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Im Urlaub das Glück genießen, Bild: tool2530 / shutterstock

These countries make you happy

Holidays make you happy

Switching off and forgetting the stress of everyday life is what many people want. However, the best way to do this is during your holiday, far away from your familiar surroundings and everyday challenges. On vacation, the stress level also decreases and this in turn leads to both body and mind recovering better. In some countries, however, people suffer from stress comparatively less often than is the case in Germany . It has been proven that the happiest people call the Scandinavian countries home. However, emigration does not have to be considered directly, because often an extensive and relaxed vacation in the countries where people are happiest and most satisfied is enough.

Increase well-being and joie de vivre on holiday

Good mood while camping
Good mood while camping, Image: Rawpixel.com / shutterstock

According to studies, people who travel regularly and discover new things are happier than those who spend their holidays in their own four walls. It does not matter whether the booked holiday is a luxury trip or an adventurous and relaxed camping holiday . Holidays are fun, broaden your horizons and help you relax and unwind. Furthermore, traveling also makes you smart, because new challenges await you in other countries. A foreign language, spontaneous decisions to be made, or simply the discovery of nature, culture and the meaningful traditions of another country. All these things broaden your horizons and can also bring many advantages professionally. But anyone who thinks that traveling is only reserved for those who have a full wallet is mistaken. Traveling with little or no money may sound crazy at first, but crazy things aren’t impossible either.

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However, if you want to have a certain budget on holiday, you can do a few things in advance to improve your holiday budget a bit. In this day and age, quite a few dust collectors, old objects and clothes that have not been worn for a long time accumulate. If you clean out thoroughly in advance and sell well-preserved inventory, you can improve your holiday budget. If a holiday to a Scandinavian country is just around the corner, gambling can work wonders. The Scandinavians are lucky in the game, they are considered true lucky in the field of gambling. The big Eurojackpot has already gone to Finland 18 times and Norway and Sweden 5 times each. And who knows, maybe some of the happiness of the Scandinavians will pass on to you on your next vacation.

Tips to make your holiday a success

However, in order to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, a few things should be considered in advance. Even if spontaneous and quick decisions often have to be made on holiday, rough planning in advance is advisable. In particular, the topics of theft, security and precautions should not be ignored, because if something gets lost while traveling, it can have far-reaching consequences. A copy of the most important and necessary documents should always be carried in a separate bag so that you can still identify yourself in case you lose the original documents. It can also be very helpful to deal with the targeted holiday destination in advance. Some information about the culture, the people and the traditions will help you to find your way around on holiday and not to attract negative attention from the locals. And if you have already informed yourself in advance, you can experience the holiday in a completely different way.

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