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Wassershow vor dem Bellagio-Hotel im Jahr 2012, Bild: Paul Brady Photography / shutterstock

The best casinos around the world

Ahhh, some of the most ingenious ideas and architectures of the last few decades have ensured that various casinos around the world offer some of the most amazing travel experiences that one could ever wish for. After all, casinos are designed for entertainment, and this carries over to their design, which is often built with an eye on the impressive.

After all, they’re designed to attract thousands of people every month, and in a highly competitive market, they’re more likely to attract the most customers if they stand out. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best!

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau
The Venetian in Macau, Image: jeafish Ping / shutterstock

One of the largest casinos in the world, this Venetian fantasy is modeled after The Venetian Las Vegas (which itself is of course Venice is based on it!) With 3000 suites, plenty of space for conventions, luxury retail stores (including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes), and 51000 square feet of casino space, you could spend a week here without seeing and experiencing it all.

Fancy a gondola ride? That’s not a problem. Simply hop aboard an authentic gondola and follow the waterways inside or the lagoon outside—maybe your gondolier will even serenade you while you relax. Macau itself is full of online casinos, but we guarantee that you’ll never forget The Venetian if you’re lucky enough to come here!

Atlantis Paradise Island

Bahamas Paradise Island
Paradise Island with the Atlantis Resort in the background, Nassau, Bahamas, Image: Pola Damonte /shutterstock

Who wouldn’t want to travel to the Bahamas ? If you go there, you can enjoy Atlantis Paradise Island, where you can alternate entertainment at the casino with fun at Aquaventure, a 62-hectare aquatic landscape. This island paradise is home to both saltwater and freshwater lagoons, swimming pools, water and river slides, and marine habitats.

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It is possible that you will find it difficult to drag the family home at the end of the holiday! It is an extremely family-friendly destination that has a lot to offer throughout the day, and the adults can enjoy themselves in the casino in the evenings.

Sun City

About two hours from the nearest major city, Sun City offers you an unparalleled experience with the Lost Palace. With the attractions that the African bush has to offer, this is an extravaganza of nature-related statues, art, mosaics and a generally over-the-top celebration of African wildlife.

Marvel at the larger-than-life effects as you take a break at the Lost City Entertainment Centre and cross the Bridge of Time, which is surrounded by mighty elephant statues and regularly shakes when a mock volcano erupts – these and other attractions make Sun City a memorable visit. Of course, the casino will also be a fun experience, as will the perfect weather and warm hospitality.

Casino of Monte Carlo

On the other end of the spectrum than the more family-oriented experience in Sun City is the old and luxurious Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. Since it has been featured in many movies, the sight of the casino is not unheard of when you finally reach the entrance with its many towers. It’s a visual feast with crystal chandeliers, fountains, a spectacular portico, and enough gold to keep everyone happy. It’s an over-the-top extravaganza that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Did you know that the citizens of Monaco are not allowed to enter the casino’s gaming rooms? So don’t expect to strike up a conversation with locals here!

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Of course, if all of this is too far away for you, you can also try an online casino that offers you the same entertainment without getting you into trouble!

The Bellagio

If you travel to Las Vegas, we have the Bellagio, which you may also know from the movies it has starred in. The Bellagio is one of the most luxurious casino resorts in Las Vegas and is known for its beautiful fountains that play elaborate sequences.

With an abundance of culinary offerings, this is a place to linger while you try all the options – and the gambling is exceptional, too! There’s also an abundance of high-end shops to browse, and five different pools to linger at. Children under 14 are not allowed at the pools, so this is an adult experience.