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Die Balearen, hier Mallorca. Bild: pixelliebe / shutterstock

Balearic Islands – a group of islands reinventing itself

The archipelago of the Balearic Islands, and it wants to be understood as such, is made up of the five islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera . The “Isla Cabrera” is mainly to be seen as a nature reserve, which can be visited but not inhabited. Originally, the entire archipelago was part of the Spanish and Portuguese mainland.

Only gradually, starting with today’s Mallorca, did a blasting take place, which caused the land masses to drift apart. The distance between today’s islands and the Spanish mainland is between 90 and 200 kilometres. Whichever island you want to plan your holiday on. Arriving by ferry, for example from Valencia or Barcelona, but also from the air is a spectacle that is hard to escape.


Centre of Mallorca
Poppy fields in Sineu, Image: vulcano / shutterstock

Starting from the late 80s, until the 21st century, Mallorca was equated with Ballermann and cheap tourists. An image that unfortunately caused all too much damage to the image and the actual beauty that was lost in the process.

An island that has such a fascinating beauty and its very own characteristics really does not deserve to be lost in cheap tourism. Now the Mallorcan government has set out to put an end to the invasions from Germany and England. With success. Quality tourism is now written on the Balearic flags.

Step by step, an island is reinventing itself that wants to be seen and treated as a natural treasure. Starting with the Tramuntana Mountains, the Isla Cabrera, one of the richest flora and fauna reservoirs in the Mediterranean, to the Isla Dragonera. Late but still they realized that Mallorca is much more than just an island where parties can be celebrated. We can look forward to the future.

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Menorca – the little sister

Image: Kite_rin / shutterstock

Somewhat unjustly, Menorca is given this nickname. In fact, it is in no way inferior to its “big sister” in terms of natural beauty and, above all, tranquillity. Wonderful places await you on this island north of Mallorca.

What is the capital Palma in Mallorca is Mao in Menorca. Menorca is more tranquil and quiet. Recreation seekers have already chosen Menorca this island before the Ballermann epidemic. Which is not entirely incomprehensible. In addition to its very own quieter characteristics, this island offers a tranquillity that attracts especially, but not only, older people to the island. Many of them forever.

Apart from that, this island also has pronounced mountain ridges, which are located in the north and are used as a retreat, especially in the hot summer. Menorca has really managed to defend itself against the invasion that escalates on the neighboring island of Mallorca and a little later Ibiza. And it did her good. The island is still one of those selected holiday destinations that offers one thing above all. Peace and relaxation, away from tourist crowds.


Ibiza, Cala d'Hort
Cala d’Hort, Image: Alex Tihonovs / shutterstock

For a long time, Ibiza was in no way inferior to Mallorca in its claim to be the leading party island in the Mediterranean. Admittedly, it was thought, Mallorca had to be bought off in this respect. If, even in a somewhat more noble way, depending on the location. So they knew how to attract one or the other celebrity to the island. But here, too, the island thanks it, the party plaster is crumbling. Here, too, they intend to turn the tide. They focus more on the natural advantages of the island, do everything they can to bring the island back into a more balanced state of relaxation and focus more on quality tourism. Miracles don’t happen overnight here either, but they do. The nature of the island with its beautiful bays and mountain slopes behind it is visibly recovering. New buildings are being put a stop to and the country’s typical construction methods are being used. Little by little, the two islands of Mallorca and Ibiza are succeeding in shedding their respective stamped images and reinventing themselves.

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Cala Saona, Balearic Islands
Turquoise blue water at Cala Saona beach, Image: D.Bond / shutterstock

This second smallest island, which together with Ibiza belongs to the archipelago of the Pityusic Islands , has always led a slight shadowy existence. It certainly didn’t hurt her. The island, located just under 9 kilometers south of Ibiza , enjoyed the fact that Ibiza was so close and the hustle and bustle of celebrities and those who would like to be celebrities did not reach their island. Even today, Formentera is one of the most pristine islands. It has retained what the governments of Mallorca and Ibiza still have to work on. Natural beauty that needs nothing more than simply to be lived and experienced with pleasure.