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Der Strand von Tel Aviv, Bild: Dance60 / shutterstock

Tel Aviv – 5 reasons to travel to the white city in June

Tel Aviv is the cultural center and heartbeat of Israel and much more than a city. Tel Aviv is a feeling. A feeling that attracts more and more tourists every year. The Mediterranean city is known for its unparalleled nightlife, miles of beaches, laid-back residents, and the largest collection of Bauhaus buildings in the world. There are many reasons to travel to the LGBT-friendly start-up metropolis, especially in June.

The Gay Pride Parade

Let’s start with one of the biggest and most colorful events of the year, which not only inspires the LGBT community. We are talking about the annual Gay Pride Parade, which is one of the biggest events of the year with up to 250,000 participants. Every year in June, during Pride Week, the whole city is decorated with rainbow flags, which are the symbol of the LGBT movement. The week is celebrated with numerous parties and events and the Pride parade on Fridays as the highlight. The colourful parade starts at lunchtime in the heart of the city and stretches along the seafront to Charles Clore Park, where it finally comes to the grand finale. What makes the Gay Pride parade in Tel Aviv so special and different from others is not least the fact that the event takes place in a country where state and religion are not separated, and Tel Aviv is still one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world, unparalleled in the Middle East.

The beaches

With its miles of sandy beaches and location on the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is the perfect place for sun worshippers and beach lovers who particularly appreciate warmer waters. Each of the beaches in Tel Aviv has its own character, which can be felt very well when walking along the promenade. There, especially in the summer months, you can see a lot from bathing beauties, fitness junkies, to yogis, musicians, surfers and dog owners. With such a wide range of beaches, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Particularly worth mentioning is the dog beach “Alma Beach” or also called “Jaffa Beach”, which is located in the south of Tel Aviv and offers a beautiful view of the old port city of Yafo, which is now considered part of the city. What gives the hip beach its unique atmosphere is above all the mixed crowd. If you bathe here, you may be lucky enough to hear both the sound of church bells and the call to prayer from the nearby mosque in Yafo at the same time, making for an unforgettable experience.

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The food

What makes Israeli cuisine special are the influences of many different countries and dishes that Jewish immigrants brought to the country, and thus contributed significantly to the diversity of this cuisine. Tourists and locals alike enjoy flavors from countries such as Yemen, Iraq, Morocco or Lebanon, which make Israel and its hip center Tel Aviv a culinary experience. Probably the most famous dishes in the country include hummus, falafel, shawarma and shakshuka, a delicious stir-fry dish with eggs, tomatoes, peppers and many spices, which is typically served for breakfast. If you want to enjoy these and many other delicacies, it is best to visit the markets and the many trendy restaurants in the city. The best place to go for foodies and the heart of the city is the “Carmel Market”, which is located in Kerem HaTeimanim, one of the most interesting culinary districts of the city. Fans of market halls and gourmet cuisine should definitely pay a visit to Sarona Market and the surrounding restaurants. Israel’s cuisine is not only tasty, varied and healthy, but also steeped in history and always worth a visit.


Nightlife Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is known for its nightlife, Image: Dmitry Pistrov /shutterstock

Tel Aviv is also known as the city that never sleeps and lives up to its name. The city is famous for its extensive nightlife, which can last until the early hours of the morning and beyond. Tel Aviv’s nightlife is electric, authentic, sexy, and extremely appealing. The best place to plunge into the wild nights of the city is the heart of the metropolis, the famous Rothschild Boulevard, as well as the adjacent Allenby Street. There are some of the best clubs, bars and restaurants in the city in the immediate vicinity, making the boulevard an unbeaten nightlife mile. A little further north, on King George, as well as the popular Dizengoffstraße, there are countless bars and restaurants that invite you to linger. In the south of the city there are several other techno clubs, including the probably hippest club “The Block”, which is known for its outstanding sound and is often compared to the “Berghain” in Berlin . Somewhat cheaper, but still hip, are the bars in the hipster district of Florentin. For those who like it a little more relaxed, the “Shuk Hapishpeshim” flea market in Yafo and the surrounding area is just the thing. Shuk, which translates to market, is home to some of the most charismatic and beautiful bars in the city, giving the former port city its special atmosphere.

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The weather

Last but not least, the weather in Israel speaks for itself. Although summer in Tel Aviv peaks in July and August with maximum temperatures, warm weather can be expected almost all year round. In June, there are already extraordinarily hot temperatures, but this makes the month ideal for relaxing beach days and making Tel Aviv the perfect destination for summer enthusiasts.

Written by Viviana Arslan – Exoticca