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Die Mailänder Kathedrale, Bild: Boris Stroujko / shutterstock

A cappuccino in Milan

Italy is famous and popular for its specialty coffees. Whether latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso or caffè americano – these drinks are a treat in a small Italian coffee bar.

On his morning commute to work, the Italian does not miss the opportunity to enjoy his favorite cappuccino standing in the café on the corner, often parked in the no-parking zone. Holidaymakers prefer to take a seat on one of the comfortable bistro chairs. They prefer to enjoy a cappuccino sitting while eating a delicious almond tart at the same time.

Delicious cappuccinos in a cozy café in Milan

In the heart of Brera, Milan’s famous bohemian district, many a charming bakery tempts you with exquisite coffee specialties and delicious pastries. In this fascinating district, bakers and pastry chefs spoil their guests with a variety of delicacies. Many of the coffee houses there, for example in Via Madonnina, welcome their visitors early in the morning.

The passion of the coffee house operators for the black-brown hot drink and for baking creates incomparable pleasures. They are a wonderful part of a trip to Milan for any guest. The successful combination of a delicious cappuccino with sweet biscuits or a piece of cream cake is a delicious start to a Milanese morning.

How to drink the cappuccino in Milan

There are actually a variety of ways to drink a cappuccino properly. Some coffee lovers swear by first slowly removing the foam with a small spoon and enjoying it beforehand. Others prefer to stir the hot drink and the head until the foam has completely dissolved in the coffee. As a third option, some connoisseurs drink the cappuccino first. They then slowly spoon the foam out of the almost empty cup.

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During one of our visits, we asked locals how they prefer to enjoy their cappuccino.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Giuseppe A., 31: “For me, the right way to drink a cappuccino is to just drink it. Basta! Do not stir, do not touch the foam, do not add sugar. This is how most coffee lovers drink their cappuccino. I do it this way, my friends do it this way and so does my family. But anyway: Drink your cappuccino as you want. It’s just important that you don’t wait too long. Italian coffee, whether espresso or cappuccino, should be served hot and drunk at the perfect drinking temperature.”