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Atrani an der Amalfiküste, Bild: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

DLT Travel – The Italy Experts

When German holidaymakers are drawn abroad, Italy is considered the most popular destination for Germans, along with the Balearic Islands. Whether it’s a city trip to one of the many interesting cities in the country, culinary delicacies in Tuscany or a beach holiday on the beach. Italy’s diversity is limitless.

However, the search for the right holiday destination can quickly become a challenge with the diversity of the southern European country. Support in planning your trip is available from the Italy specialist DLT Travel. In addition to personal contacts with hotels and agencies, the tour operator from Büchenbach in Central Franconia also draws on the expertise and hotel network of the Italian parent company DLT Viaggi, which has been present on the Italian market since 2006.

Vieste on the Adriatic Sea
Vieste on the Adriatic coast, Image:
By: Kite_rin / shutterstock

With more than 50 employees, the company is currently located in the port city of Formia (approx. 80 kilometers away from Naples) is active in the care of those interested in Italian travel.

More than half a million followers on Facebook and a satisfaction rate of over 95% ensure that the success story of the parent company was presented by Facebook in 2015 at the Confommercio in Rome . The Group has always distinguished itself by the fact that, in addition to the pure presentation of holiday destinations, it also promotes technical innovations. In addition to some innovations in the booking process, for example in video production for better presentation of the hotel facilities.

This quality is now being transferred to the German market with its own location.

But DLT Travel is much more than just an Italy specialist. True to the company’s own motto: “Simply travel with quality”, the portfolio includes a large selection of high-quality and low-cost offers to the most popular destinations. It doesn’t matter whether the holiday is to take place by the sea or in the mountains. When browsing the website, you can easily get alternative suggestions. Why not spend the first rays of sunshine of the year in Vieste in Puglia and get yourself in the right summer mood.

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There is a particularly great variety in the range of group and bus tours. Take advantage of the next regulars’ table of your circle of friends and let yourself be inspired by the cultural possibilities. In 2020, for example, there will be the opportunity to experience the opera La Bohème as a group at the traditional Puccini Festival. The anticipation already begins with the joint journey by bus.

But the cultural offerings within Germany are also impressive. Anyone who has ever been a visitor to a major event (concert, musical) will confirm that the hectic journey to and from the event takes away a lot of the joy. With an organized bus tour, you can relax and concentrate on the main event.

Special highlight: The latest offers and special specials can be found quarterly in the downloadable print catalogue. Even more inspiration to leaf through.

Other things to note about DLT Travel:

    • Travel insurance: DLT Travel works with renowned travel insurers such as Hanse Merkur to secure your trip
    • From a total sum of 400 euros, it is possible to pay off the trip in monthly installments (deposit: 100 euros)
    • Here you can find the website of DLT travel: >>