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Der Strand von Blavand, Bild: Jonas JJ / shutterstock

Blåvand Denmark, a seaside resort that is ideal

Blåvand in Denmark is a beautiful coastal village with an idyllic atmosphere. Whether you are visiting for the first time or have stayed here several times in a holiday home denmark north sea , you will fall in love with this village. The sandy beach is ideal for children of all ages, and the water is relatively shallow. Although the North Sea can be windy, the waters of Blåvand are a refreshing change. The area is also surrounded by pristine sand dunes. This makes Blåvand the perfect place for families, and all those who appreciate untouched nature. It is located on the west coast of Denmark and is also part of the Vadehavet National Park. The North Sea floods the area twice a day. At low tide, visitors can drive to islands and watch seals on the sandbanks.

The Tirpitz Museum

The Tirpitz Museum tells the story of the Second World War from the perspective of the German Wehrmacht. The German Wehrmacht, which was one of the most powerful forces of the war, was responsible for building an extensive system of naval defense along the northern European coast. A large part of the museum is dedicated to the Nazi occupation of Denmark. The unique structure of the museum, built in an abandoned German bunker, is a fascinating experience for visitors. It is close to the coast and Blavand, one of Denmark’s most popular tourist destinations. The museum’s 2,500-square-foot space makes it an impressive attraction. The museum has permanent exhibitions, as well as changing ones that change. Many of the exhibits were designed by Tinker Imagineers, a Danish design firm. The museum also features one of the world’s largest amber exhibitions, known as Danish gold.

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Blåvand beach

Blåvand is a Danish coastal town
Blåvand is a Danish coastal town, Image: Lucas Olfert Larsen / shutterstock

Blåvand beach is known for its shallow, calm waters, which are unusual for the North Sea. This beach is also surrounded by extensive sand dunes and is ideal for families and those who love and like nature.

The area is also known for its bunkers built by the German occupiers during World War II. The bunkers were modified to resemble mule heads and tails. These were later added to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Denmark’s liberation from Nazi occupation. The sandy beach of Blåvand stretches for forty kilometres. It is perfect for families with children as there are no vehicles on the beach. The shallow water is pleasant, and very calm, which makes it a safe beach for small children. There are also several attractions nearby, including a historic landmark and theme parks. Blåvand also has an impressive tall lighthouse.

Blavandshuk Fyr is the westernmost point of Denmark

There are several attractions to explore in the region. One of them is the 39 m high lighthouse Blaavandshuk Fyr. It was built in 1900 and warned sailors about the reef, which is now also known as Horns Rev. The lighthouse has 170 steps to the top and offers an impressive, beautiful view of the surroundings, and is also the westernmost point of Denmark. It can be seen from afar and is often chosen by tourists and locals as an excursion destination. This lighthouse was built to guide ships around the coast of Blaavandshuk. You should include this attraction in one of your next trips.

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