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Wer beim Kofferpacken mit System vorgeht, kann mehr einpacken, Bild: photobyphotoboy / shutterstock

Tips – how to fit more in your suitcase

Before the holiday, it’s that time again: Packing your suitcase is on the agenda. On the one hand, packing your suitcase stands for anticipation of the approaching vacation, on the other hand, many panic. They don’t want to forget anything important at home. Then it often happens that far too much ends up in the suitcase and in the end it no longer closes or is far too heavy. That’s why it makes sense to think in advance about what you want to put in your suitcase. A packing list can be very helpful in this regard.

The packing list not only helps to pack all the essentials. It also helps to keep your head clear. The list includes everything you need on holiday. For example, if you are going on a summer vacation, you should definitely have sunscreen with you and effective mosquito repellent. The list can be easily kept on your smartphone. This makes it possible to add something at any time.

What should definitely be in your suitcase

When it comes to a suitcase, it’s not just the design that matters, Image: SERGEI PRIMAKOV / shutterstock

The first-aid kit should not be missing in the suitcase. This includes plasters, painkillers, disinfectants, something for diarrhea, headaches and vomiting. If you have to take medication regularly, you should of course also carry it with you.

The toiletry bag contains everything that is necessary for personal care depending on the holiday, for example swimwear on summer holidays or thermal clothing on winter holidays. Of course, the technical equipment should not be missing, such as socket adapters, chargers or the hair dryer. In other countries, there are sometimes different standards for sockets. If you are travelling outside Europe, you may want to get a multi-adapter so that the devices from home also fit into the socket. What is of course very important is the right suitcase. It should be large enough and comfortable to transport at the same time.

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Tip: Think first, then pack

That sounds simple at first. If you travel for a week, you don’t need 30 outfits. But packing only seven would not be enough either. Ten to twelve outfits are the right number for a week. It makes sense to choose the different items of clothing specifically. A suitcase that is too heavy costs additional money, and is also difficult to handle.

Tip: Make full use of the space

There are often poles in the suitcase that take up a lot of space. If you use the space between the poles sensibly, place shoes or towels there, for example. This creates a flat surface over which the other garments can be packed more easily. The room can also be filled with toiletry bags, for example.

Shoes take up a lot of space and are difficult to squeeze. Cavities are created that can be used well. Stockings or underwear and other small objects disappear into it. At the same time, the shoes are padded from the inside, are not crushed in the suitcase and do not lose their shape.

Tip: Are towels necessary at all?

It is advisable to find out before departure whether there are towels available in the accommodation. In many hotels, they are part of the basic equipment. The same applies to the hair dryer or the iron. If you find out about this before going on holiday, you can gain a lot of space in your suitcase and save weight.

Tip: Roll everything

If you want to fit as much as possible in the suitcase, it is best to roll up the clothes. It is possible to pack several items of clothing tightly into one roll or to place individual rolls next to each other. Even flat and unfolded, the clothes fit better in the suitcase.

Tip: Vacuum pack everything

If you are traveling for a longer period of time, you can also vacuum pack your clothes. This is initially more time-consuming, but also much more effective. This requires airtight freezer bags from which the air can be squeezed out before closing. Here, too, it makes sense to roll up the garments. This definitely fits more in the suitcase. However, there is also the risk that the suitcase will be too heavy. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on weight.

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Tip: Decant

Decanting helps save space. Of course, if you are only traveling for a week, you don’t need to take a large shampoo bottle with you. It makes sense to transfer the necessary amount to a smaller bottle. This saves space and, above all, weight. This is a bit tedious at first, but it’s worth it. Many drugstores also have travel-size products, but they are a bit more expensive. If you are travelling for more than two weeks, you should weigh up how much you will consume during this time. Then decanting no longer necessarily makes sense.

Tip: Leave space free

Many like to bring something back from their vacation. This should be considered when packing your suitcase. If there is still room in the suitcase for the souvenirs, the new things can simply be packed and taken home without paying extra. In addition, many airlines allow you to carry an additional piece of luggage in your hand luggage in addition to your handbag or laptop bag. Small travel bags or trolleys are suitable for this purpose, which can be taken on board and can be stored in the storage space in the cabin.

Tip: Hand luggage or suitcase?

Hand luggage or suitcase
In addition to a handbag or laptop bag, many airlines allow you to take another piece of luggage as hand luggage in addition to your handbag or laptop bag, Image: Dragon Images / shutterstock

Even when preparing, it makes sense to consider whether the things should be in the suitcase or in the hand luggage. Most airlines allow 8 to 10 kg of hand luggage on the plane. Checked baggage can weigh 23 kg. The various airlines provide information about the exact regulations on their websites, for example. Important things, such as medication or electronics, must definitely be in your hand luggage. Everything else can be put in the suitcase.

Tip: Loss doesn’t have to mean frustration

When traveling, it happens again and again that a suitcase does not arrive at its destination, or that it arrives late. If you don’t travel alone, you can prevent the subsequent stress. This is very easy to do by distributing the clothes between both suitcases. If only one suitcase arrives at the holiday destination on time, both still have clothes with them.