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Die besten Tauchspots in Kroatien kennenlernen, Bild: Aesthetic phographs_1 / shutterstock

Croatia’s top 5 snorkeling spots

The underwater world is a breathtaking environment that is worth the trip. Since not everyone has a diving license, there is the opportunity to explore the beauty of the sea by snorkeling. In Europe, Croatia offers great snorkeling spots that can be perfectly reached by yacht. That’s why we’ve put together the 5 most beautiful spots for you, so you can experience Croatia in a completely new way.

Charter a yacht and head for the snorkeling spots

A yacht charter in Croatia makes it easy to reach the secret or remote snorkeling spots on the Adriatic. Even the journey by boat shows the beauty of this European country and makes you want to discover the underwater world soon. When it comes to chartering a yacht , there are two options in Croatia that you can choose from according to your preferences.

Steering the yacht as your own captain

Rent a yacht and get behind the wheel yourself. Navigation is now in your hands and you can look forward to the following advantages:

  • Low rental costs as there are no personnel costs for the captain
  • Maximum flexibility if you want a spontaneous change of route or duration
  • High availability of the boats, as individual yachts without a captain are always available
  • Privacy is fully guaranteed with this variant
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Charter a yacht with an experienced helmsman

If you don’t want to take over the steering of the boat yourself, some providers can also book the captain. This service gives you many other advantages over your own taxes:

  • You do not need your own boat license
  • No knowledge of the area, waters and navigation required
  • The helmsman is an experienced captain
  • In an emergency, a professional contact person is at your side

Tip: If you are looking for a good boat company, then pay attention to the reviews of the rental company. These are a sign that the pictures and content information are true.

The 5 most beautiful places for snorkeling in Croatia

To marvel at the indescribable world below the surface of the water, expensive and lengthy flights to the other end of the world are not necessarily necessary. In Croatia there are countless spots to which a snorkeling trip is worthwhile. It is not possible to list them all, so we have selected 5 snorkeling paradises for you to give you an initial overview and make your choice easier. With a snorkeling checklist, you won’t forget any equipment at home and start your vacation well prepared.

1. The beauty of the Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni National Park is located in the west of Istria and only 12 kilometers from Pula, in addition to colorful coral reefs, offers unique schools of fish and dolphins. This biodiversity is due to the fact that fishing has been severely restricted since 1983. In addition to snorkeling, you can also take other tours on one of the 14 islands in the national park.

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2. Snorkel at Cape Kamenjak and spot seals

Cape Kamenjak is located in the south of Istria and is a protected natural landscape. The water is crystal clear and offers expansive views of the branching sea cave system. Here you can also find the rare Mediterranean monk seals .

3. Marvel at a steep face at the Pakleni Islands

Underwater world in Croatia
Enjoying the underwater world in Croatia, Image: Adam Ke / shutterstock

The Pakleni Islands, also known as the Hell Islands, are located off the southwest coast of Hvar. At Cape Stampedar you will find a steep wall that sinks 50 meters into the depth. The Pakleni Islands include a total of 21 islands and bays that invite you to go on more snorkeling adventures.

4. Wrecks at Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok
is an archipelago off Zadar. This elongated island is also home to the Telašćica Nature Park. Due to the clear water, it is possible to spot the sunken wrecks from the surface. With over 300 species of marine plants, the flora here offers an indescribable variety. The journey by yacht is a bit longer and is therefore ideal for an extensive day trip or an overnight stay on the boat.

5. On Mljet in the footsteps of Odysseus

The Mljet Islands are also known as the Odysseus Islands and will take you on the trail of ancient legends and myths. The island is located on the Croatian Adriatic Sea about 30 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik. The coral reefs here are still very colorful and even snorkeling beginners will feel at home on this snorkeling trip.

Discover the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Croatia

Marvel at Croatia’s untouched underwater world at the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the country. Experience an unforgettable holiday on the Adriatic coast with friends or family. Charter your boat with a captain or be your own helmsman. Yacht charter in Croatia is not only straightforward, but it offers you countless opportunities to discover the fascination of snorkeling.