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Ein Traumblick auf das Schwarze Meer, Bild: trabantos / shutterstock

Seaside resort Bulgaria: Why holidays on the Black Sea are becoming more and more popular


Formerly socialist and today one of the most popular bathing destinations in Europe – we are talking about the beautiful seaside resort of Bulgaria. The Black Sea coast in particular is visited and admired by many guests every year.

However, the bathtub-warm water is only one reason why people like to fly to the country. There are cheap hotels near the beach and numerous wonderful excursions offered from the hotel reception. In many of these hotels there is a wellness area and access to the sea. But party hotels, such as the Hotel Diamant, are also part of the ambience of Sunny Beach. Only 20 kilometers from the city of Burgas is the most beautiful domicile for tourists of all classes. Near the small ancient town of Nessebar there is a beach with powdered sand in a bay and many beautifully located hotels, car rental companies, souvenir shops, mini golf courses and two aqua parks. To the north is the seaside resort of Golden Sands. Here, too, there is a lot to discover. The large city of Varna is close by with numerous antique shops, beautiful shopping opportunities and a church similar to the one in Moscow.

Excursions through Bulgaria

Excursions can be booked from the hotel reception and usually go to the rather unknown hinterland of Bulgaria. In a small village, a nice Bulgarian evening is offered with dinner and dancing over glowing coals, an old tradition in Bulgaria. But folklore and dance music also make the evening an unforgettable experience.

If you want to see something of the country during the day, you can take trips to Sozopol and to a quaint river that flows in southern Bulgaria. On one of the boats you can chug inland and admire the lianas and creepers on the shores. Another highlight is the jeep safari. You won’t see any wild animals here, but you will see untouched nature and beautiful little places. In one camp there are drinks and homemade bread. Before we continue past bridges that have long stood as ruins in the landscape and even drive through a river. The Blue Mountains are always worth a visit.

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We take the cable car up into the mountains, from where you can look over the entire country. A cable car takes you back from here to the valley, where the bus is waiting. A small village with typical Bulgarian houses is also visited. On the lower floor are mostly shops and small shops, because Bulgaria is poor and the people in the remote villages have to earn money somehow. The hinterland is rustic and you drive through the village of Sliven, which lies directly below the blue mountains. Only at sunset do you arrive back at Sunny Beach and then, if you are lucky, you can still watch the setting sun.

The variety of hotels in the seaside resort of Bulgaria

There are almost as many hotels on Sunny Beach as there are sand on the sea. Depending on the price range, the comfort varies. But not every holidaymaker is suitable for every hotel. Families with children can spend their holidays in one of the many club hotels. There is an entertainment programme for the little ones and beach volleyball, swimming lessons and much more for the adults. You can splash around in the hotel pool and enjoy the warm weather. The season in Bulgaria runs from the beginning of May to mid-October. After that, the winds set in and it often rains for many weeks. During the summer holidays, of course, it is high season here.

The discotheques are packed, bars and clubs turn on their lights. Of course, there is a lot to see and experience here. Some hotels are directly for young people. Because the center is only a few meters away and easily accessible on foot. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Sunny Beach, you can book a hotel near Nessebar. It is quiet here and only during the day many culture enthusiasts come to the small town and visit the rustic churches, marvel at the beach and enjoy the flair and the shopping offers. Pure family life is the club complex in Elenite, a tiny village outside Sunny Beach located in a bay.

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Here in a bungalow complex or a large modern hotel, there is a lot to experience. The facility has its own aqua park and even so you are almost excluded from the wild hustle and bustle, because this is the end… The facility is located in a cul-de-sac. Of course, buses run regularly to Sunny Beach.

Beach idyll seaside resort Bulgaria
Idyllic atmosphere on Bulgaria’s beach, Image: ncristian / shutterstock

Car rental in Bulgaria

Bulgarian rental cars are inexpensive, but they have their pitfalls. If you rent a car in the city center of Sunny Beach, it is possible that the radio has been stolen by the previous owner. The roads here are bad, so if you have a flat tire, you have to pay for it yourself. Therefore, guests are advised to rent a car from renowned companies. At the airport directly there are stands of Europcar and Co. These are not quite as inexpensive as those in the village, but more serious. So if you decide to take a rental car, you can also book it in Germany . So here we go!

There are plenty of excursion destinations in Bulgaria, such as the secret capital Plovdiv or the old tsarist city far north. Caution! With a Bulgarian rental car, it is not allowed to cross the border into Romania . If you do it anyway and have an accident there, you have to see for yourself how to get out of this number. So it’s better to stay in the country and experience the many enchanted places there.

The seaside resort of Bulgaria is not only very inexpensive for the whole family, but also very worth seeing and romantic. So you can’t go wrong with a trip to Sunny Beach.