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Getting married in Mallorca

The Balearic island is not only popular as a holiday destination: the easy journey paired with guaranteed sunshine and fantastic locations for every taste have made Mallorca one of the most popular wedding locations for German couples. And they can benefit locally from the strong infrastructure and countless German-speaking service providers. So the wedding under palm trees does not have to be more expensive than at home.

Wedding abroad – what should be considered?

A civil wedding is out of the question for most couples from Germany, as at least one spouse must have registered his or her residence in Spain. The compulsory portion of the marriage therefore often takes place at home. For the freestyle, however, Mallorca offers everything you could wish for. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Catholic, Protestant or free wedding. In Mallorca, everything is possible in German and the organization is often easier than you think.

Free wedding ceremony

Unsurprisingly, the most common variant of the ceremony is the free wedding ceremony. This is the only way to celebrate the wedding at any location and is not dependent on a church or chapel. Those who get married in Mallorca usually prefer to enjoy the sun and sea. In addition to event locations or restaurants on the coast, your own (rented) finca is the ideal place for a romantic wedding ceremony.

The finca as a wedding location

In contrast to many other options, you have often already booked the accommodation and do not have to worry about renting a room. Especially in the center of the island you will find an inexhaustible selection of holiday homes, which offer a perfect backdrop for the wedding ceremony with garden and view. The large array of decorations is not necessary here. From rustic to ultra-modern, there is a suitable finca for every taste if you start planning early enough.

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The cost of a wedding in Mallorca

The wedding budget is always one of the most important factors in planning. But if you do it right, you don’t have to spend more on your dream wedding on the island than you would for a comparable service in Germany. It is advisable to draw on the experience and network of local experts – although a separate wedding planner is not necessarily required in Mallorca. Lukas P. Schmidt has chosen Mallorca as his adopted home as a wedding photographer and has been living and working on the island all year round for many years. In his experience, wedding planning in Mallorca is much easier than many bridal couples initially fear. The photographer has some important tips for this:

The right time of year to get married in Mallorca

Mallorca also has a wedding season – and it hardly differs from the domestic one for German couples. From May to October, by far the most weddings take place on the island. But many couples do not consider that summer in Mallorca in swimming shorts and bikini is something different than in an elegant three-piece suit or wedding dress. With a wedding ceremony in the afternoon at well over 30 degrees, you are not doing yourself or your guests any favors. The siesta of the locals is between 2 and 6 p.m. for a reason. Especially in autumn or spring, you save on travel costs instead and have a larger selection of accommodation available than in the high season. The 300 days of sunshine in the Balearic Islands also provide the right atmosphere outside of July and August.

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The best island regions for a wedding

Wedding in Mallorca
The church of Sant Bortomeu, Image: schoppino / shutterstock
Wedding in Mallorca
Relaxed celebration in a finca in the interior of Mallorca, Image: Alex Mesa / shutterstock

When it comes to Mallorca, many people first think of beach and sea. But the tourist strongholds such as Cala Ratjada are of course fully booked in summer. Romantic coastal flair hardly comes up anymore. Instead, things are much more relaxed in the interior and guests will thank you if they don’t have to drive for hours from the airport. Whether Sóller in the west or around the island’s capital Palma de Mallorca: You will find the best conditions for your wedding where the beach holidaymakers are a little further away.

Find a service provider for the wedding abroad

Whether flower decoration, DJ, catering or wedding photographer: the best service providers can be found almost everywhere directly on site. Benefit from the network of local experts and local knowledge and save yourself the expensive travel costs: In Mallorca you will find a large selection of German-speaking professionals for every service, who know exactly what works on site.

The honeymoon is booked at the same time

One of the great advantages of getting married on your own finca: After the wedding, you are already on your honeymoon. In the high season, minimum bookings of several days are common for all accommodations, so that the wedding location can also be used immediately. If you want, you can accommodate the family for the weekend and have perhaps the most relaxed wedding process ever: From your own bedroom only a few steps to the wedding ceremony – and the next morning start your honeymoon with a dip in the pool!