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Traumhafter Stand in Henne, Bild: PIXEL to the PEOPLE / shutterstock

Henne Strand and the surrounding area – this is what Denmark’s west coast has to offer

The coastal country of Denmark offers holidaymakers of all ages the perfect holiday conditions. Away from the urban air of the country’s capital Copenhagen, endless beaches and breathtaking landscapes can be discovered. The Henne Strand holiday area and its nearby towns are particularly popular.

Endless beaches and dreamlike dunes: Holiday paradise Henne Strand

Helnæs lighthouse on the island of Funen
Helnæs lighthouse on the island of Funen, Image: LGieger

Henne: The popular Danish resort of Henne Strand is not the largest holiday resort in Denmark, but it is one of the most touristy places. Its family atmosphere attracts holidaymakers from all over the world every year. The place on the North Sea does not go undiscovered by the Germans either. Henne Strand promises single, family and romantic holidaymakers as well as holidaymakers with dogs the right activities. In a combination of action and relaxation, there is something for travellers of all ages in Henne.

Danish gastronomy is particularly proud of its accessibility. Accessibility extends from the city center to the beach and into the water. If you plan to travel in summer, holidaymakers can soak up the sun on the coast, fly kites, play beach volleyball, build sandcastles and relax.

If you decide to travel to Henne Strand together with your loved ones or alone, you will experience a holiday destination where there are no limits. Since the place is mainly focused on tourism, all needs are specially tailored to travelers. For example, there are many holiday homes on Henne Strand that can be booked all year round. The town centre is mainly made up of shops and restaurants that are open all year round. In addition, the village has a campsite, an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, bicycle and horse rental, mini golf and an international 18-hole golf course.

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Surroundings: Houstrup beach and the highest dune in Denmark

A few minutes away from Henne Strand there are already many other holiday resorts with new sights and offers – including Houstrup Strand. The village of Houstrup Strand in Jutland once again offers its holidaymakers a handful of renowned holiday homes and beaches. The distance to Henne Strand is about 7 kilometers. These few kilometers are perfect for a hike, a bike ride, or a horseback ride.

The various cycle paths are also suitable for beginners and smaller cyclists, as the landscape is very flat. The beach of Houstrups is also located on the North Sea and stretches for several kilometers, up to the beaches of other cities. Part of the beach is officially attributed to naturism and is therefore a nudist beach. If you want to discover the beaches on holiday, it is recommended to visit them at the Tidal Beach . These vary depending on the time, weather, location and season. South of Houstrup lies Blåbjerg Plantage, a huge natural landscape formed by drifting sand. For hiking enthusiasts, the village has many trails to offer. Whether you want to walk over the steep coastal hills, through the impressive sand dunes or through the heathland, Houstrup Strand’s hiking trails are unique for hikers of all ages.

In addition, the dune plantation “Blåbjerg” offers ideal conditions for mountain bikers. Blåbjerg Klitplantage is Denmark’s highest dune. Since the rest of the land is very flat, the height rising to 64 meters allows a wide view of the country. Hiking enthusiasts have the opportunity to see a nature experience from Blåbjerg, with a great view of the dunes. Another advantage of the low dune height is that the hikes are not so strenuous and can be reached effortlessly even for smaller holidaymakers.

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Denmark: Blåvand Strand and other popular holiday areas

Blavandshuk Fyr, Blavand
Blåvandshuk Fyr, Denmark’s westernmost lighthouse, Image: PIXEL to the PEOPLE / shutterstock

Another popular holiday spot that is just a few minutes away from Henne Strand would be the town of Blåvand. The city and its district Blåvand Strand allow summer holidaymakers from Germany to enjoy a beach holiday nearby. The beaches near Blåvand are considered the most child-friendly beaches in Denmark because they are very shallow. At Horns Rev of the beach, which juts out into the sea for about 40 kilometers and almost forms a kind of lagoon, there are also almost no currents. The currents of the Danish North Sea basically vary depending on the season and weather. However, they can usually be distinguished from different strengths.

One of the advantages of the Danish towns is that they can be reached in just a few hours by car from Germany. Especially on a family trip with children, the short travel hours can be worth their weight in gold. In addition to road travel, the country can be reached by plane, bus and train. Since Denmark stretches very much in its vast landscape, it is advisable to plan the activities carefully in advance and to think about renting a car or a bike on site. If it is to be the bicycle, it is advisable to ask whether bicycles are available when booking a holiday home.

In addition to bicycles, some holiday homes also have surf and sailing boards. Since Denmark is mainly surrounded by water, sailing is a popular leisure activity and is possible in many regions of Denmark. Surfing is also a popular water sport and can be learned at a surf school along the west coast. It is mandatory to wear a life jacket in any case.