these tips can also be applied to other holiday destinations.

Finding a holiday home – not always so easy with a dog

Finding the optimal holiday home that meets the needs of all family members at the same time is not easy anyway. If the dog is to travel with you, the search is even more difficult.

Many landlords are afraid that dogs could scratch the floor or damage the furniture. As a dog owner, you certainly know that your sweetheart is a very well-behaved one and knows how to behave even on vacation. Therefore, the first tip if you have an apartment in mind where no dogs are allowed is to ask again. Many landlords can often be persuaded with a lot of charm and a small surcharge.

Or you can choose the easiest way and filter directly for apartments where dogs are allowed. This means that you will only see results where the beloved four-legged friend is not an obstacle and you can book directly without much enquiries.

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Holidays on Lake Constance – that’s why it’s worth it!

Bregenz Lake Constance
Relaxing at Lake Constance, Image: Yolo Art / shutterstock

Lake Constance is not only a wonderful holiday destination in summer. The region has something to offer at any time of the year.

From September to June, the beautiful gardens can be admired under the Long Night of Lake Constance Gardens or the Magic of Blossoms .

In August, the legendary Seenachtfest takes place, to which about 50,000 thousand people make the pilgrimage every year to enjoy the great music and feast on good food.

From July to October, numerous autumn and wine festivals take place around Lake Constance. Here, regional wines and other products such as cheese and fish dishes are offered to taste and buy in all four countries around the lake. Here, too, there is always a musical accompaniment.

In winter, of course, you can enjoy the beautifully decorated Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein . Visiting one of these markets is a wonderful way to get into the festive mood while consuming a hot cup of punch and Christmas snacks.

Lake Constance – splashing and swimming in Germany’s largest lake

With a size of 536 square kilometers , Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany and the third largest lake in Central Europe. This makes it a wonderful source of refreshment in summer on days that are much too hot. Families can swim and water sports enthusiasts can do sports here. And there are also some bathing places for the dog where bathing is allowed.

If you would like to experience the lake from a boat, you can book some of the many boat experiences. Many of them even include a meal and on some animal guests are allowed.

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Packing list for the furry friend

Dogs at Lake Constance
Joy for the four-legged friends at Lake Constance, Image: DALIBARD Julie / shutterstock

As soon as all the two-legged friends have packed their suitcases, there is still a lot to add to the travel bag for the woof.

The most important thing is the pet passport. This should always be carried with you. Especially if you are planning to leave Germany for your vacation, it may be that mandatory vaccinations may be checked at the border. But even if veterinary treatment is necessary, it can’t hurt to have your passport with you.

Then, of course, you should not forget basics such as a collar or harness and one or more leashes. A dog tag should be attached to the collar or harness with your phone number on it.

In many countries, a muzzle or leash is mandatory, especially in public places or transport. Therefore, to be on the safe side, take one with you.

Even though holiday apartments allow you to bring animals, you should bring water and a food bowl. You should also pack food, treats and dental care sticks.

Bringing one or two toys is a good idea so that the fluffy friend does not have to get bored under any circumstances.

More and more people do not want to do without their own dog during their holidays. Dogs are family for most households and it is perfectly clear that they are also allowed to travel when travelling.

With its beautiful landscape and some dog bathing areas, the Lake Constance region offers the ideal holiday destination for pet owners and will also give you a lot of relaxation.