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Blick auf Meersburg, Bild: Vaflya / shutterstock

Holidays in Meersburg with a view of Lake Constance

Meersburg is a pearl on Lake Constance that is a real insider tip for many. The turquoise water of Lake Constance is very easy to see from the highest point of the city. The residential castle, the castle and the fantastic location make a holiday in Meersburg unforgettable.

The following article shows the beauty and versatility of the city on Lake Constance and provides numerous tips for a relaxing stay.

Geography and location

Meersburg is a town on Lake Constance, which is one of the smaller towns in the region with just under 6000 inhabitants. The city has a lot in store for this and scores with its fantastic view. Meersburg is located between Unteruhldingen and Hagnau on Lake Constance and is located on a hill. This is also the reason why the city is so well known to this day. It once served the lords of the castle as a place of refuge and home since the 7th century. Today, it is popular with tourists and locals due to its location and idyll.

Idyllic town with shopping opportunities

Meersburg Old Town
On the road in Meersburg, Image: Olgysha / shutterstock

The town of Meersburg combines idyll, tranquillity and tourism in one like no other town on Lake Constance. Especially the beautiful shopping street with the spacious square and the numerous restaurants on the shores of Lake Constance invite you to linger. To get there, pedestrians and cyclists enter an old gate. Admission feels like a visit to another world: Meersburg exudes a peace and idyll that can hardly be found anywhere else on Lake Constance.
Not only the waterfront promenade offers shopping opportunities, but also the local shops on the way to Meersburg Castle. The slight incline and the cobblestone road add to the quaint ambience. At the city fountain, which is decorated with flowering plants in the warm months, many make a short stop and enjoy the view of Lake Constance.

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Places of interest in Meersburg

Meersburg Castle
Meersburg Castle, Image: Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock

Meersburg has a lot to offer that shape and make up the city. One of the main attractions is Meersburg Castle: It is considered the oldest inhabited castle in Germany, dating back to the 7th century. However, there are no more building components from this time, but only from the year 1548. Because over time and due to the many wars, the façade of the castle has struggled. Nevertheless, a large part has been well preserved, so that even the water wheel has remained intact to this day.

In one part of the castle is the castle museum, which allows an insight into 30 rooms. The museum is also interesting for families with children who want to travel back to the time of the knights and damsels.

A real insider tip is the Känzle: The viewing platform requires a short flight of stairs from the castle museum and offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the area. At the same time, the courtyard, which is filled with gravel, is the forecourt of the New Palace: a museum and a café are housed in the pink building, where there are also various events throughout the year.

Also worthwhile are a visit to the Zeppelin Museum or the Bible Gallery. The old town of Meersburg looks lively and picturesque. Not far away is the vineum: The museum, run by the city of Meersburg, shows the culture and history of the wines from the region.

Activities around Lake Constance

New Castle Meersburg
New Meersburg Castle, Image: trabantos / shutterstock

Meersburg is a popular region for wine-growing: Dry white wines such as Riesling or Pinot Gris are grown in Meersburg in particular. So holidaymakers can’t avoid booking a wine tasting. The winemaker teaches his visitors everything about his viticulture and invites them to taste it.

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To explore the beautiful vineyards, there are several well-developed cycling and hiking trails. If you can’t cope with the differences in altitude so well, it’s best to use an e-bike: These are available for rent in many cities for little money. This also applies to stand-up paddling, where the equipment can be rented at various bathing spots on Lake Constance. If you prefer to sail dry on the water, you can take a boat tour to or from Meersburg. The port of call is a popular hub, as the car ferry also sails there. The Therme Meersburg is perfect for relaxing a bit: wellness, tranquillity and gentle treatments ensure a relaxing holiday in Meersburg.

Culinary delights from Meersburg

As in many other places on Lake Constance, the onion roast is very popular in Meersburg. A well-chilled beer or a wine from their own vineyards go perfectly with it. In the local restaurants, which are mainly located on the shore of Lake Constance, there are home-style dishes. In addition, there are various delicacies for vegetarians and vegans that provide new energy after a strenuous bike or boat tour. Guests enjoy dining in the various restaurants, which offer a breathtaking view of Lake Constance.

Arrival in Meersburg

Coming by car, the B 31 federal road, which connects to the A 98 motorway, is ideal. It should be noted that there are many fixed speed cameras on the streets in and around Meersburg. In this way, the local speed limit is observed and ensures more safety on the roads. Well-developed cycle paths lead from Unteruhldingen and Hagnau on Lake Constance. To cover a long distance, a ferry ride is suitable. This applies both to

  • Pedestrian
  • Cyclist
  • as well as for motorists.