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Playa Dorada in Playa Blanca, Bild: Lilly Trott / shutterstock

The most beautiful resorts in Lanzarote

The Canary Island of Lanzarote is a beautiful holiday paradise with its dream beaches, impressive landscape and mild climate. On the volcanic island off the west coast of Africa, numerous holiday resorts offer the right offer for every traveller.

Arrecife – A colourful mix of culture and nature

The capital Arrecife, where the airport is also located, convinces with a variety of attractions, picturesque nature and historical charm. On the fortress of the former defence of the island, the history of seafaring can be traced. In the city center, visitors can marvel at stalls in the Plaza del Mercado in historic architectural style and buy a unique souvenir to take home. Next to the square, you can visit the church of San Ginés, which was flooded in the 17th century but then completely restored.

Port of Arrecife, Lanzarote
The port of Arrecife, Image: MikhailBerkut / shutterstock

Parque Islas Canarias invites you to relax in the sun with green spaces, playgrounds and seating. Boat jetties with access to the sea, weekly markets and other shops also delight travellers. A wide variety of events take place regularly in the park. A well-known landmark and also known as the “Venice of the Atlantic” is the seawater lagoon Charco de San Ginés. Originally the island’s fishermen settled here, but nowadays numerous colorful boats find an anchorage here after the local artist Césat Manriqur redesigned the lagoon. In the immediate vicinity, you can enjoy the view of the turquoise water and the unique scenery in various cafés, bars and restaurants.

The most beautiful beaches of Arrecife

Arrecife is still largely unknown for its high-quality beach culture. This is because most holidaymakers in Lanzarote head for more secluded beaches. The city beaches of the island’s capital Arrecife also have a lot to offer. Playa del Reducto is located right in the centre of the city and can therefore be easily reached on foot or by public transport. Due to the excellent infrastructure with sanitary facilities, sun lounger rental and bars, the beach is particularly popular with families. The shallow sea entrance of the beautiful white sandy beach can be mastered without any problems even by small children. Just a few meters outside the city center is Playa Honda. Beach walkers in particular like to visit Playa Honda, because along a three-kilometre-long beach promenade bars, restaurants, cafés and quaint shops are lined up on one side, while on the other side you can enjoy the enchanting view out to the turquoise-blue sea.

Attractions in Arrecife

Experience contemporary art at the Castillo de San José

Castillo de San José, Arrecife
Castillo de San José, Image: Sergey Vovk / shutterstock

The Castillo de San José is a former fortress built between 1776 and 1779. Lanzarote’s capital was still often hit by pirate attacks at the time and the Castillo de San José was supposed to put a stop to this. After the pirate era came to an end, the building languished for a long time until it was brought back to life in 1976 by the efforts of artist César Manrique. The most important artist on the island established the Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo on this site. Paintings by the artists Pablo Picasso, Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró, among others, are exhibited here.

The Castillo San Gabriel

In addition to the Castillo de San José, Arrecife has a second fortress, the Castillo San Gabriel. This sublime-looking fortress was also built for the purpose of anti-pirate protection. The first building of the same name dates back to 1573 and was still constructed of wood, of course with a very limited durability. Attacking pirates simply burned down the façade of the Castillo San Gabriel. The second fortress building on the same site was therefore made of solid stone. The location of the fortress is particularly pretty, as it is located on a narrow island that is a little off the coast of the city of Arrecife. Today, as then, the best way to reach the fortress is on foot. The path leads over a traditional drawbridge. Inside the complex, a historical museum is now housed, which shows archaeological finds and provides information about the history of Arrecife.

A romantic walk through the old fishing port of Charco de San Ginés

If you want to travel back in time, take a walk through the old fishing port of Charco de San Ginés. The traditional wooden fishing boats moored there swirl around the flair of the past. If you want to enjoy the romantic view of the harbour and the sea, you can retreat to the terrace of one of the adjoining restaurants or cafés and enjoy the deceleration that prevails here for a while. It is wonderful to watch the fishermen at their daily work from there. Every Wednesday and Thursday during the day, an idyllic weekly market attracts locals and tourists alike.

Family-friendly dream beaches in the south of the island

The paradisiacal town of Playa Blanca is known as a former fishing village. Nowadays, the beautiful beaches with turquoise waters attract numerous holidaymakers and especially families from all over Europe. The small town can boast the most sunny days of the year due to its southern location and on a clear day even the neighboring islands of Fuerteventura and Lobos can be spotted. The beach sections are protected from larger waves by piers and the water slopes very slowly, creating a safe swimming paradise for children. Particularly famous are Playa Flamingo, Playa Dorada and the beach of the same name, Playa Blanca. The quiet seven-kilometre-long waterfront promenade with many tropical palm trees, cafés, restaurants and boutiques invites you to stroll and linger.

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If you are looking for a little adrenaline rush in addition to a relaxing sunbath, you are in good hands at the Paracraft water sports centre in the Marinca Rubicon. A little further east of the city, the dream bays of Papagayo can be admired, which are a true paradise especially for divers and snorkelers. Playa Blanca is constantly growing and developing, but remains true to its idyllic and rather quiet charm.

Sights and tips in Playa Blanca

Beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking nature, attractions worth seeing: Playa Blanca has numerous attractions and sights to offer that make a holiday in the region an unforgettable experience.

Beach paradise for those seeking relaxation and water sports enthusiasts

Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca
Playa Flamingo, Image: Pawel Kazmierczak / shutterstock

Playa Blanca is characterized above all by its idyllically located sandy beaches. The largest and most popular beach is the 350-metre-long “Playa Dorada” in the east of the village. A little smaller is the “Playa Flamingo”, which is located in the west of Playa Blanca. The two idyllically situated beaches have one thing in common: they have a good infrastructure with various water sports offers and rental stations for loungers and parasols. In addition, tourists and locals will also find bars and snack bars on the beaches. If you are looking for bathing fun and relaxation right in the centre, you will find another small beach here, but it has little infrastructure. From the coastal promenade, which is lined with numerous bars, restaurants and shops, you have a great overview of the entire island. The popular Rubicon marina is also located directly on the promenade. Here you can book ferry trips to the neighboring island of Fuerteventura, among other things. Numerous tourists and locals cavort around the beaches, especially in the summer months, thanks to the pleasant temperatures even in the evening hours. Especially in the bars, restaurants and hotels it is very busy here. Many people are also still out and about on the coastal promenade until late at night.

Volcano Tour and Museo Atlantico

In addition to the beach and lively nightlife, you can also enjoy breathtaking nature in and around Playa Blanca. With a bit of luck, you can also observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat on the coast. If you have time, you should treat yourself to one of the guided dolphin and whale tours by boat. If you are traveling in the region, you can’t miss the Timanfaya National Park. With 300 craters and about 100 volcanoes, the volcanic origin of the island of Lanzarote becomes clear here. The result is an impressive landscape. These can be explored as part of a guided volcano tour or on your own. You can also look forward to a museum of a special kind in Playa Blanca. In the underwater museum Museo Atlantico, sculptures by the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor await – at a depth of twelve meters. Accompanied by a trained diving instructor, these can be visited with diving equipment. This is also a very special experience.

Adventure & Nightlife in Puerto del Carmen

Beach promenade of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote
The beach promenade of Puerto del Carmen, Image: Lilly Trott / shutterstock

A wide range of activities and entertainment programs is offered by the bathing paradise Puerto del Carmen in the southeast of the island. In total, there are three picturesque beaches with fine sand in the larger town. Playa Grande has also proven itself with families with children due to its calm water and gently sloping shore. Here, holidaymakers can enjoy the view of the water and the mountain scenery on the horizon during a walk along the three-kilometre-long waterfront. Avenida de las Playas is also known for its numerous bars, nightclubs and restaurants, and welcomes party-goers to dance the night away until sunrise.

On the extensive beach Playa de Matagorda on the northern outskirts of the city, relaxation is the top priority and here, too, the pedestrian promenade invites you to visit a delicious restaurant. Together with the very wide Playa de los Pocillos, both beaches offer ideal conditions to let windsurfers get their money’s worth. An unforgettable holiday highlight is also a trip on the submarine “Aquascope”, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the varied underwater world at a depth of up to 30 metres. The old port of El Varadero is also worth a visit and can be rounded off with freshly caught fish specialties in one of the restaurants.

Sights and tips for Puerto del Carmen

The old town centre of Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote
Small beach in Puerto del Carmen, Image: Pawel Kazmierczak / shutterstock

Originally, Puerto del Carmen was a tranquil fishing village. Even though the town is now the largest and most important holiday resort on the island and the only spa town in Lanzarote, the old town centre has been preserved and is well worth seeing. Characterized by the small houses of the fishermen and the old harbor area, there are particularly attractive photo motifs here.

Rancho Texas Park – the varied amusement park

At the gates of Puerto del Carmen, Rancho Texas Park delights its visitors. The mixture of zoo, amusement and water park paired with animal shows and a diverse entertainment program speaks for itself. In particular, the Country and Western Show, the Birds of Prey Show, the Sea Lion Show and the Dolphinarium shows are always well attended.

During peak season, there can be queues at the ticket offices, but it’s worth the wait as the day flies by at Rancho Texas Park.

Pure beach fun – the magical beaches around Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen’s family-friendly beaches are extremely popular and magically attract bathers and water sports enthusiasts. Families are often drawn to Playa Grande. Gently sloping and with a good infrastructure, the sandy beach offers optimal conditions for a varied day at the beach.

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No less charming is Playa de los Picillos. With a length of 1,600 m and a width of up to 200 m, the sandy beach offers a wide range of activities. So nothing stands in the way of sporting activities on the beach. However, the beach is not ideal for families with small children, as there is a corresponding swell due to the wind conditions.

With a length of 1,000 m, Playa Matagorda invites you to spend a pleasant day at the beach. The beach is equipped with sanitary facilities and sunbeds and umbrellas are available. The beach is ideal for those who appreciate a relaxed atmosphere and do not want to miss out on comfort even on the beach.

But it is also the smaller and quieter beaches near Puerto del Carmen that are well worth a visit. So it is worth exploring the coastline.

Tips for shopping fans

In the heart of Puerto del Carmen, the Biosfera Plaza is a beautifully designed shopping paradise. Here, the shops offer fashion from major international brands. There are several restaurants integrated into the shopping centre. In addition to a children’s play area, there is also a mini-golf course and the only open-air cinema is integrated into the shopping centre.

The market in Teguise also offers a very special shopping experience. In the historic centre of the former island capital, the countless market stalls attract locals and tourists alike. Of course, here, at the largest market on the island, there is always a lot of activity and the market vendors offer a wide range of goods for sale. A visit to the market is worthwhile just because of the special atmosphere.

Costa Teguise – Attention water sports enthusiasts and bathing beauties

On the east side of Lanzarote is the town of Costa Teguise, which appeals to holidaymakers who long for a lot of peace and quiet. Playa de Las Cucharas is also very popular with surfers due to the constant wind conditions. If you would like to take a taster course in windsurfing or diving, you will find several water sports and diving schools that offer courses for beginners. In Costa Teguise, travelers will find less nightlife, but here you can laze on the beach in the sun and unwind. The long beach promenades with cosy cafés and small shops invite you to take longer walks from one bay to the next. For other activities, the water park or the golf course are ideal. The Pueblo Marinero, designed by Canarian artist César Manrique, is also one of the highlights in Costa Teguise and impresses with impressive Canarian architecture as well as restaurants and shops.

Attractions in Costa Teguise

Stunning beaches

If you want to experience a relaxing holiday on a turquoise-blue sea and a great beach, Puerto del Costa Teguise is the right place for you. There are fantastic beaches here. Like at Playa Bastián, for example. Due to its wind-protected location, the beach is particularly suitable for families with children. The sea is calm and the shores rather gentle – an ideal seaside resort and perfect for relaxing. Things are a little livelier at Playa de Las Cucharas. The beach is a hotspot for windsurfers. Due to the optimal conditions, even world championships are held here. If you like it a little more exciting, you’ve come to the right place. Along the beach promenade, the individual beach sections can be explored comfortably and easily.

Puerto del Costa Teguise offers more than sea and beach

But Puerto del Costa Teguise has much more to offer. So it is not surprising that the place is now considered one of the most attractive holiday resorts on the island. The Pueblo Marinero is very worth seeing. This is a kind of village. This was designed in the 70s by the artist César Manrique. The artist wants to express the charm of the Canary Islands. A very nice place to stay. In the middle of the architectural works of art, many restaurants, bars and cafés await guests. A walk through the market with numerous Canarian specialties is also very worthwhile.

If you still need the right equipment for exciting water sports activities, you simply have to go to Avenida del Jablillo. Because here you will find the most famous windsurfing and diving schools. And after successful shopping, numerous gastronomic establishments entice you with delicious delicacies.

Lanzarote Aquarium – Unforgettable insights into the world of the sea

Costa Teguise Lanzarote
View of Costa Teguise, Image: Tomasz Czajkowski / shutterstock

A real highlight is the Lanzarote Aquarium. In more than 30 pools, numerous sea creatures can be admired. The tanks are well lit, so that sea cucumbers and moray eels as well as rays, for example, can be observed in the best possible way. Of course, there are many more exotic sea creatures in all shapes and sizes. And the “predator of the seas” is not to be missed – the sharks are certainly one of the attractions in the Lanzarote Aquarium. These float in a glass tunnel – filled with 500,000 litres of water – over the heads of the guests. Another great special feature for visitors is the opportunity to watch the sharks as they develop in the egg. There is also a touch pool. A visit to the Lanzarote Aquarium is an unforgettable insight into the underwater flora and fauna.

Aquapark – excitement, fun and relaxation

West of the centre of Puerto del Costa Teguise is the aqua park with water slides, pools and zip lines. The water park is located in the open air and has a wide range of slides for all ages. Exciting fun for the whole family. By the way, there is also an indoor paintball hall. A great way to combine fun, excitement and relaxation.
Although not as exciting as in Puerto del Carmen or Arrecife is the nightlife in Puerto del Costa Teguise. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a stroll through the city’s many bars and restaurants.