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Bornholm, Bild: Milosz Maslanka / shutterstock

Bornholm – Denmark’s hygge sunny island

White sandy beaches and rough rock formations characterize the 141.4 kilometers of coastline of the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. Hygge and pure nature ensure that the sunny island is a destination to relax and enjoy. The island idyll has its charm for active holidaymakers as well as for those interested in culture and those hungry for relaxation.

In a very small area, you will find unique sights and idyllic excursion destinations. Even Bornholm’s nature can be described as a sight, because in its diversity and special features, the natural landscape of the Baltic Sea island inspires visitors from all over the world. The small holiday paradise proves to be an attractive destination all year round, because even in winter the Danish sunny island has its very special charm and presents itself as a quiet holiday destination far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Bornholm’s natural beauty

The island of Bornholm is a true paradise for both nature and beach lovers. Along the coast there are natural beaches and bays that invite you to linger. From fine sandy beaches to stone beaches, there is a suitable stretch of coast for every taste. Especially the beach at Dueodde in the south of the island is considered a true dream beach and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. But each of Bornholm’s beaches has its own charm and so it is worth planning a tour along the coast.

Image: Voyagerix / shutterstock

All sandy beaches on the island are also suitable for families with children, because the seabed slopes slowly, the water quality is very high and on most beaches the current conditions are also optimal to enjoy a carefree stay on the beach with children. But a coastal hike is also worthwhile at any time of the year. In addition to the beaches, it is the cliffs, such as the Helligdomsklipperne, that offer a magnificent view of the sea and give the coastal landscape its special charm.

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But Bornholm has more to offer than wonderful beaches, because even away from the coast, the island presents itself with a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape. Among other things, there are numerous crevasse valleys on the island. One of the most beautiful is Svartingedalen, which is characterized by its unique, rich flora and fauna. The island’s lakes are also worth a visit. They were created by clay mining. Especially the Pyritsee, but also the Smaragdsee and the Rubinsee invite you to fish. The unique Hammerknuden nature reserve in the north of the island inspires with numerous sights.

Not only the Opal Lake and the Crystal Lake are located here, but also the lighthouses Hammeren fyr and Hammerodde fyr and a visit to Hammerhaven also proves to be worthwhile. The area, characterized by granite rocks and untouched nature, can be easily explored on foot or by bike. The entire island area is criss-crossed by hiking and cycling trails, so that individual exploration tours can be planned without any problems. Scenic highlights are also the Paradisbakker, Jons Kapel, Döndalen, Ekkodalen, Hammeren and last but not least the Almindingen forest.

An island with an eventful past

Bornholm has been exposed to many influences throughout history. Not only did the Danes rule the island, but also Sweden, Germany and Russia. The historical sights of the island are correspondingly diverse. Among other things, numerous stone stones from the Iron Age, rune stones from the Viking Age and some medieval castles can be found on tours of the island. The castle complex of Hammershus is one of the most popular destinations on Bornholm. If you are interested in the history of the island, you would do well to visit the Medieval Centre in Rönne. But you can also learn more about the island’s past and nature at the NaturBornholm Adventure Centre. Among other things, a special species of dinosaur once lived on the island.

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Bornholm has always been hotly contested and so there are many historic places and interesting museums on the island. Among other things, fortresses, sacred buildings as well as bunkers and artillery positions bear witness to the sieges and changing power relations on the island territory.

The exciting destinations of the sunny island of Bornholm

The north on Bornholm
On the road in the north of Bornholm, Image: Camilla Simonsen / shutterstock

There is also no shortage of excursion destinations on Bornholm. In addition to the popular Middelaldercenter, the traditional Jaboland amusement park and the trotting track in the Almindinger Forest also attract visitors. For all those who love action and nature, a visit to the Opal Lake is recommended, because here you have the opportunity to plunge from the rock towards the lake with the Flying Fox and float over the lake at up to 40 km/h to dive into the water after a good 300 meters.

Handicrafts on Bornholm

Handicrafts are deeply rooted on the island. Finds show that ceramics were produced on the island over 6,000 years ago. In no other area of Denmark is the density of artisans as high as on Bornholm. In addition to numerous potteries, Bornholm is also home to renowned glass artists. It is worth visiting the workshops, because in many places not only the goods are offered, but visitors are allowed to look over the shoulders of the craftsmen and gain an insight into the elaborate production